With 'Russia Collusion' rebuffed, Deep State doubles down: Plays race card on Trump

That did not take long...

Special Prosecutor Mueller hardly called his Inquisitors, er, Grand Jury in session before the U.S. major networks started nodding off; one by one they grew deaf ears. Enough was enough. There is not one shred of evidence that President Donald Trump nor did his aides collaborate with Russia in any capacity in order to influence the past U.S. General election. Moreover, since inception Mueller's 'investigation ' looked more and more like a witch-hunt, which it really is right now. This top Democratic hack even talked of looking at Trump's finances. That is a 'no-no' according to U.S. Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein, substituting for AWOL Jeff Sessions, who is still on recusal. No word yet when he is back.

In the interim, The Deep State saw fit to allow the 'Russia Hack Story' to fade to the background. That is the signal Americans get from the MSM. Many are no longer interested. Those that still get a rise from such nonsense are relegated to watching the secondary news ticker stream below the headlines. Actually even the Dow Jones Industrial Average index is old news on the ticker even though the bellwether stock index embarks on recording breaking territory, week-in, week-out. Fake news is now all the rage on most of America's networks.

This past week attests to that fact. So called White Supremacists, with legal permit in hand, descended on the quaint and picturesque American town of Charlottesville, Virginia. Their purpose: protest en masse the Town Council's decision to remove the controversial statue of Confederate Civil War General Robert E. Lee. Like most Americans, these marchers were exercising their freedoms of expression and right to assembly under the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment. So far, no harm, no foul... Well the peaceful protestors' state of protected Constitutional bliss did not last long. Their nemesis, the hodgepodge militant thugs 'antifa' made the scene. The latter were dressed for the occasion. Replete with the normal leftist accoutrements of clubs, baseball bats, mace/pepper spray, and urine laced cocktails the leftists media's favorite civil rights group (other than BLM or CAIR) prepared to tango with the 'alt right' ensemble.

The stage was set. Police though present, but as some astute independent reporters suggested, chose or were ordered to fade to the back and safe ground. When they did act, the police did nothing to separate the willing and able combative forces arraigned. On the contrary, the police assumed the marshal role. To wit, they marshaled the legal protesters to run the opposition's gauntlet. It was a trap; the street was a dead end; there was no way out; the protestors were trapped; and no escape.

 In the ensuing melees, a young man in his car ventured down the wrong alley. While trying to reverse course he mowed down several people, ostensibly from the peaceful antifa opposition party. A young woman died of her injuries from the vehicle's impact. Later, police captured the young male who earlier fled the scene. He was arrested and held in jail. Bail was not an option. Media reports identified him as an avid Trump supporter. The sleuths even had time to do some due diligence. What they came up with was nothing short of sensational (by lyin and loose MSM standards). Der Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler was the young man's role model, since youth!

When the President Trump learned of the unfolding tragic events, Trump wasted no time. He went on the air. The President clearly and directly condemned violence. His condemnation extended to all sides of the political spectrum. No exceptions. By extension, President Trump waited for all the facts to emerge; much unlike his predecessor in similar situations who rushed to judgment. Not good, or enough decried his enemies, the MSM!

At that point, the Deep State compelled its vassal stooge media to perform a full frontal lobotomy on the public. One after another, either singularly or as groupthink, the MSM launched their invectives. Trump was a racist. By his actions, or lack thereof they inferred guilt by association. The President was even worse of racist than David Duke was, the former KKK wizard was. Moreover, they held President Trump partly culpable for his less than unequivacol condemnation of the violence that took place. To wit, they wanted Trump to name names. He needed to denounce the KKK, White Supremacists (actually Nationalists) and specifically David Duke. The media's shopping list though stopped short of including prominent GOP staff members.

As this 'story' continues to unfold, Americans, especially patriots should view the MSM with a jaundiced eye if they have not already done so. The Deep State intends to stack the whole deck against President Trump. Right on cue, their media lackeys will continue to milk this story until more innocent blood stains America's streets.

In the ensuing chaos, the Uniparty (Congress) would move to impeach the 'dysfunctional' President Trump. That is Plan B.



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey