Babushka blames Poroshenko

By Xavier Lerma

Every time the Chocolate King Poroshenko calls for a cease fire you can bet it won't happen. Like a pedophile the candy man offers something attractive only to gain his advantage. However, he's just the puppet for another nut case and compulsive liar, Obama. Who, of course, is a puppet for the oligarchs in America who like Hitler, want Russians dead or incapacitated like most drug addicted and TV mesmerized people in the West.  This Grandmother knew the Nazis behavior and now blames Poroshenko who betrays his own people for money.

In the video from Anna News translated by maantii, Babushka blames Poroshenko for sending the army to kill their citizens. A terrified elderly woman has to live another bombing in her life. Asking, "Why should he do that?" She continues, "Let this bloodsucker Poroshenko understand just how much blood he has drunk, how many people he has killed here! How many cities and houses he has destroyed, how many people became homeless or have no running water. No food. That's where our country ended up, that's what our government drove our people to. I survived one war; we were attacked by the Germans. They did shoot too; there was a lot of killing. Yet they were Germans wanting to subdue us and the entire world. They were Germans and these guys are ours and just look what they are doing to their folks."

I don't know how anyone can listen to her and not be touched. I am sure that the millions who no longer respect their elders in the West probably scoff at the video and dismiss it all together. On the other hand the MSM will never show it on TV. There are other countless videos of witnesses that will never be seen. It's the Nazi way as Grandma used to know them. The US keeps bombing civilians all over the world and their sinister CIA teaches genocide to people like Poroshenko under the guise of democracy and freedom.

The western oligarchs have gone amok with their diabolical plan and they don't care how many gallons of blood and tears are spilled as long as their greed is satisfied and goals are timely met. They wanted the government overthrown in Kiev so they can stop the flow of cheaper gas from Russia. They will have their way so long as the illusion of Obama and NATO protecting the West from evil Putin and sub human Russians continue.

Western leaders have found out the hard way if they favor Putin and Russia. Yanukovych escaped death but former President of Poland, Lech Kaczynski, did not. The US blamed Putin for the crash just like they blame him for everything under the sun to keep up the illusion and justify wars and military build-up. Peace does not make money.

I still remember when Vicki "F*** the EU" Nuland was handing out food in Kiev on the Maidan square like in this video at 4:57 "Grandma knows best". Most people were taking her handouts until another Grandmother flat out refused and waved to Vicki to move on. The wisdom of the ages should be valued by us all. Imagine if Poroshenko had done the same and waived Vicki and Obama to move on. Unfortunately he was trained by the US long ago to be their stooge. 

The US con game is to set up puppet governments while making promises of freedom and equality as their money juggernaut causes misery and suffering across the land. Yes, Lenin and Trotsky promised the same and made suckers of us all. Now the rest of the world has to suffer. We must listen to our elders no matter what country they are from. As William Penn once said, "Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants."

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Author`s name Xavier Lerma