Foreskin can make you face look young and good-looking

Every old freak will have an opportunity to become forever young and good-looking. Forever indeed. The secret research of the scientists from the university in Wisconsin has been recently exposed. A remarkable discovery has been made incidentally, as usual. The scientists were looking for a way to make ageing process of skin cells go slower. They used foreskin of the Jewish boys as the experimental material – the circumcision wastes so to speak. They used the foreskin cells to test their medications.

One of the tests became a bad one. The foreskin, on which it was applied, wrinkled up instead of becoming younger. But the scientists found a colony of living cells under the microscope among the dead cells. They started studying them and discovered those cells did not age at all! The further research indicated, the cells obtained the double DNA structure. The miracle of nature was then tested on rats. The rats were feeling very fine with the human flesh, while the cells-mutants started an active reproduction process and filled all test-tubes and bottles within the period of four years.

The experimental period was over, it was about time to enter the world market. The scientists established a firm to grow the wonderful cells and they are going to make a perfect business on the rejuvenation operations. The face, made of the foreskin cells will not be ageing! This discovery is a revolutionary event in the field of plastic surgery cosmetology. It is going to take quite a while until this method becomes popular, though. But there is a problem: the people with the anti-Semitic views. It will be very hard for them to make up with the idea that your face is made of the pieces of Jewish penises.

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