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Why can't the West see a beam in its own eye?

The United States is obsessed with its messianic desire to teach other countries democracy. The international community and separate countries have already started showing the US its place and shortcomings. Washington's "export of democracy" gives nothing but worm-eaten fruit. Pravda.Ru talked about it in an interview with military expert Vadim Fersovich.

"Vadim, the West constantly accuses Russia of a variety of violations, aggressive policies, undemocratic regime and so on. Is the West a role model for the rest of the world?"

"The Western world is far from being a role model, even though it does its best to prove the opposite. As a matter of fact, the West does not show an example to other countries in observing either international or domestic laws.

"Even most advanced countries of the world violate basic criminal law. One of the recent examples for this is the recent international scandal, when Finland denied the Russian delegation the right to attend a regular meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

"The Finnish President said that he had been put under pressure to be left alone with Russia afterwards. This is bizarre and childish behavior. The United States is currently dealing with violations of the domestic laws that resulted in scandals, mass riots and killings. US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, when serving as Secretary of State in 2012, did nothing to protect the lives of the US ambassador and other US citizens at the time of the bloody events in Libya. There was a commission established to investigate the killings in Benghazi. They were working for a long time, but all they had to say was "well, it just so happened."

The USA teaches other countries rotten, worm-eaten democracy

"In Afghanistan, a transport helicopter with Navy SEALs was shot down. Another commission was established, although it was immediately clear that it was the completely incompetent commanders, who were guilty of their death. They soft-pedaled it too. This is what the Americans do to their own citizens.

"Their behavior in relation to the outside world is the same. If something terrible happens, many people are killed, but US officials say - "well, it just so happened." No top US official has ever been punished for any crime that they had committed. Yet, they blame Russia and everyone else, but themselves.

"They are constantly accusing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of starving his one people, claiming that he blocks whole cities and regions of the country, making them inaccessible to humanitarian aid. The same is happening in the southeast of Ukraine. The Donbass is actually living in a blockade, people suffer from the lack of water and food there, but the Americans do not see a problem about it. They did not say anything when Ukraine cut water supplies to the Crimea. Leaving thousands of people without water is democracy for the West. Children are suffering, and Western officials are satisfied. This is insane.

"In southern states, there is an interesting question being discussed in local newspapers. After the earthquake in Haiti, the International Red Cross received 1.5 billion dollars to build houses and restore infrastructure. They have built six houses for $1.5 billion. That's all."

"Do you think that people in other countries are convinced on the exceptionalism of the United States as a country of true democracy and civilization? Why can't America see a beam in its own eye?"

"This is not just about the United states, but also about Europe. The recent events in Greece have shown that European leaders are incapable of solving basic problems. It was no coincidence, when one of the officials of the European Union, European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis, said before the referendum that the referendum would be factually and legally incorrect.

"European officials are afraid of referendums. Speaking about the Crimea, they say that all issues should be solved in accordance with the treaty signed in 1975 in Helsinki. However, it was the USSR that signed the treaty. Therefore, one should either bring back the USSR to life or return the then borders to Russia.

"The world is changing all the time. The same goes to Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia. Following this logic, one should pull the German Democratic Republic out of Germany. This protocol was signed by other countries, it was based on a completely different ideology and a completely different era.

"They split Yugoslavia into several very poor countries that never found a better life. They penetrated into the territory of the former Soviet Union with their own rules. I often visit the places where I grew up, for example, Latvia. It appears that nothing is changing there, as if 30 years have vanished.

"Spanish citizens are told that Spain is a member of the "golden billion" club. Yet, many Spaniards can barely make their ends meet. Unemployment levels hit new records, but Spanish officials say: "You are in the golden billion, and just look at what's happening in the dreadful Russia." People eat this. As long as people believe these lies, nothing will change.

"The EU has a special department for expansion. Therefore, the European Union has to expand. They have so many internal problems to deal with, but the expansion department remains, and its employees ravel here and there sowing instability. They have brought so-called European values to Ukraine, and look at what happened there. Is it all legal?"

Interview conducted by Lyuba Lulko

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