Syria: Throne of Lions

The day of Victory of the oppressed over the oppressor is harder than the injustice of the oppressor over the oppressed. So Ouday the old Syrian teaches me, when he reminds me of the words of Imam Ali, the Prince of Believers. Words that fall not by chance because the nefarious results obtained in Syria by Islamist militias in the past five years have been thwarted by the Russian armed forces in six months of precise and continuous bombing.

By Costantino Ceoldo

The Syrian army now advances on many fronts and free territories that were previously under the control of the enemy: not only towns and villages but also military bases that had been lost in recent years. The strongholds of the militants have crumbled under the new Russians missiles Kalibr, under the old and stupid Russian bombs dropped from planes that the world has discovered to be very precise, under the shelling of Russian artillery.


On the ground, spetsnaz gave their commands that necessary intelligence sadly still seems as missing to the Americans counterparts: Palmira was freed before she ended planed off the face of the Earth, prey to the madness of the haunting killers who had managed to win her over a year ago. Here the face of the stranger hero had that of Alexander Prochorenko which as he was surrounded drew an air strike on him so as not to be taken alive by the enemy and, dying, make a massacre of them.

Now that Palmyra has been freed, where is the West defender of human rights and freedom? No one congratulated Syrian soldiers for the valuable proof that they gave. None of the Western heads of State said he was happy because a priceless treasure as Palmira was saved, none of them has praised the courage of the Syrian soldiers.

Russia does more in a few months than the West in years

The Russia of Vladimir Putin has done everything I could not to the Americans in their three years of bombing unsolicited and unauthorized by the Syrian government. The Russia of Vladimir Putin has made a difference, no proclamations and no glaring reports but acting as a pro. A master's touch was then the partial withdrawal of a few weeks ago of the air force deployed to Humeymim. Some jet was retired but some others remained, along with the anti-aircraft defenses. For the moment the mission is accomplished. Not just.

Although Russian aid has been critical, and certainly not disinterested since pragmatism always rules among nations, we must not forget the sacrifices and efforts of the Iranian Al-Quds forces and Hezbollah who have sided with Syria from the beginning of the conflict. Both have had their share of fallen and martyrs and yet continued to fight the enemy and to defend the civilian population without distinctions. We should all remember that the soldiers of Al-Quds and Hezbollah have also defended the Christians of Syria where the Nations of Europe were tied to who murdering them and destroying churches. Above all we should remember that in Syria the first to die were just Muslims.

And yet... And yet all this would not have been possible without the tenacity, the courage, the ardor, the loyalty of Syrian soldiers. The defections have been few and insignificant between soldiers and commanders. A different fate awaited the Libyan army who defected to almost half of its workforce, marking the end of the Jamahiriya. On the contrary, the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Republic have demonstrated their ability to resist loyally against an enemy armed by the Western Nations and funded by the Gulf monarchies. What a lesson of honor for other Peoples, including the Italian!

I see their faces in images and movies and it is easy to understand how before the war they were workers and employees, laborers and doctors, farmers and diggers. All occupations of ordinary people. A people's army, so, who has shown himself immune to treachery and change of flag. A people's army that has adapted itself to the needs of this war, changing with great efforts and sufferance its nature of great anti-Israel army into something more flexible and suited to the proxy guerrilla warfare, injected from the outside.

Years ago Russia blocked the modernization plans of the Syrian armed forces in the name of an alleged détente in the Middle East. They were still the years of the falling in love with the West. Before of Libya and Syria, before of the Crimea and the outraged Donbass. Before of airliners shot down with all their passengers on board. The modernization was completed recently, during the Russian mission in Syria. New weapons, new ammunition, new engines for aircraft, new equipment, new tanks, new training. All of which are now giving their best fruits, but useless without the peculiarities of the most alive people: the value that comes from love of country.

The Syrians feel part of something that goes beyond their individual existence. This fact cannot be denied and is both a warning and a lesson for us.

We can well say that the Syrian army is an army of People. Moreover: the soldiers of Syria are lions and Damascus is their throne.


Costantino Ceoldo


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Author`s name Costantino Ceoldo