Anti-Maidan - Exclusive Interview

Interview prepared by Xavier Lerma

A small group has stood up to Goliath having undertaken the task to show the truth despite the tsunami of lies from the West. The pinnacle of this madness was when Poroshenko recently begged Congress and Obama to help kill more civilians. He was granted 53 million dollars more by America without a word of protest by their trained citizens who easily blame President Putin and Russia. While their main stream media pours billions into this war of deception, a group of volunteers with little money have used the internet to show the world the cold hard facts of southeastern Ukraine.  We need not depend on paid teleprompter readers that warp minds and confuse hearts. We can all benefit from Anti-Maidan's valuable work. Freedom and independence was never more important in human history. As they said in the interview, "it's not only fate of Ukraine that is on the line, but of the whole world".

1.      Are you aware that your coverage of the war far surpasses the efforts of the BBC, CNN or Fox News in the west with far less money? Interesting observation on your part. However, we believe that the reason for this lies in a slightly different plain. For starters, we have to take into account several facts:

  • US Administration and US Department of State have fully supported, if not aided a bloody an unconstitutional coup in Kiev and subsequent punitive operation in Donbas.
  • Western Mass Media and Administration of the POTUS as representatives of corporate and government sectors respectively, are tied together tighter than a sailors knot (As a result of direction of development of capitalist system. In particular 80s-00s - the most active period of integration of corporate sector into political life of US).

Given these facts into account, objective coverage of the events in Ukraine by Western Mass Media could have had unfortunate consequences not only for US government sector but also inevitably for corporate sector (Given wide intersection of interests and affairs).

Despite all that, we want to note that it all depends on whether you want to show people real picture of events or conform to strict party line.  A budget tied to a certain biased point view replaces the desire to show events from inside as they happen. We want to show this horrific and pointless war, not to discuss some political point of view. To summarize, our budget is not tied to our political point of view.

2.      Novorossia is fighting for independence. Do you think it is strange that a country like America, who fought for its independence from England over 200 years ago, does not favor the rights of the people of Donbass to be independent?

We do not think it is strange. America 200 years ago and now - is a different country, with completely different interests. And in politics, sadly, fairness in often only paid lip service, and double standards didn't go anywhere.  Notion of "democracy" is used by US government only as a method for manipulating minds, however US government itself does not have to adhere to any ethical and moral norms.

We also think that US strategy, to be more precise - the strategy of ruling financial elites of US, is to achieve nothing less than world domination using populist calls to freedom and democracy as their cover. Be it all up to them - they would seed "democracy" elsewhere in the Solar System! There is a nagging question, in words of a violin player from Kin-dza-dza: „Are you the smartest here? Did you decide that yourself or did someone tell you that?" Judging from the acts of US government in recent years, independence to them is independence from honor, conscience and dignity.

Usually, if a historical precedent does not play into the hands of a given interest group, they don't mention it. Reverse is also usually true. Note how before the referendums in Donetsk and Luhansk Republics, President Obama, in one of his speeches attempted to delegitimize them, using a parallel with referendum in Kosovo (This story begs its own article). And of course, you cannot speak of any independence when US has their own geopolitical goals and interests. Given the opportunity we want to appeal to common US folk - listen to your heart, and to your mind, a not to the things that Western Mass Media is trying to dictate you.

3.      Your videos are from real people in the war. Yet, many in the USA like Obama call it propaganda. What would you say to these people who think your videos are fake? First, couple of questions:

  • What exactly is telling whether video is fake and part of some propaganda?
  • Why are you so sure, that what POTUS and Dept. of State say is not propaganda?

This amount of videos, in different quality, from different people and locations is impossible to fake.

Dead bodies and destruction - is definitely impossible to fake. In many videos locals tell, WHO was shooting at them. Besides, it is impossible to force so many people blame Ukrainian Army "under gun point". You would need a whole bunch of good actors to fake all this, because regular people, if forced to do this, will not tell their story with such emotion.

And, for those who doubt the authenticity of these videos, we can only suggest one thing - come here and see for yourself. A notable example for instance is a British journalist Graham Philips, who was in the war zone, was under fire several times and was captured once by Ukrainian Army. It's easy to call any video a fake when you sit on the couch with a can of chilled coke in your hand.

4.      An American told me no one in the USA cares about Ukraine or even knows where it is. Should Americans care about what is happening in Ukraine?    Certainly, they should not be indifferent to fates of other people. Like anybody else they should - respect other peoples, other nationalities, irrespective of social status and material wealth.  Earth - is for everybody and it has everything for everybody. If people in US are declaring such notions as freedom, equality and independence, than should they not worry that somewhere in the world these notions are being trampled upon in most brazen manner, and furthermore with active participation of their country?  Maybe they should start thinking that something is going horribly wrong in their country.

US qualitatively has a status of a Super-Power. That means that interests of US stretch across the globe, as well as consequences of enforcing those interests. It's about time, that American viewers realize that, and start digging deeper and more constructively into foreign policy of their country.

Information war is ongoing, and our task is to convince Americans that they should worry about what is happening in Ukraine. Their government is conducting wars and overthrowing governments all across the globe, steals and kills, on a massive scale, using democracy as their excuse. Their government has perverted all ideals and values on which United States of America was built. This is a fact. Americans must be interested in affairs of their government; after all, they have elected it to represent them. They are obligated to seek the truth. They must show their discontent when they see that hideous things are being done in their name. If they will dig their heads in sand and hide from responsibility of keeping their leaders in check, they should not be surprised that the growing hate against United States will eventually come to them. Consequences of this are unpredictable. They have managed to halt the war in Vietnam through show of protest. So what is the problem now? War in Ukraine is directly connected to economic interests of United States, and therefore to interests of regular Americans. Besides, if the WW3 will break out, it will touch every human being on this planet without exception. This is a global war in a world dominated by globalization.

5.      Who do you feel is responsible for the war? Obama has asked congress for a billion dollars to support Poroshenko and his army. Is it his fault, the European Union or someone else's fault? Unfortunately, the whole situation is a bit more complicated, to put all the blame on one side or one group of interests would be naïve to say the least. This situation requires analysis of multiple plains of economic, geopolitical interests and their intersections (a web if you like) tied to Ukraine.

However, large chunk of the blame lies on those, who use Ukraine for selfish reasons like profit. And not only them, but also Ukrainians themselves who have supported these destructive reasons. We also want to note that this is a bad time to go looking for culprits and making sweeping statements. This will stir up even more hostility. We all saw certain political subjects from EU and US, who were fomenting Maidan, and strongly supported nationalist and radical moods of certain groups of people on Maidan. This does not mean, however, that you can just blame one country or its people. Let history be the judge.

6.      US vice president Joe Biden's son was appointed to Ukraine's largest gas company recently. Is the war in Ukraine about Oil and Gas?  Main reasons for wars throughout history were always resources like gas, oil, land etc. By inciting a war, certain interests kill two birds with one stone. One can say for sure that besides geopolitical points there is also a substantial financial profit to be made. We think, that oil and gas - are one of factors, but not the whole story.

Shale gas deposits are hard to prospect in terms of future profit. Gas Transit System through Ukraine - is also only part of the plan (leverage in dealing with EU). All this could have become part of their profit margin that is if people of Donbas have allowed them to do it. We suspect that American corporations and government turn a tidy profit in many ways, not least of which is war profiteering. We think that their main goal - is not to allow for strong Russia, but to break it apart. It's not inconceivable that wars for them are one of the methods to achieve a certain goal, namely depopulating Earth down to a "golden billion".

7.      After Crimea became a part of Russia I felt the people of Donbass would be a part of Russia also. Did you feel the same or perhaps abandoned by Russia? If you review the history of Crimea, than questions will fall away by themselves. A serious factor in integration of Crimea into Russian Federation was an overwhelming support of the local populace. There was no such consensus in Donbas, but this does not mean that Russia has forgotten those, who count themselves Russian by spirit independent of ethnic background. Then again, integration of Donbas is much more complicated than that of Crimea. In our view, there are many different scenarios possible at this point of time.

8.      If Novorossia gains independence do you think it will it seek to join Russia? We think that Novorossiya can be an independent, flourishing non-aligned state, friendly to not only Russia but to all countries in the World. The main thing - without fascism. In any case, only people of Novorossiya have a right to make this decision.

9.      Have you seen the anti-Putin and anti-Russia bias on the American news this year? And not only in American. Suffice it to recall the headlines of newspapers after crash of MH17, when Mass Media, without any ethic norms, have blamed Russia and Putin personally.

10.   In the past I felt the west, especially the US media portrayed President Putin and Russia as an evil menace especially during the Russian presidential elections and when Georgia invaded South Ossetia. Did you know about this anti-Russian behavior from America and did you feel in the past that Ukraine may be in danger because of it? In other words, did you see this civil war coming? Anti-Russian sentiment was always present in Western Mass Media. We think that this is just a sign of fear of big and strong country. The danger to Ukraine though lies in a slightly different plane - Western media technologies of trend shaping are being used here in Ukraine to stir up a negative sentiment towards Russian-speaking population of Ukraine and to Russia.

 Alienation of Ukraine from Russia is very old process, and there is no doubt that it was always supported from outside. Of course, nobody thought that it would come to the point when one part of Ukrainian population would commit war crimes against another part with a smile on their faces, just because they did not support certain political and radical views. After recent events, we think, that many will be able to understand those who did not support current regime. Suffice it to recall how President Poroshenko called people of Donbas "sub-humans".

There are many people who knew that the war is coming, several months in advance, however in different terms. It is not exactly a civil war. This is, according to some opinions, an American intervention in Ukraine carried out by current regime in Kiev, which was installed as a result of a coup in February. This tactic fits logically in actions of United States in Middle East during so-called Arab Spring for example.

11.   In America they try to brainwash the people with their news broadcasts and persuade popular opinion. Few US citizens even know that their congress proposed a bill this year to spend billions to overthrow the Russian government. It will not be through war but by a fifth column of spies and propaganda in Russia as Evgeny Fedorov (Chairman of the State Duma) said. Were you aware of this and do you think it will weaken Ukraine even more?

Sadly, the fifth column is still very powerful in Russia. It all began with betrayal by Eltsin and Gorbachev and subsequent dissolution of Soviet Union. United State and Europe have also played their part through different NGO funds like Open Society Institute.

Project of creating chaos in Ukraine is practically complete. Many in Russia say that similar processes are starting up there too. There are more and more media outlets popping up, which misinform Russians (for example story about paratrooper brigade from Pskov that was supposedly fighting in Ukraine). Numerous political NGOs that work in Russia are supported from outside (This data is available on USDS website). Demonstrations "for peace" being organized in Russia, which support things that Ukrainian government is doing to their people. There are signs of propaganda in educational institutions among students that study economics and law. They try to pull masses into alternative reality, but many people understand that supporting horrendous atrocities happening in Ukraine goes against all notions of humanity and basic moral standards. Attempts at tarnishing and rewriting Russian history are ongoing. Will Ukraine, that wants to join Europe and whose leadership obeys US government, benefit from all this? The answer is - YES, but only in case, current criminal regime stays in power. We think that cutting ties with Ukraine will weaken both Russia and Ukraine.

(to be continued)

Xavier Lerma

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