US prepares an Islamic army in Kosovo

The US prepares a reserve echelon in the territory of its Kosovan enclave. But to secure strategic space, the Southern Serbian provinces may be separated. Given absolute apathy of authorities of the Republika Srpska this plan is inching closer to implementation.

The goal of the Americans is clear: in case discontent Berlin ousts the US bases from Germany after all, Washington will have a ground in Kosovo. It's no secret that criminal and terrorist mayhem plagues in Kosovo under the patronage of the US.

Yelena Guskova, a Senator and member of the Academy of Sciences of the Republika Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina), honoured with many Russian and Serbian state awards, commented Pravda.Ru on the matter in an interview.

Former Commander of the French foreign legion in Kosovo General Jacques Ogar has recently confirmed to Pravda.Ru data obtained from confidential US sources that there are at least 5 ISIS training camps in Kosovo, which prepare suicide bombers and an army of Islamists to conquer Europe.

Having found no evidence that would prove Milosevic being guilty, the Hague tribunal justified him. What do you think about it?

Slobodan Milosevic is a very significant historical person in modern history of Serbia and the whole Yugoslavia. In early 1990s he was regarded as the last communist in Europe who should be annihilated. His own country turned him out to the Hague, the so-called new government after the colour revolution of 2000.

However he was a leader who defended his country and the truth, he combated a large quantity of lie, in the Tribunal, which tried to prove that only Serbians were guilty in all the events of 1990s, as they were charged with collective crimes.

No leader of the Muslim territories of Yugoslavia was convicted, only Serbian ones. The figure of Milosevic was very important, but they didn't manage to find any evidence.

His brother Borislav Milosevic told they had secretly taken some samples of food and water, Slobodan had been given and tested it in Moscow. As it turned out, poison had been added. And it was difficult to breathe for him, which means that something was infiltrated into the air.

Then he stopped eating but the process had been launched. His death is mysterious but the Tribunal admitted that he was not responsible for crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Colonel Jacques Ogar, who was Commander of a foreign legion in the territory of Yugoslavia within the UN group admits that they were ordered to stand for the Kosovars against the Serbians. The Western troops openly supported separatists and participated in punitive actions against the Serbians. Do you have such data?

Surely. I'm a Head of the Centre for the Study of the Contemporary Balkan Crisis at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Our main task is to collect documents and publish them. There occur more and more documents on the events since 1990, which confirm it.

It's absolutely clear that international organizations were biased. The Albanians approach their dream - to create a big country with the Albanian population only. The US has made a lot to support this movement. As Kosovo is a project of the United States.

And they would have got independence long ago, unless it was for Russia. Russia said No to their plans in 2007. it disturbs them and now they do not influence Russia, but try to govern the Serbian authorities. But I think the process has not been complete and there's a chance to return Kosovo to Serbia.

As they say, there are 8 ISIS training camps in the territory of Kosovo. It is reported that they train suicide bombers to carry out acts in the Western Europe ans create a whole army to conquer it. How can you comment on this?

When huge flows of refugees were going across the Balkans in Europe, there were mainly young men and almost no couples. They were well-dressed, were going by three, and had enough means to live in decent hotels. It is clear that there are those among them who should stay in the Balkans and orchestrate implementation of their leaders' aims.

As the Serbian officials struggle to join the EU, they implement all the terms. And they were said not only to let these refugees, but also build camps for them. Many remained in the South, where the majority is Muslim population. A great quantity was going to Kosovo and Metohija.

And there is uncontrolled NATO base Bondsteel there, where enormous resources are deployed. This territory is not controlled by anyone. And when questions of the US military camps in Europe occur, no one speaks of Kosovo.

In Kosovo camps where terrorists are trained, are set absolutely freely. It's very dangerous for the whole of Europe, and the Balkans first of all. The US though wants to whip Serbia into submission and recognize independence of Kosovo and Metohija. In Bosnia and Herzegovina the Republika Srpska and the Serbians who reside there, hamper these plans.

There is evidence that as early as in mid-1990s the US aimed to go down to the Balkans when agreement with Germany is terminated and in case they have to leave. They need a territory in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Kosovo, Metohija, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia. The Republika Srpska hampers implementation of this plan today.

They need to annihilate the Republic and make the whole Bosnia and Herzegovina a unitary state. They didn't manage to conduct a colour revolution in the Republika Srpska, while the terror acts, which may be backed by Muslims in other territories may be fruitful.

These plans may come forward in the nearest future, and it's a threat for the whole of Serbia. As there is a plan to separate the Southern regions of Serbia, where a lot of Albanians and Muslims reside. Today the Serbian officials regard these refugees calmly as well as possible terror acts. But it should be paid a special attention.

Interview conducted by Alexandre Artamonov


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