Notes on my struggle with fascism

By John Fleming

In totalitarian America, nonstandard freedom of speech is frowned on, and the police snuff it out. The authorities require any demonstrators to get a permit, thereby allowing them to eliminate the Constitutional right to redress of grievances based on a pretext. The Constitutional right to protest is all or nothing; so soon as you allow the Fascists to demand a permit, the right vanishes. They come up with a pretext to ban what they find distasteful. As usual, the Constitution that is so precious states absolutely nothing about a permit. He who would understand class society must study the pretext.

American society punishes differences, and if the police discover that you are emotionally different, they will punish you based on pretexts. American Fascism is one of the least tolerant societies the world has ever seen. It demands conformity. Thus, so few Americans speak a foreign language. The police annihilate the unenforced Bill of Rights. How naïve it is to assume that freedom of speech and of the press somehow enforce themselves! The police TASER, shoot, club, gas, assault, beat and illegally arrest the people they are supposed "to serve and protect." They have woefully excessive authority, which they viciously abuse. The police enjoy de facto immunity from prosecution and are not held morally accountable for their behavior. There are written and unwritten laws; the former are not the important ones. Instead, written laws bear but a faint resemblance to the unwritten laws, which are the reality that guide behavior. The unwritten law indicates that the police are never arrested or prosecuted for their crimes. The police, in other words, are free to do whatever they want and commit with impunity whatsoever crime they wish. All history shows that you have the devil to pay when society ceases to hold a group morally responsible for its behavior.

The justice system is corrupt. The police do not arrest their fellow police. Internal affairs is a whitewash intended to obviate actual punitive action by the people. The men at internal affairs never met a complaint they could not obliterate with the most outrageous casuistry, sophistry and pretexts. Prosecutors do not prosecute their fellow prosecutors, and judges do not judge their fellow judges. Prosecutors become judges and judges become prosecutors. Prosecutors know the judges, who are on friendly terms with the prosecutors. Judges and prosecutors have offices next to each other. And all the Fascist police, prosecutors and judges have the same employer! Having one and the same employer is a totalitarian annihilation of the pre-guilty defendants such as the world has never seen. Additionally, for some strange reason, the prosecutors office is entrusted with turning over to the defense certain key documents needed to defend oneself, but the prosecutor has a vested interest in delaying or withholding delivery of the documents, and to do so he will invent 1001 pretexts. It is outrageous, criminal, corrupt, nasty and barbaric, but you are powerless under Fascism to claim your rights.

Since 2010 the St. Louis County Police have been terrorizing, harassing, torturing, stalking, beating and illegally arresting me. They arrested me 12 or 15 times and leveled five charges against me, one a felony wherein I tried to citizen arrest a man who rammed his van into my car. The judge, the corrupt Celeste Endicott, ruled some 20 times in favor of the prosecution but not once in my favor. Endicott is factually deficient in knowledge of the law, twisting and distorting everything to the prosecutor's advantage, and continually maintains that my cases must go to trial. "Don't worry, if you're innocent you'll be acquitted." Why do not we just put the entire state of Missouri on trial-someone could have cheated on their taxes or rolled through a stop sign!? However, that bimbo reasoning does not account for why an innocent man should have to go through a trial in the first place, and why Endicott refuses to dismiss a single case, saying that THAT would be criminal! In reality, there are numerous reasons for dismissing a case before trial that have nothing to do with evidence, such as misbehavior by the police, destruction and ignoral of exculpatory evidence and the lack of prima facie evidence to support prosecution. Endicott is a Fascist whore with logic outHeroding bizarre. Also, she rushes through my case, refusing to give me adequate time to develop my argument, saying that the court is full of people whose cases need to be disposed of. But is that my fault? Justice should not be rushed. Given the bigotry and lack of reasoning and logical ability of Americans, I dread to go to trial. The people of Fascism were never considered very bright. Horror stories abound of innocent men being railroaded by authorities and a dingbat jury. And nobody cares! If you get a 20 year sentence ruining your life, believe me, no one is going to help you, however outrageous the circumstances. American prosecutors send innocent men to ten or 20 year prison terms as though they were ordering lunch.

In particular, a prick policeman named John F. Reddick is letting me have it. He illegally arrested me six times, he assaulted me along with two other police henchmen while I was handcuffed in my own basement, and Reddick the inflamed penis (red=inflamed and dick=penis) deprived me of five days of freedom by kidnapping me and locking me in a hospital based on the pretext that I needed to be diagnosed. The inflamed Penis also lies like a politician; he is one of the most fabulous liars the world has ever seen.

Reddick is an NSA terrorist. Reddick picks up an extra paycheck from the NSA for murdering, stealing from, terrorizing, harassing assaulting and home-invading innocent targeted Americans. Riddick is known in the trade as a HUMINT, or human intelligence, which in reality merely means that the imbecilic asset is a person and not a computer or weapon. Certainly, I do not need to strenuously argue to show that Reddick, with his Oxford man police academy education, has no intelligence, regarding an intellect as unnecessary. Thus, HUMINT is a misnomer, yet it is what 50,000 domestic terrorists are known as in the U.S. All the NSA vermin should be imprisoned or executed, but the corporate-censored media is turning a blind eye to the issue.

In 2010 a 700 pound thug named Dorsey Pitman assaulted me out of road rage. Pitman ground his truck to a stop, ran at me and then proceeded to throw at me one brutal punch after another, hundreds of them. He then told the responding policeman, none other than the Inflamed Penis, that he did not throw one punch at me! Such lies come in favor in Fascism. Since Pitman was a former cop known by Reddick, the Inflamed Penis stretched the net of the Blue Code of Silence, the conspiratorial shutting-up code of the police, to fill his police report with one lie after another. Reddick then had the effrontery to take his police report full of lies to the prosecutors in Clayton to demand I be prosecuted for a crime. A corrupt police whore named Joyce Kelly rubberstamped Reddick's request without even making a single phone call. Kelley and the other St. Louis County prosecutors send men to prison with no thought.

Reddick claimed in his police report that he could find no witnesses to Pitman's assault on me. In reality, Reddick dismissed all the witnesses without writing down a single name, address or phone number. This might be compared to a fire engine pulling up, igniting a raging blaze and then driving off. A policeman is supposed to gather evidence, not eliminate it. The day I was assaulted was a beautiful Saturday and there were three garage sales being held on the street. There must have been 25 witnesses to the fight that ensued after Pitman charged me and punched me. But the Inflamed Penis claimed-and got away with obstruction of justice, perjury, disorderly conduct and witness tampering-that there was not a single witness!

The brutal madman Pitman deliberately smashed my eye glasses again and again with his boots. Clearly that is destruction of property, and the 700 pound tub'a'lard should have been prosecuted, but Reddick never saw the smashed glasses because he refused to interview me and get my side of the story, although he lied and said he did talk to me. Replacement of the glasses cost me $152, but with Fascism on his side Pitman will probably never have to make restitution.

The fat prick Pitman also brought a weapon with him-a metal chain. He was slapping it against my body during his enraged explosion. But Reddick never looked for a chain on the person of Pitman since he never let me tell him about it. Reddick once again committed the crime of ignoring exculpatory evidence.

While being processed like cattle in jail I was twice asked if I had suicidal thoughts; both times I said no, yet someone maliciously put me down as suicidal. If you are "suicidal" you are deprived of social company (ostracism), stuck in solitary confinement, denied a healthy diet and exercise and sunlight and bathing facility-in other words, you are exposed to the very conditions that encourage suicide in the first place! A doctor at the jail promised me he would reverse the error and take me out of solitary, but he never did. Prisoner requests move at glacial speeds, whereas commands from the Fascist bullies to keep order are executed at lightning speed. Zimbardo has shown how sadistic guards can be. In practice guards and nurses do everything to get through their shift with as little exertion and trouble as possible. They thus brutalize the prisoners over whom they have absolute control, and the guards have no compassion.

A sadistic nurse was intent on me signing a form; I refused, since it could be used as "evidence" against me. The nasty whore resorted to physical torture. She deliberately withheld from me analgesic medication and vitamins, and would not let me have the balm unless I signed. A seeming concern that you not commit suicide is not evidence of jailer solicitude for the prisoners. In fact, it is used to facilitate control of the prisoners. I asked a guard, a black man, about the Constitutional rights prisoners were entitled to. "None of that don't make no difference in here," he replied. Indeed the Bill of Rights is not worth the paper it is printed on. If it is human rights abuses alleged in American propaganda that you want, forget about Russia and China and head straight for the county jail.

The goal of humanity remains the classless society.

John Fleming

John Fleming is author of the book Word Power, available through

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