Neo-Colonialism as a New World Order

We saw it all before in the nineteenth century when certain European powers, inebriated by holding the reins of total power in their hands, initiated a colonising cycle which led to wholesale massacre of peoples in their own lands, their only crime being the fact that they did not have what at the time could be classified as Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Just like the Roman Empire, the United States of America sets up military colonies wherever it sets foot, after which comes an army of civilians - economists, advisors, businessmen – who dictate and impose an economic package which will take a stranglehold around the new colony, eliminating any independence of movement or freedom of expression, which will tie this country’s economy and policies to its imperialist master, which will then use it as a base to establish other colonies elsewhere.A century and a half later, we again see a country drawing lines on maps, implanting regimes like a Viceroy in the British Empire, usurping power and resources from one side of the globe to the other. Welcome to the United States of America.

Not only does the USA have bases in the countries which have come to be called its traditional allies, in western Europe but also dotted around the strategically and more importantly, economically important Middle East, in Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and now in Iraq, nicely positioned, along with the colony in Afghanistan, to seize the vast wealth of Central Asia at a later date.

The precept used by Washington to dominate the vast regions subjugated to its military power is, as was the case with Pax Romana, “divide et impera”, divide and rule. This is Pax Americana in the 21st century, when a clear pattern begins to emerge.

First, there is the plan to conquest, formed not in the White House but all over the USA where are the Head Offices of the clique of companies which financed the successful presidential campaign, in this case, those connected to the energy, steel and weapons sectors. It should not be forgotten that the Pentagon does not sign contracts for weaponry which does not have a “tested in battle” certificate, which means that from time to time the administration receives a request for a war.

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Secondly, there is the attempt, at any cost, to win over public approval for the campaign. Here is blackmail, there are lies, there are forged documents, there are threats and the noble institution called the United nations Organization lying in the USA’s back yard is relegated to the statute of an office boy, defeated, humiliated and derided and if it does not vote for a policy favoured by Washington, it is simply ignored. This is diplomacy USA-style, with a small D; Colin Powell, like Caius Marius, the victor against the Cimbri and Teutones, is a competent general but a political disaster.

Step number three is to choose a victim, preferably or rather, exclusively, one which will not have the ability to fight back on equal terms. Just like the well-trained Roman legions and the British redcoats, who mowed down thousands of natives with machine-guns, the US Marines advance only after a devastating and sustained strike by the US Air Force, which butchers soldier and civilian alike, men or arms or innocent children with the same impiety, the same nonchalance. A true massacre, Caesar-style, for the new colonies to see and to fear. Good soldiers these, who point automatic rifles at terrified five-year-old Iraqi boys in Baghdad yelling “Stick ya f*ckin’ arms up!”. In English.

The final step, number four, is to find an ally. Just like prostitutes, if you pay a country enough, it will do anything and even a little bit more, if the price is right. When the country is governed by a failed rock star, which is the case of the United Kingdom, protagonism wins the day against right and reason. Like the failed actors and actresses of amateur theatre who gravitate around the coffee bars, surrounded by poofters and sluts, there is Tony Blair, ready to do anything, or even a little bit more.

What a shame for Mankind that instead of reaching a higher level of development at the beginning of the 21st Century, we take a giant step back spanning two centuries. The shame is not on those who have so monumentally violated international law, for these have no shame. The shame is on the rest of the world which looks on, does nothing and remains silent.

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey