The Donald Vs. Russian President Vladimir Putin

Nothing these days in the world of real politik surprises me; so when I learned that American property mogul Donald Trump declared his candidacy to be the next present twit of America it came as no shock. What did surprise (appalled even more) me though was the extent of the liberal MSM's vitriol directed towards the billionaire businessman after he surged to the lead in many of the national polls.

No-one believes the MSM

A prime‐time example: Trump's interview with CNN's silver fox, the uber liberal Anderson Cooper. After the midget reporter tried to cold‐cock him with an innocuous meaningless poll that cast him in a negative light, and falling fast, Trump fired back. And did he ever. His counter punch, a short, sharp, crisp right upper‐cut landed squarely on Cooper's weak jaw; closed his mouth down. Trump's response bears repeating. "No one believes you (the MSM)!"  

Perhaps Trump followed with the knockout left hook. "You're fired!" Even his GOP rivals tried to trump the MSM's ad hominem attacks on 'The Donald'; but altogether they were every bit envious as they were venomous in their public discourse about the man. Take the TV debate. Not one of the cookie‐cutter suits was willing to go toe‐to‐toe with the lithe Trump. Jeb Bush, rather than as a candidate appeared more like a water‐boy; ready to do Trump's bidding. Ben Carson was no Apollo Creed; he was long on rhetoric but no power punches. And that other guy, Scott 'something or other' was too busy taking notes. For sure, The Donald's swift footed and crisp coherent responses caught every viewer's attention. At weigh‐in Sky Walker had high hopes; but those were fleeting. The Donald smashed him to pieces as early as the first round.

Now back to marquee board's main bout ... Let's portend that Trump remains standing alone and on top of the manure pile that culminates in the U.S. present twit election in 2016; if Trump is first past the post then perhaps the rest of world has some big, important news to crow about. When a states side reporter asked him about Russia, Trump's candor as usual was on full display.

If I am President I will rebuild the military

"I respect the Russian President. After all, Vladimir Putin is the world's most popular man." Yet, Trump's follow‐on was troubling (paraphrased). "America's military is too weak. We are spread around the world, too thin. If I'm President, I will rebuild it." This sounds hawkish and of appeasement at the same time. More disconcerting was Trump's perspective on Europe; specifically his comments on Ukraine's ongoing human tragedy. "Europe has not asked us for help. When they do, I/we will go in." Maybe The Donald's not quite up to speed on the fratricide going on there. Or he is not willing to admit the current administration's role behind the shenanigans in Kiev; especially the shyster operatives from State. Rest assured President Putin would apprise him of the realities down on the ground in Eastern Ukraine. He'd expose the real truth about America/NATO's continued aggression against the Russian Federation as well as those planned for the People's Republic of China. As far as similarities go, both men are seen as pragmatists; they will work the problem; until a solution is found; anywhere around the globe.

Both are popular, vis‐à‐vis their own citizenry. That's partly due to their propensity to 'shoot from the hip', so to speak. Trump has perfected 'the Art of the Deal'; President Putin likens politiks and business to a chess game. To play chess well, like every endeavor in life requires patience. Boy, does he know that lesson well. Vladimir Putin learned patience in his youth while his family experienced much poverty while growing up in St. Petersburg. Today, as Russia's President that same virtue as well as copious amounts of restraint is in full array as he deals with Russia's internal and external problems (EG. illegal economic sanctions). And suffice it to say that both populists eschew the PC bullshit cultural continuum whenever and wherever they encounter it. Good on them.

Unlike President Putin whose Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is second to none, Trump lacks a close advisor. If between now and November 2016 'The Donald' is able to land a good corner man like 'Mick' (Burgess Meredith) maybe Trump could last the distance. And go All-The-Way!  Only in America ...



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey