Darkwing West: Let's get dangerous

Why is the West obsessed with color revolutions and "democracy for all"? This question puzzles many experts. Some of them believe that the "messianism" of the West is based on financial material and geopolitical interests. According to another point of view, the "messianism" of the USA and the EU is based on ideology. Pravda.Ru conducted an interview on the subject with expert Dmitry Babich.

"It is obvious now that sanctions can not change the policy of Russia, but the West still extends sanctions every now and then. Plus, they cause a lot of damage to Europe. Why are they doing it?"

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"It is ideology that moves the European Union and the United States here. Perhaps, they do believe that color revolutions bring happiness and prosperity - almost like our Bolsheviks did. This makes European and North American foreign policy even more dangerous.

"In return, we are constantly saying to the ideological fanatics: "Why are you doing this? It will cost you!" 

After the October Revolution, the Soviet Union was surrounded with a "sanitary cordon" and put under the trade embargo. It was expected that Bolsheviks would compromise, but the result was the opposite: the people, who were holding the reins of power in their hands during those years, became even more irreconcilable. Today, Russia needs to explain its position offensively."

"What do you mean?"

"The ideology of the West is horrible and dangerous. It has already led to revolutions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, from where hundreds of thousands of people are now fleeing. The European press ignores the main question: what makes all those people leave their home and travel across the sea?

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"Put yourself in the place of an average European citizen. What is he thinking? "We were told that these people were living very poorly under Hussein and Assad. But they could safely leave Iraq and Syria and move to Europe, if they had money for it.  Gaddafi would send young people to study abroad. There were no hundreds of thousands of refugees during their stay in power. Why are they fleeing now?"

However, it never occurs to anyone in Europe that all those people are running away from the horrible Western revolutionary ideology. 

"The media and politicians repeat one and the same thing: "They are running away from ISIS, Assad, Russia, global warming - anything, but not from European policies. They write that refugees are lazy people who do not want to work in their own countries, but want to move to Europe, where they can live on social allowances without working at all.

"Well, there were no refugees in Europe for 50 years, but all of a sudden, hundreds of thousands of people decided that they wanted to move. This is obvious that the policy of the West in Iraq, Libya and Syria has suffered a great debacle. The results of those policies are wars, a humanitarian catastrophe and the appearance of the Islamic State. The people are terrified, and they are trying to save their lives and flee to Europe. 

"We remember very well that the revolution in Libya was arranged by David Cameron and Nicolas Sarkozy. After the victory over Gaddafi, they both arrived in Tripoli, and Cameron then said that the country would see a new and happy era. This is exactly what we can see now in Libya. 

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"The revolution in Iraq is the "deed" of George W. Bush and Barack Obama. The US suffered huge losses in Iraq - several trillion dollars was lost, four thousand American soldiers were killed. One shall conclude that everything was based on something else, namely, a revolutionary ideology.

"The logic of revolutionary ideology is not the logic of national interests, "You tried to make a revolution, but it did not work? It's ok, it would have been worse, if you hadn't tried. A million people were killed and a lot of money was lost? It's ok."  

"Remember the phrase: "All this is nothing compared to the world revolution"? This phrase explains the policy of the West in Ukraine. In Ukraine, the West is staging a revolution similarly to how it was done in Syria and Iraq. They even say the same things. In Syria, it was: "It is not Islamists, but liberals and secular forces that are fighting against Assad, and they are wonderful people. If someone says that they are terrorists then this is nothing but propaganda from either Assad or Russia." 

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"When it comes to Ukraine, they say the same: "There were neither Nazis nor fascists on Maidan. There are no such people in today's Kiev either." 

"The general public in Europe is so disoriented that people are even ready to believe that Assad specially created the Islamic State to spite Syrian liberals and prevent them from coming to power."

Interview conducted by Inna Novikova


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov