US profits from any outcome of Greek vote

US profits from any outcome of Greek vote

On July 5, the Greeks said no to the conditions of European lenders. 61% of the population are thus against the reduction of social benefits and higher taxes. The democratic expression of the Greek people can become an example for many other European countries to follow. Which European country is likely to be next?

Yuri Solozobov, Institute of National Strategy of Russia

 "Hungary is likely to be next. Protest sentiments are strong there. Hungarian Prime Minister Orban is opposed to the European Union, but there are also other forces in the country that feel concerned about the future of their nation. There's also Italy, that rests on the financial volcano, there are also southern European countries, such as Portugal and Spain. One can say for ages that Spain has its industry as security, while the Portuguese are used to living modestly. However, it is the very idea of the European Union that may fall apart now."

Russia's relations with Greece can be called friendly after the election of Syriza Party. Russia was even ready to provide financial assistance to Greece. Putin's spokesman Peskov said that Greece would have to ask Russia for help, if it wanted Russia to help. Can Moscow support Athens financially?

Yuri Solozobov, Institute of National Strategy of Russia

"Russia is not a big partner for Greece. Russia invited Greece to participate in the Turkish Stream project to ameliorate the Greek economy. Russia could provide technical assistance to Greece, but we can not support Greece substantially, of course.

Russia belongs to the emerging markets, and all emerging markets experience negative consequences should European markets find themselves in trouble. Investors, like fearful lemmings, leave emerging markets and invest in debt securities of the US government instead. That is, no matter what happens, everything is good for the United States."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov