Will Obama come to Moscow for V-Day 2015 to roll Putin?

The Kremlin sent an official invitation to Barack Obama to take part in the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism. A representative of the US National Security Council said that US President Barack Obama, in fact, refused to honor the memory of those killed in World War II. According to the official, Obama has no intention to come to Russia to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory. It is an open secret that the United States has a very strange attitude to fascism. Noteworthy, Obama's refusal to visit Russia for V-Day celebrations stipulates a possibility for him to agree to be Putin's guest on May 9, 2015. 

"At this time, the President has no plans to travel to Russia in the near future," Mark Stroh, a representative of the US National Security Council said, commented on the invitation from the Kremlin. 

Political analysts believe that Obama has a "loophole" to agree to come to Russia in May 2015, despite the childish discussion of "who rolls whom." World's leading politicians, journalists, scientists and diplomats have repeatedly warned the world that the actions of the United States in Ukraine and its unprecedented pressure on Russia could lead to nuclear Armageddon.

USA has very strange attitude to fascism

"The reply from the White House to the invitation was formulated in a way to give  Obama an opportunity to take any decision. Failure to attend this important celebration will imply principled determination of the United States not to deal with Russia even in the areas of positive agenda," the head of the Foreign Policy Institute of Research and Initiatives, Veronica Krashenninikova said in an interview with Politonline.ru. According to her, the Great Patriotic War and, more globally, the Second World War "was the period when the USSR and the USA were closest to each other. "The alliance was only partial, but the sides became closer to each other politically as much as it was possible," she said.

Commenting on the reasons to decline the Kremlin's invitation, journalists and bloggers refer to the personal "competition" between Obama and Putin. It is worthy of note that Russian President Vladimir Putin has beaten his US counterpart Barack Obama in domestic ratings, as well as in the ratings of "most influential people", "persons of the year," etc. Some say that Obama may not come to Moscow not to bump into North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un, who will also be a guest in the Russian capital. To crown it all, the US has a very strange attitude to fascism and neo-fascism as such.

"America's attitude toward fascism is very peculiar," - Veronica Krasheninnikova said. - "Suffice it to recall how the US has recently refused to vote for the anti-fascist resolution at the UN." The expert said that Barack Obama's final refusal to visit the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Victory will unveil his attitude towards Hitler's fascism. Moreover, it will also symbolize final termination of relations with Russia and, in fact, signal the full-fledged launch of a new "Cold War."

The US administration, after World War II, often used former Nazis as spies and informers to struggle against the Soviet Union, an article published in The New York Times said. 

According to the Associated Press, US authorities paid millions of dollars of social allowances to Nazi criminals. According to the investigation, the US Justice Department was concluding agreements with US-based Nazis for several decades. They pledged to voluntarily leave the United States and renounce US citizenship in exchange for multimillion-dollar payouts.

The State Department and the Pentagon announced the allocation of tens of millions of dollars to maintain the National Guard, even though many publications in the world refer to the National Guard as a fascist organization. In addition, the US State Department funded the creation of a full-fledged political party on the basis of neo-fascist Right Sector movement of Ukraine. 

Hillary Clinton, a former head of the US State Department, officially stated that it was not the Soviet Union, but the United States and its allies that defeated fascism. It is not surprising that many Americans, without a second thought, believe that "the US saved Russia from Hitler."

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov