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Woman's Aging Skin Develops Cosmetic Industry

Cosmetic companies keep on searching for a way to stop skin from aging

There are rather specific ways to strive for elastic skin. In South Korea, for instance, they have recently invented the fabric of vegetable soy beans protein. The new fabric is three times as cheap as silk, but it has another advantage: the fabric is very good for skin and even impedes it from fading. However, the reality can hardly allow us to enjoy the new Asian novelty. 

Traditional skincare ways usually differ with their price: the efficiency of a method directly depends on its price. Women do not really pay much of their attention to price when it comes to their beauty: they are extremely afraid of growing old, so women are ready to pay anything to keep their skin elastic and fresh. It would be more correct to distinguish skincare methods on the base of the danger that they pose to women. In other words, it goes about health risks. To a certain extent, this categorization coincides with the cost of skincare procedures too.

One of the easiest, safest and cheapest ways to keep young skin is to use various beauty masks. Vegetable or ethereal oil is a perfect basis for such masks. Brilliant Italian actress Sophia Loren said once that she wiped her face, neck and decollete area with olive oil. It is a simple method, but it is rather an efficient one too. Yet, one has to buy pure virgin cold press oil for this purpose.

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Cosmetic anti-wrinkle creams are good too, although one can expect a good result from expensive cosmetics only, which is available in drug stores, not in supermarkets. Manufacturers of expensive cosmetics use latest achievements and expensive ingredients for their production. As a rule, large cosmetic companies have their own scientific institutes, the major objective of which is to help women stay young and attractive. In addition to that, expensive creams are better for various types of skin, whereas cheap cosmetics is less efficient on account of their general use.

Vichy dermatologist Marina Kamanina says that skin gets old gradually, in several stages, and each of those stages requires a special care. Aging indications appear on women's skin at a rather young age. After the age of 25, a lot of women notice first wrinkles and see that their skin does not look fresh anymore. Ultraviolet rays are the basic reason of premature aging, although one should bear in mind the genetic inclination, smoking and improper care of skin. Women's skin is in need of two active vitamins at this stage - A vitamin (retinol), which smoothes out wrinkles and plays the main role in the bioregulationof skin cells, and C vitamin, which activates the renewal of cells and improves the complexion. Cosmetics is also supposed to contain ultraviolet-proof UV filters. Time makes wrinkles grow deeper, skin fades and gets less and less elastic. Some women need collagen and elastin at this stage to stop skin from fading. These substances can be produced with aminokin - a component of the vegetable origin. When the menopause approaches, a woman's body undergoes a hormonal transformation. The oestrogen level (female hormones) decreases, which makes skin fade away: it becomes withered, flabby, and the face oval changes. Modern cosmetology recommends to use phytoflavon-based creams. This soy extract stimulates the renewal of skin cells and produces a supporting effect.

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Oxygen cosmetics stands alone in the wild variety of skincare cosmetics. The oxygen cosmetics appeared in Russia, after Soviet doctors developed the unique blood substitute on the base of perfluorinated carbon. This substance is capable of supplying oxygen as good as haemoglobin. This peculiarity - supplying oxygen to deep layers of skin - is used in the cosmetology of a lot of countries nowadays. Cosmeticians say that oxygen-enriched skin becomes young and shining. Everything seems to be fine about it, although oxygen is a very strong oxidizing agent, which always reacts with everything. The breathing process is an oxidizing process. The oxidizing process is one of the reasons, which makes a human body grow older. So, one shall assume that the use of the oxygen cosmetics provokes wrinkles and flabby skin. Specialists can not give a precise answer about this problem yet.

Apparatus cosmetology is capable of supplying useful substances to deep layers of skin. Every beauty salon and every cosmetic brand use their own methods, advertising it as the most optimal one. Some use electric current, some use pressure to make beauty masks penetrate deeper into skin. As a rule, one has to undergo the minimum of ten procedures in order to achieve a certain effect. The cost of this pleasure is comparable to a week of seaside vacation .

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