Putin: Those bombing Serbia must pay it for the damage

”If the international community had had courage to prevent bombing Belgrade, “we would not have faced the complicated problems in Iraq”, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the meeting with Serbian Prime Minister Voislav Kostunica in Russian city Sochi.
Vladimir Putin said that those bombing Serbia must compensate the damage it had because of the bombing and military operations.

”They don’t want to restore the objects they destroyed”, said Russian President. “The bridges are still scattered about the Danube river, all European companies have losses because of this”.

President Putin said for what reason Russian troops had been withdrawn from Kosovo. He said that their presence in the region “made no difference”.

”We withdrew our troops from Kosovo not because we don’t care what is going on in the area, but there is no sense of having soldiers who cannot influence anything”, said Vladimir Putin. “If we had continued to have our troops in Kosovo, this would have been a good excuse for those conducting the wrong policy in the region”.

President Putin approved the plan of Serbian government for settling the Kosovo problem, but said that the plan must be introduced to international community and the residents of Kosovo before being implemented.

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Author`s name Evgeniya Petrova