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Celebrities often go to extremes trying to look young

Every woman cannot but face a number of problems as she grows older e.g. cellulite, obesity, wrinkles etc. You cannot simply brush these problems aside, especially if you are a celebrity or sex symbol. In a desperate attempt to turn back the clock on aging, celebrities doctor their birth certificates, turn to plastic surgery, engage in relationships with lovers twice their age or stay out of the spotlight and paparazzi. Did any of the big-name actresses of the past succeeded in getting the upper hand in their fight against aging?

Being the epitome of beauty was a real challenge back in the early and mid 20th century. The “granny’s anti-aging tips” had already become too old and rather ineffective to meet the requirements of the ever-changing world. Besides, plastic surgery was still in its embryonic state.

Gala Dali, the Russian wife of the famous painter, used a plethora of methods, trying hard not to look her age. In fact, she reportedly went to extremes while making great effort to preserve her youthful looks. She would consume vitamins by the pound, try all the advanced methods of cosmetic dermatology, and have numerous affairs with younger lovers. Gala Dali was probably the first woman of Russian origin to undergo plastic surgery. Her indulgence in plastic surgery backfired in the end: the skin on her face would often break open and lesions would take weeks to heal. She was officially 90 when she passed away though her real age remains a mystery. She was seen wearing designer gowns and jewelry right till the day she met her death.

The issue of physical appearance has always been a sore point for Greta Garbo. The legendary actress decided to call it a day when she was at the peak of her career in Hollywood. The move was apparently designed to keep her beauty pristine and unchangeable in the eyes of her numerous fans. Garbo became a recluse who hated being photographed. Her trademark disguise outfit included a trench coat, a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of wraparound shades.

“Some people may be under the impression that I’m older than my mother now because she’s so good at shaving years off her age,” Marlene Dietrich’s daughter was once quoted as saying.

Actress Romy Schneider never measured her age in years. “I’m 54 movies old,” said she in 1979, the year she turned 41.

Not unlike their predecessors, today’s movie stars and celebrities also like tampering with official records when it comes to their birthdates. 

Paris Hilton is believed to have doctored the birthdate on her passport. According to her passport, she was born on February 17, 1981. However, her driver’s license and medical insurance clearly state that she was born in 1978. The copies of the documents are currently posted on the Internet. Numerous reports claim that Paris Hilton is no stranger to plastic surgery. 

Nobody knows how old Melanie Griffith is, save for her mother. Rumor has it that Antonio Banderas, the actress’ current husband, is not aware of her age either. Despite the fact that the tabloids frequently refer to Griffith as “Frankenstein in a skirt,” a nickname that stems from the actress’ penchant for plastic surgery, Griffith is reported to have been chosen to be the face of a well-known cosmetic company, which is going to market its products under the slogan: “Don’t hide your age, challenge it!”

Now, what about those women who wanted to look young and desirable at a time when there were no such things as Botox or Volumetric Face Lift?

Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, had her own magic recipe for making her face look young. She used an electuary of aloe and honey, and washed it down with water infused with silver. She also immersed her splendorous body in a bathtub filled with milk. After that, she used a mixture of sea salt and cream for scrubbing her skin.

Josephine, the wife of Napoleon, was a simple-minded woman. She never doubted the rejuvenating properties of a cosmetic mask made of mashed potatoes. Josephine also applied hot camphor compresses to her face for exfoliation. A glass of lemonade, which was composed of lemon juice and mineral water at the time, was her drink of choice first thing in the morning. Today’s nutritionists believe the drink is the best remedy for keeping one’s intestine “perfectly clean.”

Russian Empress Catherine II treated her body to the so-called vodka baths every day without fail. Aside from a glass of vodka, the ingredients included 4 egg yolks, thick almond milk and water infused with rose petals.

According to accounts provided by her contemporaries, Marquise de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV of France, was known for her delicate health and dryness of her skin. To turn back the clock on aging skin, she used a variety of cosmetic masks made of cream mixed with egg whites and lemon juice. She also used lemon juice for whitening her skin in the morning. The procedure was followed by a 15 minute massage with olive oil rubbed on aplenty. A glass of carrot juice spiced with honey was Pompadour’s favorite “energy” drink.

Vera Maksimova

Translated by Guerman Grachev