Putin speaks the truth and shames the devil: 'Russian border ends nowhere'

On November 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that "Russian border ends nowhere." When  awarding the prize of the Russian Geographical Society one of the nominations, Vladimir Putin conducted a mini-exam in geography for five-year-old erudite Timofei Tsoi and nine-year-old Miroslav Askirko.

The boys became famous for their unusual knowledge of geography that amazed many people. The boys took part in several TV shows, in which Timofei and Miroslav would name capitals and borders of "exotic" countries.

Putin decided to personally check the knowledge of the boys. "Ouagadougou is the capital of which country?" Putin asked five-year-old Timofei. "Burkina Faso," he immediately answered. The President then said: "What was the previous name of the country?" The boy stumbled and said "Upper...I can't remember exactly." "Upper Volta, well done!" Putin helped him.

"I know all boundaries, contours of countries and their capitals," nine-year-old Miroslav told Putin.  "Where does the border of Russia end?" asked Putin. "The Russian border ends on the Bering Strait," the boy replied. "Wrong, the Russian border ends nowhere," Putin said with a smile to the applause of the audience. "That was a joke," he later added.

Putin's remarks about Russian borders will most likely add more fuel to the fire of the anti-Russian hysteria. Earlier, for example, Polish general Roman Polko, the former head of the military unit GROM and former deputy head of the National Security Bureau announced the imminent "Russian invasion" in the Baltic States "in the near future."

"There are plenty of provocations, so it is possible that in the next few months, Russia will attack under the artificially invented pretext," Polko said, according to Polish publication Interia.

Like many before him, the Polish general believes that Russia may attack the Baltic States "to protect the interests of the Russian minority" in Lithuania or Estonia.

"We accuse the United States and NATO of double standards in politics. Stoltenberg - the NATO chief - says that the alliance is not going to wage war with Russia. At the same time, they execute orders from Washington about the military buildup, because one has to show Russia's aggressiveness. Of course, common people in the West immediately think that a threat from Russia is real, because Russia increases its military potential. Yet, NATO needs to use tax-payers' money for this purpose, so they launch another wave of anti-Russian hysteria in the media. This is how double standards work," Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian Economic University, Andrei Koshkin, told Pravda.Ru.

According to chief editor of Katehon Analytical Center, Leonid Savin, the panic around the alleged "Russian aggression" is a consequence of the wish of defense enterprises to make as much money as possible. The military-industrial complex of the West uses lobbyists in the media and politics not to let the authorities cut military spending.

Vladimir Putin said during the meeting with employees of Avtodiesel Company in Yaroslavl that Russia did not threaten anyone. "We are not threatening anyone, we are not going to threaten anyone. Everyone knows that we are the largest country in the world, and we need to reliably ensure the security of our own country and people. Our army can do it, so we will be developing it further," Putin said.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov