Trump laps rivals

Right about now, 'The Donald' should look in the rear mirror. The posse of those giving chase have already faded to a speck. The billionaire businessman's lead is so significant it even caused the Republican establishment's old boy network to ruminate intervention. One such curmudgeon, Karl Rove, was so disturbed by the Trump phenomenon that he publicly expressed his angst.

Trump is not just winning

A rattled Rove took umbrage to Trump's penchant for invoking 'moron and clown'. Rove was remiss to provide context: the GOP front runner was defending himself from the incessant ad hominem attacks by the media and GOP 'faithful'. Trump can find solace in this latest negative blitz on his so far successful Presidential campaign. When the likes of Karl Rove throw a puerile barb that means you are doing what they detest most: winning against all odds. Trump is not just winning.

His 'Make America Great Again' message has taken the entire country by storm. Coast to coast, border to border, Americans flock to hear his resonant message. Many times when Trump's supporters arrive at the hall or auditorium hosting the venue they have to queue outdoors. The event has long since sold out. The dense crowds are standing room only. That is how popular candidate Trump is to ordinary people. Rove is no expert on minding one's manners. Nor should he assert moral authority. In his own words, Rove, once described in detail how he first took a shining to boyhood bud, George 'Dubya' Bush. As Texas teens, Rove and Bush felt no compunction for having inserted firecrackers into the rear orifice of bullfrogs. Then the two miscreants laughed with glee at the exploding innocent creatures being tossed into a lake. Rove's affinity for Bush increased over the years.

As mentor, it was he who helped commandeer the President's Oval Office in 2000.Then with 'mission accomplished', Rove skulked to the White House's shadows. However, Chief Cronyism Strategist Rove was far from idle. Always, Herr Karl was mere inches from the President's desk; ready and willing to whisper in Dubya's itching ears. After 9/11 you could make a case that it was under Rove's tutelage that the 'decider', George Dubya Bush, invaded first Iraq and later Afghanistan. Even more disturbing was the knowledge that Bush committed those heinous acts based wholly on false pretexts: Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction. Neither did the Taliban participate in the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Those two facts alone though were not enough to detract a future U.S. onslaught and subsequent occupation. In the wake of the U.S.'s protracted Middle Eastern wars, millions of innocent civilians were slaughtered. With a destroyed infrastructure and murdered head of state in the person of Saddam Hussein, Iraq soon slid into the abyss.

Iraq remains a failed state

With the subsequent sanctions war, the U.S. killed millions more. Ordinary Iraqis were unable to obtain the necessary life sustaining foods or essential medicines. Fifteen years later, Iraq remains a failed state. The same can be said for Afghanistan. Just a little imagination reveals why Rove has now entered the fray. Dubya's baby brother, Jeb, has not fared well in his presidential aspirations. His campaign has tanked. The media has Jeb on life support. Some news outlets have already proffered that baby Bush will throw in the towel soon. The end is near; it is now a matter of weeks. No amount of Rove's pontificating can save Jeb's doomed political career.

When the impending formal announcement of Jeb's departure is made, millions of citizens will rejoice. No doubt, America cannot endure another Bush presidency. Rather than bemoan Donald Trump's surging campaign, Rove needs to check his facts. What Rove does not get, or admit to, is Trump invoked the 'moron and clown' pejoratives only after he was attacked personally. Those attacks were frequent and furious. Many came in the form of phony media polls that were not based on reality. Since inception, 'The Donald' has always been the Republican front runner. The real polls could not be clearer. Moreover, Americans seek a good man to lead the nation; one who is strong; a man of conviction.

More important the people yearn for a President who is not beholden to special interest groups, nor one who kowtows to foreign interests or is a man who lacks common sense or a leader who has not the will to fix that which is broken at home, first. What Karl Rove and the old guard establishment cannot accept, is that candidate Trump is destined to become the next U.S. President. Not one of the 'group' of Rubio, Cruz, Carson et al even come close to matching 'The Donald's' energy and commitment to serve and protect Americans. Rove should repent. Along with the swelling ranks of supporters he needs to shout, "Good on Trump"!



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey