Iran and the New World Order

Pariah or victim?

The New World Order we see today is based more and more upon a belligerent and bullying Anglo-Saxon Alliance forged between the axis Canberra-London-Washington and its foundations stand upon one simple precept: to have an “us” you need a “them.”Iran and the USA

If you go looking for problems they are easy to find. For example, an easy “them” would have been constituted by the Albanian KLA terrorists destabilising Kosovo and against whom Slobodan Milosevic's troops were fighting, but it was understood in the US Congress that the KLA belonged to the “us” side, for dubious reasons.

While it is true that not all those chosen to belong to “us” remain so forever (for instance, the funding of the Madrassah and the Mujaheddin movement in Afghanistan – one of whose leaders was Osama bin Laden - to destabilise the progressive government of Dr. Najibullah by the USA). It is easy to choose and then maintain a “them” identity primarily among those who follow a different religious banner or a socialist ideal.

Hence the pariahs of today are Cuba (just because Fidel Castro had the substance to stand up to the USA and make socialism work), along with Chavez (Venezuela) and now almost certainly Morales (Bolivia) because Washington likes to think its capitalist model is perfect. However, the truth could not be more different.

The countries which adopted a socialist model proved that their system could work and provide true social welfare programmes, while the capitalist-monetarist model is so flawed from the outset that it has to be sustained by subsidies and tariffs, perpetuating and perpetrating a form of economic imperialism. In plain, simple English, it does not work.

Another easy “them” to pinpoint is any Moslem country with the audacity not to obey Washington's orders, such as Saddam Hussein's Iraq and Iran – now even easier to mark down as “them” because of President Ahmadinejad's habit of not mincing his words.

Lies and the truth

But as was the case in Iraq, this New World Order is based upon lies. Nothing was said of the Albanian women running from west to east, away from the KLA into the hands of the Serbs because they did not want to be taken to Italy where they would be sold into prostitution. Nothing was done about the UNMOVIC inspection teams in Iraq which never found any WMD. Nothing was made of the lies iterated by Bush and Rumsfeld and Cheney and Powell about the WMD which never existed.

Nothing has been done about taking Bush and friends to a war crimes court for their illegal act of butchery in Iraq. They broke the UN Charter, they broke international law, they broke the Geneva Conventions. Civilians have been murdered, people have been tortured and there is no casus belli in any court of law or under any legal code.

Nothing was done about US military aircraft strafing Iraqi cereal fields along the Euphrates between the First and Second Gulf Wars, nothing is said about the USA purposefully targeting civilian infra-structures in the latest “war”.

Much was said about Saddam Hussein trying to obtain yellowcake uranium from Niger but nothing was said about the fact that the “proof” was constituted by forged documents.

Today we have the Guardian newspaper claiming that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. The source: an unnamed European intelligence agency. Wow! Could this be the same “magnificent intelligence” as that used by Colin Powell when he lied through his teeth in the UNSC?

Were such stories not so dangerous, they would be risible, belonging to the same sort of story as “Six-breasted female alien gang-rapes twenty males in toilets of underground gay club”. The source? An unnamed sewer-rat.

However this is not a laughing matter and it would be understandable if the Iranian Foreign Ministry demanded an explanation before prosecuting the newspaper. The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hamid-Reza Asefi has declared that "It is clear that damaging international atmosphere and disseminating forged information is merely in benefit of those who want to impede the current trend of negotiation."

Much will be made this year of the growing friendship between Iran, Bolivia and Venezuela, especially now that they are speaking about energy deals. As we all know, the energy lobby which controls Washington’s foreign policy likes to have its fingers in all the pies.

Watch this space. But beware of the false truths spun by the spider in the centre of the web – Washington, the Mother of International Liars.

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Author`s name Olga Savka