Prompt Global Strike against Russia: Worthless for the next 50 years

What is the current balance of nuclear forces between the United States and Russia? Why can't the USA implement its Prompt Global Strike plan against Russia for the upcoming 50 years? What is the purpose of Washington's hype about Russia's policy to modernize nuclear capabilities? Pravda.Ru discussed these questions with military expert Igor Korotchenko.

"NATO is 4.5 times stronger than Russia in terms of its troops and hardware strength.  Now let's look at the financial side of the issue. It is an open secret that the military budget of the United States is larger than military budgets of all other countries put together: NATO countries, China, Russia, Brazil - all of them.

"Today, the Americans spend more than anyone else in the world on the arms race - they are the absolute leaders. It's not hard to understand them. If the US gives up on its leadership, if it lags behind Russia in terms of military development, a new situation will emerge in the world. It will resemble the days when Spanish conquistadors first arrived in Latin America. As a result, the indigenous population was exterminated.

Prompt Global Strike still viable?

"Nowadays, the Americans are implementing a number of concepts that are potentially very dangerous for Russia. The first concept is known as Prompt Global Strike.

"As many as ten thousand high-precision cruise missiles and hypersonic aircraft that they develop will strike a synchronized attack on the territory of the Russian Federation destroying all launchers of ballistic missiles, the mission control center - the entire military infrastructure will thus be destroyed, and the state will simply be blinded. This will be the end for Russia - so talk American strategists.

'The Pentagon has the Command for this Prompt Global Strike concept. i.e. the headquarters, where these concepts are developed on the level of real combat plans.

"What do the Americans plan? They trigger a global attack on Russia to see about 100 Russian missiles launched in response. All of them will be intercepted by the future missile defense system that the United States is building. As a result, the problem of the Russian Federation as a geopolitical rival of the US will be closed once and for all. Therefore, these plans are a threat for Russia.

"Not being drawn into the arms race, Russia should always keep the United States under the nuclear sword of retaliation. The Americans must understand: should they dare to attack Russia, a retaliatory blow will put an end to the history of the United States. This is the language of pragmatism. This is what is called mutual nuclear deterrence.

"The American ruling elite realize that the war against Russia will lead to a catastrophe for the United States. In a nutshell, Russia's nuclear weapons are  absolute value.

"Therefore, one should work hard and invest heavily in the modernization of Russia's nuclear potential. Everything should be done within the scope of the Russian-US strategic arms reduction treaty. This is an insurance policy that will be protecting Russia for the next 50 years from the direct military-political aggression from the United States.

"Recently, US Air Force chief Deborah James said that Russia was the biggest threat to US security. She believes that the US government needs to increase its military presence in Europe."

"The Americans will be putting more pressure on Europe at this point. Under the norms of NATO, they will have to spend two percent of GDP on defense. Yet, many European countries are not ready to take such risks in the current crisis. The Americans will be twisting their arms in the future."

Interview conducted by Inna Novikova

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov