Ukraine secretly receives ATACMS missiles from US

US secretly ships ATACMS missiles to Ukraine

Ukraine secretly received more than 100 ATACMS missiles and managed to use them against Russia, The New York Times said with reference to its sources.

"President Biden secretly approved the decision to send more than 100 of the longer-range missiles in mid-February, the senior U. S. official said, as well as more of the cluster munition variant," the publication said.

According to The NYT, Ukrainian officials did not announce that Ukraine had already received and used a small number of ATACMS missiles presumably to keep their use secret from Russia.

On 24 April, it became known that the USA had secretly sent ATACMS operational-tactical missiles to Ukraine. They were included in the March military aid package, but not public statements were made. The ATACMS missiles were allegedly used to strike a military airfield in Crimea in the early hours of 17 April.

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ATACMS missile launch
Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov