Triumphant Trump eyes DC; establishment coup awaits him

Just when Americans thought the score in the GOP primaries was settled last week in Indiana, the powers to be still parsed their words. After all, the Hoosier Republican voters made their choice: loud and clear. They sent Lyin' Ted Cruz packin'; but not before the sole remaining challenger did a lot of cryin'.

According to the media, (the establishment's duplicitous mouth piece) in Indiana, Cruz was standing on familiar ground; make that holy ground when you consider that Lyin Ted's evangelical hordes were supposed to be the firewall that would finally stop Trump's meteoric rise dead in his tracks.

Cruz group hug of three flopped

Did not happen... Cruz's group hug of three at his 'suspension' speech attested to his failure to attract any sizeable count of voters let alone the evangelical faithful. To wit, his religious core group fan base deserted him in droves. After Cruz's landslide defeat, not even one day passed before the leftie media was already proffering excuses to blunt Trump's victory. For starters there is the small matter of begrudging the real fact that Donald Trump is the 'presumptive' GOP nominee.

If they cannot accord him that small respect, than how are they going to accept 'The Donald' as Commander-in-chief? Call Trump the 45th President to be, so to speak (New Jersey Governor Chris Christie already heads Trump's White House 'transition' team); because that is the truth. Fresh polls taken Wednesday one after the other showed the same result: Donald Trump would thump the Democrat challenger in the general election; mattered little whether it was Hillary Clinton or the snake oil salesman, Bernie Sanders.

The Sandman would fare even better against screamin' Hillary

Those polls revealed more shocking news: The Sandman would fare far better in a head-to-head matchup than the always yellin', screamin' and schemin' Clinton. To likely voters, the results are not surprising. One would think that the GOP rank and file would herald the public opinion polls as good news. Was it not RNC chairman, Prince Preibus, who not that long ago declared the Party's official line was to coalesce around the delegate count leader? Trump indeed will far exceed the requisite 1237 delegates well before the Cleveland convention. 'Rules are rules' are they not?

That was not the case though. When the media cornered him to comment on his willingness to support Trump's candidacy, pipsqueak Priebus went deaf just before he became mute and then lame. Try as they may, none of the reporters could squeeze even a nuanced peep from him. Make that ditto for all of the other RINO big wigs. Bush et al even were not as taciturn: the transplanted 'Texans' disavowed Trump. Not important; Trump disdains their 'support'. Most surprising of all was the current Speaker of the House's response.

So called Republican, Paul Ryan, just does not have it in him to pay respect to a colleague and true conservative in Donald Trump. On the contrary, Ryan went prime time on the nation's airwaves to impugn him. There he found his Judas Iscariot traitor's voice and sputtered "I am not ready to support Donald Trump". Ryan is 'not ready'? What bunk! Yet he was fully prepared and solely culpable of besmirching the 'presumptive' candidate. Ryan's act of betrayal should put all American patriots on notice as to where his loyalties reside. For certain, Ryan is battin' for the other side; do not interpret that to mean within his own party, either.

The Democrats are not a factor

Speaking of the 'other side', that phenomenon needs clarification. Despite the leftist media's protests and obfuscations, the Democrats are not a factor this general election. Hillary Clinton is neither a credible candidate nor a legitimate challenger. She has no voter base. Other than older women, a sprinkling of conflicted African Americans and a modicum of disillusioned Hispanics (many that are illegals), Clinton's matriarchal smoke-and-mirrors carnival act across the hinterland is not attracting fresh blood in terms of voters.

Sanders' freak show brings up the rear of the Democrat's gypsy caravan. Bernie should be ashamed. His pie-in-the-sky economics are nothing less than warmed over Marxism. No way can he fulfill his promise of 'free tuition' to the young electorate. Neither can Sander's fix Social Security. The Democrats have no right prescription for the nation's litany of other ills. Clinton has no clue. She is oblivious to the blight of ordinary Americans; her ignorance of overseas problems is equally palpable. Trump knows this. He will expose her for what she is: a failed Secretary of War, err, State. Her claim to the Oval Office is obtuse. Crooked Hillary is a war monger. The preponderance of evidence screams for criminal indictment. Her resume reads like a train wreck; it is replete with global conflicts she helped create; millions of innocents died. Then there is Benghazi...

About a year ago, Donald Trump made a statement to the media and to the other GOP candidates: None of them belong on the same stage with him. That same portent applies to the either Democrat nominee. The people are behind him alone; their loyalty ensures victory. Donald Trump will be the last man standing. The establishment had better brace itself. A tsunami fast approaches. Washington needs shakin'. Millions of angry voters will usher in the November 8th headline: America finishes first! Donald Trump wins Presidency by KO. Improves to 18-0!



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey