Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Famous astrologist predicts global crisis in 2010 that will destroy EU and NATO

Pavel Globa, a well-known astrologist, predicts that Russia will successfully extricate from the current financial crisis, although it is not going to happen soon. Russia, the astrologist said, will suffer a lot less in comparison with the United States and the European Union. The latter may even collapse, Globa said. The West will suffer from a major crisis in two years, which will subsequently result in the change of the world order.

“Russia will survive; the situation here is not that catastrophic. There will be forces and there will be opportunities,” the astrologist said in an interview with Novy Region news agency. He also said that the economic block of the Russian government would be dismissed in the winter of 2009 and the national banking system would collapse.

“Russia will experience the severe economic crisis for two more years, until 2010. The consequences will be serious, but we will handle it. Many key figures, including Finance Minister Aleksei Kudrin, will leave the government soon. The entire economic block of the government will be renewed. I believe that it is going to happen this coming winter, in January and February 2009, when the new stage of the crisis begins.” Globa said.

The astrologist said that the collapse of the banking system in the Russian Federation would inevitably entail public disturbances, although they would not become a massive phenomenon.

The predicted changes in the Russian government will result in a certain improvement of the general situation in the country, Globa said. In 2010, when Russia begins to recover from the aftermath of the current crisis, the global financial crisis will hit the world.

“Russia is going to suffer now, but later, in 2010, we will cope with economic difficulties because we will change our financial policy and those who run it,” the astrologist said.

The global crisis of 2010 will strike the entire system and will thus transform the world order. “The crisis will last for ten years and will end by 2020. The European Union will fall apart, and so will NATO. Several European Unions will be formed instead: the South-European, the North-European, and the like. Germany will be in the alliance with France, whereas Russia and Ukraine will join the alliance with Eastern Europe,” the astrologist said.

It is worthy of note that Pavel Globa predicted in the summer of 2008 that Russia, Ukraine and Belarus would unite in the East-European bloc.

Pavel Globa was born on July 16, 1953. He supposedly changed the date of his birth to enhance his own talent. Globa holds Russian and German citizenships. He prefers not to say anything about his clients, although his clientele reportedly includes high-ranking officials and even presidents.

Globa’s most famous predictions that came true: the rise of Putin and Medvedev, the collapse of the USSR, the 9/11 terrorists acts, the decline of Fidel Castro.

The list of his most famous predictions that did not come true to life include: Castro’s death in 2000, the bombing of Iraq in 2007, an attempted assassination of President George W. Bush.

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