Eternal Shame to "America," Germany and Europe

One hardly knows where to begin when listing all the examples of the shame and disgrace that the US, Germany and Europe have brought upon themselves. They have failed every test for humanity, especially and including their monotonous demand for obedience, that one and all are to follow their prescribed model of freedom and democracy.

One year ago, on 2 May, an untold number of individuals (from 48 to as many as 100) were savagely burned alive or beaten to death with the full encouragement of the Kiev junta and their western handlers. Washington and the west have since played deaf, dumb and blind to this most egregious war crime which began the genocidal murder campaign against all opposition to the fascist Kiev junta.

To this day, there has been no investigation of this war crime. Indeed, even a Kiev Rada Deputy was filmed dancing on burned bodies on Odessa's Kulikovo Polie during on May 2, 2014.

Kiev fascist forces then began attacking civilians on a daily basis with heavy military hardware, even banned, forbidden weapons...shelling civilian areas mercilessly, killing children and destroying homes, schools, hospitals, churches and orphanages. They have also destroyed vital infrastructure such as electrical and water plants. They have deliberately created a humanitarian disaster with malice and forethought, while blaming Russia for this campaign of Genocide and ethnic cleansing. The repeated lie of Russian aggression is absurd, as absurd as accusing defense forces of attacking their own mothers, grandmothers, wives, children, fathers and grandfathers. As absurd as thinking that the country that suffered more than any other from war would seek to start another one anywhere.

The only reason Kiev gets away with continuing this murderous campaign is because of the tacit approval of the west. Not only approval, but the United States has been barking their orders from the American Embassy, via Geoffrey Pyatt, US Ambassador, who presents false evidence of a mythical "Russian invasion."

As the Minsk2 agreement was concluded, the US proceeded immediately to violate that agreement, along with Britain, Poland and Canada by sending troops into the country and providing lethal weaponry to the Kiev Nazi Regime. Is this an act of working towards peace or is this pouring gasoline onto the fire?

There is a stark contrast between the oppressive atmosphere in Kiev controlled areas and those that are free from Kiev. You will find the areas free from Kiev are also free from repression, each man and woman doing their best to help their neighbor. There is no fear from neighbors. The defense forces are welcomed as they provide humanitarian assistance to civilians when not defending these same civilians in combat. A special thank you and salute go out today to the brave Commanders and defense forces of Novorossiya. The 9th of May is your day too.

Only days ago, Kiev kicked a European journalist out of the country for telling the truth about Odessa. The popular Italian journalist, Franco Fracassi, suffered for truth-in the truest sense of the word, being arrested at the Borispol Airport. "He will be thrown out for what writes about Odessa," said Ukrainian security services.

As the anniversary of the Odessa massacre approached, a total of 50 people were arrested by junta forces in Odessa at the last count. Odessa residents were urged not to cede ground to the fascists and join a memorial rally on May 2.

So much for freedom of speech, freedom of the press and "democracy." What was that you were saying, Ms. Nuland?

The Head of the Main Investigation Department of the Ukrainian Security Service, Vasily Vovk, was quoted as saying, "Ukrainophobes" should minimize rhetoric for their own safety due to the recent murders in Ukraine. He said this on ICTV channel's program "Freedom of Speech" on the evening of April 20.

More than a dozen individuals have met strange deaths:

-Jan. 29: Former Chairman of the local government of the Kharkov region, Alexey Kolesnik, hanged himself.

-Feb. 24: Stanislav Melnik, a member of the opposition party (Partia Regionov), shot himself.

-Feb. 25: The Mayor of Melitopol, Sergey Valter, hanged himself a few hours before his trial.

-Feb. 26: Alexander Bordiuga, deputy director of the Melitopol police, was found dead in his garage.

-Feb. 26: Alexander Peklushenko, former member of the Ukrainian parliament, and former mayor of Zaporizhi, was found shot to death.

-Feb. 28: Mikhail Chechetov, former member of parliament, member of the opposition party (Partia Regionov), "fell" from the window of his 17th floor apartment in Kiev.

-March 14: The 32-year-old prosecutor in Odessa, Sergey Melnichuk, "fell" to his death from the 9th floor.

Donetsk journalist, Sergei Sukhobok, was killed on the 13th April. He was one of the founders of the online media "Obkom" and "ProUA," also known for his opposition to the current Ukrainian leadership.

-April 15: A former Ukrainian MP and active anti-Maidan activist, Oleg Kalashnikov, was killed in his flat in Kiev. The 52-year-old was found dead at his residence on that Wednesday evening. His death was "caused by a gunshot," the Interior Ministry said.

His killing is one in a series of odd deaths plaguing former government officials and ex-President Yanukovich's party members. Thusfar, the investigation considers the primary motive behind the killing to be Kalashnikov's "political activity" linked with his "participation in the organization and financing" of counter-revolutionary events in Ukraine. Gerashchenko emphasized that Kalashnikov "had knowledge" of the anti-Maidan movement that resisted the coup last year and continues to challenge new authorities in Kiev.

"Without any doubt the deceased knew a lot about who and in what way financed anti-Maidan, which cost Yanukovich and his camarilla several million hryvnias per day. He takes these secrets with him to the grave," Gerashchenko said, also listing some other leads on his Facebook page. Business debts, personal enmity, burglary attempt and "other versions of murder"are listed among other possible motives.

Before the murder, Kalashnikov received threats of physical violence for his political views, in particular for his drive to defend Ukrainians' right to widely celebrate the 70th anniversary of World War II victory.

Oles Buzina, 45, a supporter of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, was shot in the street. Buzina's body was found on the ground nearing his apartment building close to the city center. The head of Kiev's police department Alexander Tereschuk said that a TT gun was allegedly used in the crime.

Not only has the United States and the EU been giving political, propaganda and military support for these shocking murders, but also it gives intelligencce agency support for Ukrainian death squads.

A controversial Ukrainian website published personal information about 'enemies of the state' and evidence shows that it has been run by a NATO cyber center in one of the Baltic states. The website went offline on Saturday following public pressure.

NATO's Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence - СCD-COE has been exposed as providing technical support for Mirotvorec, the above mentioned website of Ukrainian nationalists running an 'enemies of the state' database.

Just after the killing of Oles Buzina, a video was published on the VK social network and was then immediately removed even though copies were made. It showed the members of the neo-Nazi Azov batallion with a captured defense fighter, they put him on a cross, raised the cross and set it on fire. It cuts off as he screams.

A message was also inclcuded which warned: "all the separatists, traitors of Ukraine and militia fighters will be treated the same", - "Cyberberkut" quoted the message from "Azov." Most believe this video to be a fake. However, the message has been conveyed and has served its purpose. In any case, it shows that some sick mind conceived the entire scenario whether or not it really happened.

This is the mentality being approved of, encouraged and supported by the US and the EU. What does this blind support show about the "values" espoused by the United States and the EU??

Thanks to the violent, illegal, unconstituional coup bought and paid for by the United States, the former Ukraine, Banderastan today, is a spiritual and intellectual cesspool of immorality, a jungle, filled with hatred, ignorance, idiocy, violence, suspicion and envy. I dare say they are carbon copies of their puppet masters in Washington. What we have is 21st Century fascism on the rise in Europe and America. It is appalling and horrifying that the West is a supporter of death squads, genocide and the law of the jungle.

Iranian Press TV rightly pointed out that the "US has an ongoing human rights crisis that it can no longer shield from the international community."

Another most revealing incident happened at the United Nations. Samantha Power, the US Permanent Representative to the UN, in an act of brazen censorship committed while lecturing North Korea on human rights, ordered the sound engineer to shut off the microphone while the Representative from the DPRK was pointing out the horrible record of the US on human rights.

The Senate Select Intelligence Committee's report exposing CIA torture has been released in the United States as the country is being inundated by angry protests over a series of vicious and unpunished police killings. This has received little notice by the American corporate media.

Police in the US kill citizens at over 70 times the rate of other first-world nations. In 2014: 1,100 people killed by US police. That is an average of three people a day. In 2013: 763 people were killed by police.

America imprisons almost twenty-five percent of all people imprisoned in the world, although containing only about 5% of the worlds population, an extremely disproportionate share of people imprisoned globally.

The United States also has one of the worst records among industrialized nations - losing on average between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect. Statistics show that among other developed countries, the U.S. has by far the highest infant mortality rate

Now perhaps when we see the true fascist, failed nature of the United States, we can understand why the United States has been bullying, blackmailing and bribing world leaders not to attend the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet Union over Hitler's Germany. The presence of western leaders for the victory celebration, especially American, would be tantamount to the sacrilegious.

The Victoria Nuland regime in Kiev passes laws glorifying Nazis and Stepan Bandera, a well known Nazi collaborator in the war. Kiev has been destroying all war monuments due to the orders and agitation from Washington, forbidding the celebration of the 70th 9 May Victory Day. Other fascist states such as Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia do much the same, celebrating their Nazi collaborators and destroying war monuments. European values at work.

Nazism has been on the rise in Europe over the last few years. There has been increased activities of fascist groups, fascist ideology, and repeated attempts to revise the outcome of the Second World War. Euro-Atlantism and Russophobia are running rampant, with many individuals banging the drums of war. NATO leaders and US generals are the worst.

No more hiding for the aggressors, global media and electronics have made it impossible for the unjust, murderous, genocidal forces of the world to conceal their criminal activity and mischief, it's all out in the open. In the face of its long history of domestic and international violence, the US government has lost all of its legitimacy. Appropriate action should be taken by the General Assembly to rectify its stranglehold on the UN's neck.

In the EU, one of the main culprts is Germany. It was planned that the delegations from all of the anti-Hitler coalition countries would meet at the Reichstag. Delegations from the United States, Britain and France were there. The Russian delegation was cordoned off, although the embassy had filed a request in advance. Moreover, immediately after the scandalous incident in the square at the Reichstag ... Ukrainian radicals rushed in trying to engage the Russian delegation in a brutal fight - because of St. George ribbons and flags. A lame excuse was given.

This was published on the site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation:

"In response to reports by several media outlets about an incident that took place in the Reichstag on April 23 involving a delegation of the Russian Armed Forces Veterans Council, led by its Chairman, Army General Viktor Yermankov, we deem it necessary to report the following:

This was apparently a purely technical mishap. When the itinerary of the delegation's visit was discussed, it was made clear that full tours of the Reichstag would not be available on that day due to plenary meetings of the Bundestag, and that it would only be possible to visit the dome. Upon the arrival of the delegation, however, the itinerary listed a tour that could not take place for the stated reason. After a representative of the Russian House of Science and Culture was contacted, security officials expressed their apologies for the confusion, which were accepted by the delegation.

We consider the matter settled."

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich commented on the incident:

"I have seen reports on that score," the diplomat said. "What they say is not exactly true, to say the least." At the same time Lukashevich pointed out that "the very instance has aroused emphatic indignation."

"We are trying to clear up all details," he went on to say. "I can promise that the reaction on the merits will follow before long."

Despite these appalling, despicable attempts to spoil the joy of today's celebration, this is something they are too lowly, unworthly and steeped in their own depravity, evil deeds and filth to even remotely be able to touch...the celebration of 70 Years of Victory Day will go on without those who find themselves as the spirtual and political successors of the Third Reich, those who attempt to rehabilitate Nazism in our time: the United States and the EU.

The Red Army was virtually alone in the fight against the German Nazis from 1941 until the Normandy invasion in June 1944, after the war's outcome had already been decided. Additionally, the Soviet role in D-Day was enormous due to the extraordinary drive of the Red Army from Stalingrad to Berlin in the two years following victory at Stalingrad on February 2, 1943. Soviet industry worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to produce the armaments necessary for the war.

Nine out of every ten German soldiers killed in the war were killed by the Red Army. Only 11 Wehrmacht divisions fought the Allied armies in the west, while 228 Nazi divisions were fighting the Red Army in the east. As the Normandy landing finally took place, the far greater victory of the Red Army in Operation Bagration came, when Hitler's last great concentration of armies was annihilated in Byelorussia. The Soviet flag was placed on the Reichstag building in Berlin by Soviet soldiers. Over 27 million Soviet citizens were killed during the Great Patriotic War.

This was a devastating loss. The suffering, the grief and the horror were unparalleled, as was the courage, the determination and the spirit of the Soviet people in fighting the German Nazi invaders. There is no greater example of human courage in world history.

Today, 9 May, most of the world looks to Russia in gratitude.

The Soviet Union freed the world from Nazism. The world owes a great debt for this victory. Thank you fathers and mothers for the victory. I bow at your feet. I hug and kiss you, one and all. You are all so beautiful, special and precious. No one can diminish the pride I feel for Russia today. Russia is a beacon of freedom; a kind, patient and generous country. A brave country. A forgiving country. Russia is magical. Russia is a fantasy land where dreams have been built on touchable, visible, physical reality.

Russia is beautiful. The best in the world!

The United States and the EU need to tell us why their inferiority complex is so severe in response to the USSR victory of World War II that they have to bully, blackmail and even attempt assassinations to prevent world leaders from coming to Moscow for the 9 May Victory Day celebration. Why the agitation for countries to dispose of war monuments to Soviet victors??? Are they afraid to have people see that the Russian/Soviet way of life is superior???

Shame, shame, shame to the United States, and to you Germany and the EU countries.

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Lisa Karpova