Astrologers speak about Russia and Ukraine in 2015

Russia will see a period of prosperity in six years, well-known astrologer and historian Pavel Globa said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. The sanctions, which the country is now facing, will only contribute to this, Globa said. 

According to the astrologer, the coming Year of the Wooden Goat or Sheep, will not be an easy year to live for Russia. At the same time, the astrologer added, the Year 2015 will not be harder for the country than 2014.

During the interview, Pavel Globa said that he believed in God, whereas astrology is a science that tells people of God's will or a trend for the development of a country or a society.

"I do not know the exact time of the birth of the first persons of our country, so I can not give an accurate prediction for the development of Russia," said the astrologer. 

Noteworthy, Pavel Globa's prediction about Ukraine, made in 2009, has come true completely. Nowadays, Ukraine is divided into three parts, "and the Crimea is like what Chechnya was for Russia." 

According to Pavel Globa, the second trend for the whole world and for Russia in the upcoming period will be the rapid development of technology and science from 2020.

On New Year's Eve, many experts in astrology make predictions to politicians for the upcoming year.

Astrologer Lyudmila Snitkovskaya and numerologist Lilia Romanova said what Ukrainian politicians may experience in the coming year, reports. 

According to the astrologers, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko personifies "best changes" for many Ukrainians. However, in 2015, he will have problems with money, family, and ratings. Moreover, the year 2015 will be the time of sacrifice for him. 

"Poroshenko has the potential to change the country for the better, - said Lyudmila Snitkovskaya. - In 2015, Petro Poroshenko may start having problems related to family issues and possibly his ranking." 

Poroshenko's Tarot card for 2015 is 'Peace'

Numerologist Lilia Romanova believes that the year 2015 for Poroshenko will be the year to correct his mistakes. It will be the year of self-improvement, self-criticism, and even self-sacrifice, the numerologist believes. One can expect that Petro Poroshenko will take every effort to improve the situation in the country. Poroshenko's Tarot card for 2015 is "Peace." 

As for Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the New Year 2015 will be the year of tough work. Enemies will approach him from the back. As for his family life, everything will be fine there. 

"The events of 2015 will provide an opportunity to Arseniy Yatsenyuk to demonstrate his responsibility for Ukraine, - says Snitkovskaya. - Generally, his deeds will go contrary to his plans. It will be difficult for him to fix it and explain to the people. Life may require him do the job of wishful thinking."

Numerology is more optimistic about the Ukrainian prime minister.

"Arseniy Yatsenyuk is entering his eighth personal year. This is a good sign for the prime minister. He is very likely to expand his family. The main thing for Yatsenyuk is not to overestimate his chances and not to show excessive confidence in the people from his team," the numerologist said.

The head of the National Security Council of Ukraine, Alexander Turchinov, will finally be able to exhale and start working on a political career. 

"The year 2015 for this policy-maker will be no less successful than 2014. The new year will give Turchinov an opportunity to do a lot for his political career, - says Snitkovskaya. - The period of Maidan was the most difficult for him in the last decade, and in 2015, he will experience relief and stability. Alexander Turchinov's card in 2015 is "Chariot" - it speaks of the "victorious movement forward."

As for another prominent Ukrainian policy-maker, former boxer Vitali Klitschko, stars tell him to pay more attention to land. In 2015, Klitschko will have to do a lot to correct his mistakes of the past. It is a pity, because if he fixes errors indeed, he will no longer be able to make others laugh at his goofs. In addition, Vitali may expect trouble with law.

"The new year will bring him trouble, which he does not expect, - the astrologer says. - Work, especially before mid-March, will take more effort and nerves than he would like to give, and hence - there may be problems in his family. Vitaly should be especially cautious in questions relating to land and money."

"For Vitali Klitschko, it will be the year of reflection and work to correct his mistakes. His Tarot card is "Justice," which suggests that he should pay special attention to the legal aspect of his work. Any liberty that he may wish to take with regard to law, will attract attention of both journalists and competent authorities.

In 2015, Yulia Tymoshenko may decide to leave politics

One does not have to be an astrologer to understand that Ukraine's most famous female politician - Yulia Tymoshenko - is a downed pilot. The only thing that she can do to attract public attention to her persona is change her hairstyle. 

"The period of the military conflict in Ukraine will not give Yulia Tymoshenko an opportunity to express herself and show influence on important decisions, - Snitkovskaya predicts. - Yulia Tymoshenko will meet aggressive reaction from opponents. The new year will be like a roller coaster for her - a frequent change of ups and downs. She may have health problems too, a surgery is possible." 

According to the numerologist, "in 2015, the scenario of Tymoshenko's life will depend on a fateful decision. If the ex-prime minister decides to work in politics, this activity will not bring fast results for her. It is possible that Yulia Tymoshenko will decide to leave the political scene. Her Tarot card for 2015 is the card that means choice. She is going to make her choice in the upcoming two months."

Astrology does not promise anything good to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych either. Moreover, heavenly bodies blame Yanukovych for the war in the Donbass. Strangely enough, though, the above-mentioned policy-makers do not plan to pay for the bloody conflict in the Donbass.

"For Yanukovych, the year 2015 will be the year when he will have to pay for his power, - says the astrologer. - From February to August, Yanukovych will face karmic responsibility for the blood that was shed in the same period of 2014 in Ukraine. His horoscope does not say that Yanukovych will be able to return to Ukraine. It does not say anything about a legal action that could be taken against the former president either." 


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov