Some questions and answers on Ukraine

Following is a collection of questions posed by westerners against the freedom fighters in Donbass and replies to typical questions levelled against Russia by those who are ignorant of the Ukraine situation.

1. "Why are Donetsk and Luhansk Novorossiya, ' but when a passenger jet crashes in its territory, it is instantly transformed into Ukraine?"

You will have to ask that question to western mainstream media who are the ones guilty of making that mistake and it is a mistake which I am not only correcting there, but also reprimanding Russian media about. It disgustingly seems at times like they are trying to please the west and in these circumstances, I find that reprehensible.

2. "Mercenary activity is a crime in Russia. Why don't 'the militia men'–who come from Russia and are paid for combat not fall under this provision of the law?"

Number one, they are not in Russia, 
Number two, they are volunteers, not mercenaries for pay. 

3. "How can one explain the fact" that Moscow has brought criminal charges [exclusively] against Russian citizens who are fighting for Ukraine but not against Russians who are fighting in Ukraine against the Ukrainian government?

Please provide examples, but do not include those who have committed war crimes. I know of no such policy.

4. Do you consider the use by the [Russian] 'militias' of civilians as human shields something deserving of respect?

The defense forces of Novorossiya do not use civilians as human shields. What are they going to grab their mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, grandparents, their own children?  Don't be ridiculous.  This is just an excuse Kiev uses to justify their deliberately attacking civilians with military hardware. The civilians themselves know they are specifically being targeted by Kiev forces, there are plenty of testimonies for you to see and documents have been found that show the policy of attacking civilians is deliberate. You might also refer to leaders in Kiev who have said right out that it is their intention to kill all who are opposed to their rule.

5. "The war is costing Ukraine several million dollars a day. It is logical to assume that it isn't costing its opponent any less. Do you really think that Russia isn't giving the so-called Novorossiya military and financial help?"

They are given humanitarian assistance by Russia. Private individuals and groups help financially and send needed materials for rebuilding. Most of the equipment has either been obtained through surrender by Kiev forces, abandonment and even selling. Much comes from the vast Soviet reserves that were placed in the country from the old days. The defense forces include former factory and mine workers, engineers, etc. and they have established an enterprise that completely refurbishes damaged military equipment.

Defense forces comprised the backbone of Ukraine industry before the US aggression. I would also remind that when there were floods in the west of the country, Donbass people were quick to send aid and assistance.

Trust my words when I tell you that there has been a massive outpouring of love and concern for our suffering brothers and sisters.

6. "Why is it that everywhere where the so-called militias 'liberate,' there is war? … Why are the so-called [Ukrainian] punitive operations only where there are militia?"

The defense forces are fighting on their own land where they have lived all their lives; where their mothers, fathers, wives, children, grandparents live. Where their ancestors spilled their blood to liberate the land from German Nazis.

There are punitive operations in many areas of Donbass, ask them why they are shelling. Absolutely no Novorossiya defense fighter has ever attacked outside of their own area. You see no attacks on Kiev do you? That is because it is purely defensive on the part of Donbass.

7. "Why must Ukraine hand over to [Russian] band formations territories that legally belong to it? If the Ukrainian military doesn't want to do this, does that make them punitive detachments?"

I have no idea what Russian band formations are. There is no Russian army in Donbass if that's what you're talking about. Those US puppets in Kiev have no claim to anything since they seized power illegally and against the Ukrainian Constitution. Agreement breakers saw to it that the legitimate elections would never take place, thus transforming Ukraine into a US colony.

8. Given the number of times Vladimir Putin has changed his story on Crimea, "is it possible to believe him now when he asserts that there are no Russian forces in the Donbas? If so, then why?"

Yes, believe him because there are no Russian forces in Donbass, only the volunteers who came of their own volition. How did Mr.. Putin change "his story"??? 

The events in Crimea are clearly a matter of the people there being finally granted their wish. Any and all of you are welcome to come to Crimea any time and see for yourselves. Same goes for

Donbass...the door is open to you.

The people who have responded to this invitation have all come back saying exactly what I told you: there are no regular Russian forces in Donbass. The fighters are locals, defending their own land.

Can you tell us why no major western media personalities have accepted this invitation?

9. How would you react if some American said–as Igor "Strelkov" Girkin has–that without their invasion, nothing much would have occurred?

What invasion? When and where did Commander Strelkov say that? There are a lot of distorted versions of what Commander Strelkov has said. There was no invasion so that narrative is questionable. You are aware of the Crimean Russian Naval Base and the legal agreements concerning that base and its
support mechanisms?

10. The Russian defense ministry has promised to provide five million rubles to the families of soldiers who "have died at the Ukrainian border. Are you not interested in why [the details of their deaths] are being hidden from you?"

The fact that this statement is so skewed should clue you in to the fact that someone in Kiev or Washington invented it. If you have proof that has not been fabricated, I would certainly like to see it. Especially in light of the fact of what the hell does "died at the border" mean?? 

Totally senseless. Somebody lost their marbles when they were jumping and whacked themselves on the head, either that or their mothers dropped them on their heads when they were a baby.

11. Given that Moscow forcefully disperses opposition meetings and imprisons its participants on made-up charges, how do you think Vladimir Putin would react if some group seized administration buildings and proclaimed the creation of its own statehood on Russian territory? Would Putin take measures or perhaps sit down with the terrorists "to negotiate" as he demands that Kyiv do?

I am certain that anyone arrested is not imprisoned on "made up charges." Do you realize that the "opposition" in Russia is virtually non-existent? It also comprises individuals on the payroll of Washington who deliberately fail to comply with regulations and laws that guarantee the right to demonstrate and they do this to attract attention to themselves because no one pays attention to them.

When you speak of terrorists seizing government buildings you must define the word TERRORISTS. I know you are trying to accuse the Donbass people of being "terrorists" but they are not. 

They voted for independence from the Washington installed group of thugs in Kiev and it was a matter of self preservation, as opposed to Maidan, where again provocateurs on Washington's payroll acted not for the freedom and well being of Ukrainian people, but for profit and the favors (read money) of Washington and the EU. If Yanukovich was bad (he was neither perfect nor pro-Russian) who you have now is a thousand times worse because not only do they personally pocket much of what is sent by the west, but they have removed many social guarantees, have overseen the removal of the country's gold, have given power over to foreigners because in their opinion--of the millions of Ukrainians, none is capable of running their own country. Now you have Biden's son in control of energy resources and Monsanto is going to destroy the nation's agriculture, all for fun and profit.

12. "Why does every Ukrainian patriot, who wears Ukrainian symbols, sings the Ukrainian hymn, supports the unity of his country and speaks against separatism automatically become a Banderite and fascist? Under what article of the [Russian Federation] criminal code?"

The criminal code of the Russian Federation has nothing to do with the former Ukraine. No one looks at every single so-called "Ukrainian patriot" as Banderite or fascist. 


 In reality what they are is cannon fodder for Washington's geopolitical interests to establish total global domination. There is sympathy for those who are not fascists and Banderites and in fact when they are taken prisoner, they are treated with humanity and compassion. Furthermore, when they come to the realization that they have been misled and lied to, they are welcome to sanctuary in Russia.

The true fascists and Banderites are many...they are criminals, murderers and psychopaths and they will be punished just like Nuremberg. The "government" of the US colony that the former Ukraine has become is loaded with fascists and Banderites. 

Poroshenko has the blood of thousands on his hands, and he is a super robber oligarch that cares nothing for the people, but he is beholden only to those who pull his strings. He says and does what he is told to do by the US ambassador, by Victoria Nuland who admitted that Washington invested 5 billion dollars into the takeover of Ukraine by Washington. By US Senator John McCain and by Barack Obama. Every time one of them shows up, another murderous incident happens against Donbass.

13. Are all pieces of evidence of the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine–even those offered by Russian soldiers themselves–forgeries produced in the West?

There have been hundreds of them, and yes all and I mean all of them have been exposed as forgeries. Refer to the previous question about the open invitation to all to inspect Donbass and Crimea.

14. "Comrade Putin frequently has declared that Russia is not a side in the conflict and that he personally respects and supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine. If that is really so, then why hasn't Russia closed the border from its side so that volunteers (and not only they) from the Russian Federation do not have the opportunity to cross it in order to fight against the territorial integrity of Ukraine?"

Now my personal opinion on this differs from Mr.. Putin's. The territorial integrity of Ukraine was destroyed when the US put their puppets in charge in Kiev. Therefore, there is no room to speak of territorial integrity.

But Mr.. Putin has a different opinion from mine, he does insist on something non-existent, something that was destroyed...pretty much all in the name of doing anything and everything to establish peace and stop the killing. Unfortunately, the desire for peace is one-sided as Kiev and Washington do not believe in compromise.  They want what they want and will murder all who get in their way.

There is no reason to close the border and most of the traffic is of a humanitarian nature. Donbass would be Leningrad during World War II if not for Russian humanitarian assistance and the people of Russia would not want that fate to befall their brothers and sisters. Leadership in Kiev has declared their intention to murder the people of Donbass if they do not leave. And why should they leave their own land?

15. The Russian government last August explained the appearance of Russian troops in Ukraine by saying that they had crossed the border by mistake. "Do you really believe this? What would be your reaction if NATO soldiers 'accidentally became confused' somewhere near Vladivostok?"

You're speaking I believe of 3-4 individuals, and it was a mistake from what I've seen after examining all claims. I might remind you that Ukrainian forces fired mortars into Russia (even killing someone and causing destruction) and Russia did not do anything about it because Russia wants no part of it. 

That is diametrically opposed to NATO's arrogant, blatant declaration that they will go wherever the hell they damn well feel like it because they are the rulers of the world.

I am sure if some of them showed up in Vladivostok they would be treated like royalty (again, my opinion differs from Mr.Putin's, I would jail them, have a trial and then go from there).

16. "Why has Russia not once condemned the 'Novorossiya' militants and not once called on them to lay down their arms first? At the same time, officials of the Russian Federation have frequently called on Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms and leave the Ukrainian Donbas to the bandits. Why all [Russian] federal media gives positive coverage to only one side?"

Only one side can be right, and it's Novorossiya. There is no sympathy in Russia for the murder, Genocide and destruction of Donbass by Kiev at the behest of their Washington masters. 

These men and women are defending their land and they should be honored and praised and supported in every way possible (my personal opinion). 

Mr. Putin wants to keep out of it, but by no means should he ever condemn them for resisting. It would be like condemning the Soviet Army for resisting Hitler and the Nazis. 

Lay down your arms and let them kill you...kill your children, kill your wife, kill your mother and father; kill your old, fragile grandparents. This is what Kiev is doing to Novorossiya and anyone with an ounce of humanity will not condemn them, but praise them for having the same courage, integrity and honor of their forefathers. 

I am in awe of them...they are wonderful men and women and if you see for yourself, the people look to them for protection and help and they get it.

On the other hand, Kiev and Washington should leave these people alone. They have expressed their desire to be left alone. 

LEAVE THEM ALONE AND STOP KILLING THEM!!!! Get out and take your cluster bombs, phosphorous and TochkaU's with you. 

Do you really think that grandmothers and grandfathers are a threat to Ukraine that they have to be shelled every day and hit with missiles, artillery and rockets??

I refer you to the fact that by international law, they have a right to self determination.

17. How do you explain the fact that the forces of the 'DNR' and 'LNR,' hard-pressed as they were last August, suddenly "opened a new front in the direction of Mariupol and seized Novoazovsk? Who did this in fact: the forces of 'the militias,' whom the Ukrainian army had successfully contained or Russian soldiers without uniform markings who supposedly weren't there?"

Again with this nonsense about Russian soldiers, the mythical little green men. They take this off the shelf and dust it off every time defense forces are beating them. 

They were not hard pressed in August, they were winning and that forced Kiev to cry for a ceasefire in order to regroup, rearm and reinforce. Why do they do that? 

Where do you ever get the idea that the Kiev forces were successful in any campaign against their own people? Their morale is low, almost non-existent, while Novorossiya forces are fighting for their land, for their survival, for their future. They are given no choice in the matter and as many in history have noted....they are unbeatable. Ask that French fry and Hitler about that.

18. Why does Belarus, a state aligned so "close to Russia, support the territorial integrity of Ukraine and not agree with Putin's imperialist plans? Why does Lukashenka, Putin's ally in the Customs Union believe that there is no fascism as a mass phenomenon in Ukraine and say that it is necessary to destroy the militants fighting against Ukraine?"

Mr.. Putin has no imperialist plans.  You have completely contradicted yourself by calling Mr. Lukashenko Putin's ally. Your entire question is flawed. Lukashenko supports peace. 

Anyway, I cannot speak for the man and it seems unlikely that he is opposed to Mr. Putin's peace efforts, in fact he has hosted the talks and his relationship with Mr. Putin is excellent. Nowhere will you ever see him accuse Mr. Putin of "imperialist plans." 

This is the stupidest nonsense to come out of the information war, because the imperialist plans are those of Washington and no one else. Russia did not overthrow Ukraine's government and start barking orders from the Embassy in Kiev.

19. Do you believe Russian officials when they say that the 12 Pskov paratroopers did not die fighting in Ukraine but rather "by chance" died from heart attacks, suicides and accidents all at the same time?

I do not believe Russian officials said anything of the sort. I also do not believe that the story has any validity. It's much like the story of WMD in Iraq. Assad using chemical weapons on his own supporters, Khaddafi bombing his own people.

20. What are the 'Novorossiya' militants fighting for and what is the use of what they are doing?"


They are being savagely attacked and murdered and this is a war crime, a crime against peace and a crime against humanity.

Since Kiev is so fond of the west and Washington, here you go:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." 

The people of Donbass have spoken and they are willing to give their lives for their freedom. Who are any of you to deny them that and kill them for it?



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Author`s name Lisa Karpova