Is fascist America ready for total war against Russia and China?

The debate to mark the 70th anniversary of victory over fascism and the adoption of the UN Charter has recently taken part in New York. Yet, fascism as the destruction of a certain category of humans for the sake of exceptionalism of another category of humans has become the state ideology of the United States. To make matters worse, the UN does not fulfill its functions of a peacemaker.

"Before our eyes, we can see numerous examples of violations of fundamental principles of the UN Charter, - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a recent meeting in New York. - It goes about such principles as independent and sovereign equality of states. Non-interference in internal affairs, peaceful settlement of disputes. Suffice it to recall the bombings of Serbia, the occupation of Iraq and gross manipulations with the Security Council mandate that turned to chaos in Libya. All this is the result of attempts to ensure dominance in world affairs, the wish to govern all and everywhere, use military force unilaterally to promote one's own interests," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. 

Fascism reborn in USA

Unfortunately, 70 years after the defeat of fascism in World War II, one can say that fascism was reborn in the United States. A clear sign of it is when US leaders speak about their exceptionalism and enslavement of other nations.

Another feature is about the discrimination of society on racial, national or religious grounds. This, too, is a part of American life. Suffice it to recall the recent events in Ferguson or the activities of neo-Nazi organizations, such as the Aryan Nation, White American Knights and National Socialist Movement. They can work in the USA legally. 

American fascism ensures its global reign through the dollar globalization of economy, military presence in 144 countries, the military budget worth half a trillion dollars, a huge administrative resource and the participation in multiple military conflicts globally.

The primary goal of this regime is to preserve the petrodollar as the only currency in the energy market. For this purpose, one should control not only manufacturing countries, but also the countries, through which gas and oil pipelines run. Therefore, the United States was keeping an eye on disloyal regimes in Iraq, Syria, Ukraine.

The above-mentioned speech from Sergei Lavrov is indicative. For the first time, a Russian official voiced  accusations against the American quasi fascism. It is no coincidence that many American experts say that the US is preparing for war with two enemies at once - Russia and China. The situation started to get worse after neoconservatives and "hawks" came to power in the US. Republicans who do not conceal their goal to bring Russia back to where it was under Boris Yeltsin.

USA spends billions to suppress dissent

Therefore, a new world war, even a nuclear war, is objectively possible. Barack Obama is not a dove of peace at all. The American president said at West Point that US foreign policy would be based on deterring Russia's "aggression" and China's "expansion." Immediately after Obama's statement, Defense Secretary  Chuck Hagel, while visiting Singapore, accused China of destabilizing the situation in the South China Sea. 

The United States spends billions of dollars for the suppression of dissent around the world. The Americans finance NGOs that orchestrate color revolutions, sponsor opposition movements and the fifth column. To preserve the financial domination, they use the dollar peg for national currencies through loyal central banks. Should the latter disobey, the US resorts to a mechanism of sanctions.

The Americans use a powerful propaganda machine for intimidation. This machine can to turn allies in evil tyrants without reason or evidence in weeks. And then the real aggressor (try to recall how many times the US invaded other countries without a UN mandate) begins to blame its victims of aggression.

"Russia Invades Ukraine" - this is a typical headline for American media outlets. Again, there is nothing new here. Nazi Germany and its propagandists used the same technique in the past.

As for China, most American media outlets describe the country as a "communist" regime. A common American citizen, who was raised on hatred of the Soviets, needs no other explanation. 

Would a common American citizen be ready for the total war at their doorstep? Do American people understand that in the era of globalization, they can not hide on the island of exceptionalism that has not seen war on its territory since the Civil War?

Let's try to look into methods and consequences. 

China and Russia at war with the US dollar

First of all, China and Russia will attack the US dollar. How? They already take efforts to get rid of US treasury bills, which China has saved in large quantities, being the largest creditor of the United States. When Washington started printing dollars and set record low interest rates on treasuries, China realized that keeping them for a long period of time was unprofitable.

A publication at the International Business Times shocked the United States by saying that China was acting in concert with Russia. This is a union to "attack" the United States to destroy the ultimate source for global reign in the last 40 years - the petrodollar," the paper wrote.

Having the weakened US army and the bloated public debt, China has an excellent opportunity to bankrupt the USA. "If you think that this will not affect you, you are wrong," Richard Clark, an expert in the field of security and counter-terrorism wrote. According to him, the fall of the petrodollar will devastate all those who live, work and invest in America.

Secondly, Russia and China will continue buying gold, as they do now. The Russian Central Bank actively buys physical gold. Russia has left China behind in terms of  gold purchases in October and November of 2014. The goal of this activity is to ensure a new world currency with gold. This is not a question of weeks or months - this is a question of years, but it can be solved. 

Thirdly, Russia and China will build alliances that will use BRICS currency funds, provide diplomatic and military support to the countries in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. In a nutshell, Russia and China will go hand in hand in the areas, where the United States pursues its national interests. China can act single-handedly too, by giving billions of dollars from its Export-Import Bank as large investment projects everywhere from Russia to Latin America, thus buys world's loyalty. 

Fourthly, Russia and China will move away from the dollar as an exchange currency. For example, Iran has signed several major agreements to waive the US dollar in oil deals with China, Russia and India. Latin America is switching to such settlement with Russia and China. If Saudi Arabia decide it must also abandon the dollar in favor of its largest consumer - China - then nothing will be able to save America. Why not - the Saudis are already at shale war with the United States.

China and Russia on the way to crush the US petrodollar

Economic wars will aggravate the situation inside the United States. The dollar will be good as candy wrapper. Dollar bubbles will burst in the public sector, such as health care. The crisis of 2008 will seem a childish game.

Economist Martin Armstrong predicts the growth of discontent against economic inequality that is likely to cause serious political uprising in 2015-2016. Ron Holland wrote an article for Market Oracle recommending the Americans should withdraw the dollar from their savings and invest it in real estate, gold and other assets, better outside the United States.

"Americans should take advantage of recent dollar strength to diversify into gold, investments, real estate and safe haven locations outside the US dollar and the United States. Better to be early than too late because eventually the consequences of aggressive military actions, central banking manipulation and uncontrolled government debt and unfunded liabilities will come home to the American people. Neither the guilt of our political and banking leadership nor the innocence of our citizenry will protect you, your assets or your family," Ron Holland wrote. 

The total war of Russia and China against the United States has already begun in the field of economy, in Ukraine and Syria, as well as in the information field. No one can say what form it will take in a year, but Obama's emergency decrees will not protect the population from what his administration implants in other countries: insolvency, bankruptcy, hunger, and perhaps even death.

Lyuba Lulko


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov