Ukraine ready for ultra-right military coup

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov admitted a possibility of a military coup in Ukraine. In turn, member of Fatherland Party, Igor Lutsenko, described the scenario of the possible military coup in Ukraine on his Facebook page. According to Lutsenko, who was apparently very much impressed with the coup in Turkey, several armed units already declare their desire to come to power by force. It goes about formally state-controlled, organized and well-trained military groups, rather than extremist organizations, such as the Right Sector (banned in Russia).

Pravda.Ru discussed the possibility of a military coup in Ukraine with leader of the Union of Leftist Forces, former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada and former head of the State Commission of Ukraine for Regulation of Financial Services, Vasily Volga.

"In today's Ukraine, there are all conditions for a military coup. The economic position of the country is terrifying. The pressure of tariffs and taxes is constantly growing. Recent opinion polls showed that 71 percent of Ukrainian residents consider themselves impoverished. This is an amazing figure. Usually, even those whose living standards leave much to be desired rarely recognize themselves as poor people.

"Most Ukrainians are terrified about their future. People do not know what problems they will have to deal with in winter. The socio-economic situation in Ukraine is catastrophic. The situation with the spread of tuberculosis and hepatitis is alarming. The level of legitimacy of the Ukrainian authorities is very low. In a nutshell, everyone hates the government. There is no doubt that the people of Ukraine hate Poroshenko and the sitting government. If a coup occurs, people will not take to the streets to support Poroshenko, as it happened in Turkey, when there were forces that supported President Erdogan. In Ukraine, the people will support those who will organize the coup.

"The constitutional and legal model of the state has been destroyed in Ukraine completely. This background produces radical, well-armed paramilitary formations. The authorities have taken effort to bring them in line with the law, but not with the constitution. In other words, they have simply invented a number of pseudo-laws, but those armed groups still exist as independent military groups that do not subordinate to anyone.

"Azov is the most powerful group that has a political component. Azov has training camps in every region of Ukraine, they constantly recruit new fighters. People receive very good salaries for serving in Azov. Some of them go to the east of Ukraine, where they receive combat training in real combat actions, before they come back.   

Ukraine impoverished, elites struggle for more money

"As a result, there are three components for the possible military coup in Ukraine: the socio-economic status, hatred of the government and the existence of combat units that can make the coup happen. If someone tries to change power in Ukraine in an unconstitutional way again, the probability for them to succeed nears 100 percent."

"What would the West do in this case?"

"The West is all about the policy of double standards. The West has lost its way in broad daylight. They do not know what coup shall be called a democratic revolution and what coup shall be viewed as usurpation of power. The West saw the successful coup in Ukraine as the manifestation of people's will. The West also supported the brutal suppression of the attempted coup in Turkey too.

"If the West benefits from another coup in Ukraine, the West will support it again. Even if demons drink blood and put up gallows in Kiev, Western officials will say: look how good they are at what they do, they defend the unity of the nation!

"For two and a half years, Ukraine has been an example of a "democratic state" built as a result of the unconstitutional coup. Instead, there is anarchy, terror and neo-Nazi groups.

"The whole country remains in a terrible situation, but President Poroshenko is building a new biscuit factory in Borispol for 1.8 billion. In Vinnitsa region, he has launched a grain elevator for $80 million. Poroshenko is the only person in Ukraine, who has received the state order for the construction of vessels for the Ukrainian fleet.

"The key problem of today's Ukraine is about clashes within the oligarchic elite. Ukraine has become an oligarchic state. Poroshenko is the main oligarch, but there are other ones, who also show influence on what is happening in Ukraine. They struggle to embezzle the funds that Ukraine receives for the so-called anti-terrorist operation.

"Ukraine has seen coups before. In 2004, Ukraine split into western, eastern and southern territories, but no one paid much attention to it back then. Nowadays, only an ultra-right coup can be possible. If it happens, rivers of blood will flow. Two days ago, I received death threats from a radical group. I was told that I would be hanging on the gallows on Khreshchatyk."

Interviewed by Lyuba Lulko

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov