Transgender marriage in Russia as hopeless as gay weddings

The State Duma of the Russian Federation is going to consider a bill to amend Art. 14 of the Family Code. The amendments, if adopted, will ban transgender individuals from concluding marriage. The authors of the bill, MPs Alexei Zhuravlev, Dmitry Gorovtsov and Anatoly Greshnevikov say that they are struggling for "public morality."

Needless to say that sex-change surgery has become commonplace in modern medicine. If a woman wants to become a man, her breasts will be removed, the ersatz penis will be created and a complex of male hormones will be prescribed. Transgender males have their reproductive organs removed; with the help of plastic surgery, a pseudo vagina is created and female hormones are prescribed.

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According to the authors of the bill, natural sex of a human being always remains an inalienable part of every person. Therefore, the MPs believe, a marriage with a transgender individual is a variation of a homosexual marriage that is banned in Russia legally. Deputies believe that transgender individuals shall not be allowed to conclude marriage either before or after sex-change surgery. 

In general, arguments such as "a man who used to be a woman will always remain a woman" somewhat resemble an argument of a Puritan woman from good old Victorian England: "I can not but blush looking at men, because they are naked underneath their clothes."

However, transgender individuals do not change their sex just to wear different clothes

Can a transgender couple adopt children? Well, childless couple often do the same thing. The main thing here is that a child will grow in a family of a man and a woman. Even if this woman used to be a man, she will behave and act like a woman. 

People do not change their sex just like that, on a momentary whim. In Russia, a sex-change surgery can be possible only if a psychiatrist observes a person for at least two years and makes him or her an appropriate diagnosis. 

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If we try to look deep into this type of human behavior, it looks a lot more honest than the usual practice of the gay community. Nature can not be fooled. Psychiatrists have known for centuries that in homosexual couples, an "active" and a "passive" partner, despite the formal affiliation to one and the same sex, eventually begin to differentiate. However, homosexuals do not change their sex. 

Noteworthy, many countries, where the fight against perversions is much more rigid than in Russia, are rather tolerant to transgender individuals. 

In the USSR, for example, a homosexual individual would be jailed for three years. In Iran, homosexuals may face death penalty. Lesbians, however, can avoid death and face physical punishment instead.

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However, even late leader of the Iranian revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini, would give his fellow citizens a "homosexual" choice: either be sentenced in accordance with the laws of Sharia, or change sex.

Interestingly, the Iranian medical school of sex-change surgery is one of the most advanced in the world. Changing sex in Iran costs only five thousand dollars. Moreover, if a patient does not have the required amount, the state will cover 50% of expenses. There are not many of such "heroes" in Iran, though: only 20,000 people have had sex change surgery in 35 years in the country.

Going back to the parliamentary initiative to ban transgender marriage, we can only say that one should treat this initiative as another joke that has no more or less convincing grounds. 


Yuri Nosovsky


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov