Kyiv makes millions of refugees loyal to Russia by banning them from consular services

Ukrainian refugees who chanted anti-Russian slogans abroad now curse Kyiv

All those Ukrainians who escaped abroad and liked wearing shirts with anti-Russian slogans in foreign countries will soon become pro-Russian and return to new subjects of the Russian Federation.

The number of conflicts between Ukrainian refugees (about 4 million people in Europe alone) with employees of diplomatic missions abroad has been growing after the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry decided to ban the provision of consular services to men of military age.

Starting from April 24, Ukrainians liable for military service cannot receive external passports outside Ukraine. Extending the validity of passports and introducing changes to them is now impossible as well.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that this group of people will no longer be able to "sit abroad and receive services from the state.”

A video, filmed in Poland, shows that both men and women swear at consular employees and ask them in obscene language why they should go back to Ukraine and serve there.

The order from Ukraine's Foreign Ministry was made even before the new mobilisation law came into force on May 18, 2024. The ministry introduced the order retroactively. After the law comes into force, consular services will only be available upon presentation of a military ID.

The West will help Kyiv replenish AFU's ranks with refugees

Ukraine's Strana publication said without electronic military registration, it will soon be impossible to even buy medications, not to mention real estate deals, etc.

A significant part of Ukrainians will try to hide as much as possible, and those who still live in Ukraine will look for all possible ways to leave the country.

However, it will now be difficult for Ukrainians to obtain political asylum in Europe and other Western countries. The West is interested in replenishing the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has limited all consular services, except for that which is required to return to Ukraine.

Ukrainian social media already say that the only way for Ukrainians to survive is to stage international protests against Zelensky.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is reportedly negotiating with all countries to deport all Ukrainian refugees with expired passports.

What conclusions can be drawn?

Today's outraged "patriots” of Ukraine are those men who would go to rallies wearing embroidered shirts and T-shirts with Bandera images on them. They would donate money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and write angry posts on social networks, blaming the "aggressor”. Now their number will decrease significantly, as will their arrogance and pride. Ukrainian citizens will show their indifference to the Kyiv regime. It will eventually weaken and capitulate.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov