Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf is on the loose again!

By Hans Vogel

According to US National Security Agency (NSA), "Islamic terrorists" under orders from the Islamic State are about to carry out a series of attacks in Europe. At least this is what the NSA reportedly told the German newspaper BILD. With almost 40,000 personnel, the NSA, is responsible for the "global monitoring, collection, decoding, translation and analysis of information and data for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence purposes," Incidentally, the NSA is only one of 16 US intelligence services, together employing perhaps some 200,000 spies.

Could you name one reason for believing anything that a spy agency says? Why haven't NSA spies nor those of any other US spy service been able to prevent the recent attack on Charlie Hebdo? These folks and their colleagues in all NATO countries have been monitoring all telephone conversations in North America, Europe and the Near East, haven't they? They are reading all our emails, and are monitoring all facebook pages, all twitter accounts, and all linkedin pages, aren't they? They have taken away our privacy, haven't they? Their data bases contain our finger prints, facial scans and the iris scans of many of us, don't they? NATO's spy services are receiving billions upon billions of euros and dollars each and every year, are they not? And yet they cannot even prevent an attack! They even claim they did not see it coming! 

Do you know why?

Because the perpetrators of the attack on Charlie Hebdo were hired by those very same spy services. The "Islamic State" is being supported, co-funded and armed by the US, its NATO vassals and Israel. The Islamic State may be a Big Bad Wolf, but it is an artificial Big Bad Wolf. Like one of those from the Disney Studios, but a bit more dangerous. A real Bad Wolf. But it is our Bad Wolf. It is a Bad Wolf that has been created especially to make us afraid. Because, the more we are afraid, the easier it is for the terrorists that govern us, to control us and meanwhile to stuff their pockets.

The recent Paris attack is not the only act of terror that the "Western" spy agencies purportedly protecting us with their hundreds of thousands of overpaid impostors have not warned us against. Nor could they have done so, since many of the most widely reported acts of terror have been organized, staged or perpetrated by these very same spy agencies:

-      The bomb attack on a bank at Piazza Fontana, Milan, Italy in 1969 (12 December): 17 dead. By the Italian intelligence service in cooperation with the CIA.

-      The kidnapping and murder of Italian politician Aldo Moro in 1978 (16 March-9 May), by the Red Brigades, acting upon orders from Italian intelligence and the CIA.

-      The bomb attack on Bologna Central Station in 1980 (2 August), 85 dead. By the Red Brigades acting upon orders from Italian intelligence and the CIA.

-      The bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in 1988 (21 December), 243 killed. Blamed on the Libyan government, it was in fact done by the CIA. Used as a pretext for stricter passenger controls.

-      The series of attacks on supermarkets in and near Brussels by the "Brabant Killers" in 1985, 16 dead. By Belgian members of NATO's Gladio "stay behind network", directed by the CIA

-      The bomb attack in Oklahoma City in 1995 (19 April) by Timothy McVeigh, who was being manipulated by the FBI, 168 dead.

-      The "attack" on New York's Twin Towers in 2001 ("9/11"). Allegedly by Osama Bin Laden who would have directed the operation from his cave in Afghanistan. He did not do it, but who did is a matter of debate: was it a faction within the US government led by VP Dick Cheney, was it Mossad, or were they acting in collusion?

-      Failed "attack" by the "shoe bomber" Richard Colvin Reid, 2001 (22 December). Allegedly a "member" of "Al-Qaeda", Reid is supposed to have tried to bring down an airplane with a bomb hidden in his shoes. The event was used to impose rigid security checks on passengers checking in on airports all over the world.

-      The attack on Madrid's Atocha Railway Station in 2004 (11 March), 191 dead. Allegedly by ETA and or muslims. In reality by Spanish intelligence together with US intelligence.

-      The London Underground and bus attacks of 2005 ("7/7"). Blamed on Muslim extremists, but perpetrated by British intelligence.

-      "Transatlantic Aircraft Plot" of 2006 (summer). British police claimed to have uncovered a wide ranging conspiracy to bring down airliners by having the conspirators put together bombs on board inside the planes' toilets during the flight, with the aid of improvised laboratory sets and with smuggled liquids. This non-event was used as a pretext for imposing draconian security on airline passengers all over the world.

-      Failed "attack" by the "underwear bomber", 2009 (25 December). Allegedly, young Nigerian engineer Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to bring down Northwestern Airlines flight 253 (289 people on board) with a "weapon of mass destruction" hidden in his underpants. Before boarding the flight at Amsterdam, he was guided past security controls by US embassy personnel. The event was used as a pretext for stricter controls on passengers.

-      The attacks by Anders Breivik in Norway in 2011 (22 July), 77 dead. Strong indications that it was mounted by Mossad to punish the Norwegian social democrats for having voted to recognize the Palestinian state. Most of those killed were youth members of the Social Democratic Party.

-      The Sandy Hook massacre in the US in 2012: allegedly deranged Adam Lanza shoots 20 people in a school (14 December). It soon turned out it was a staged event. Pure theatre, with third rate actors, paid and directed by US intelligence.

-      Mohammed Merah goes on a rampage in Toulouse in 2013 (March). Merah was working for French intelligence.

-      The attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013 (15 April), three dead. Mediocre quality street theatre with a high degree of reality because there were real dead. Staged by US intelligence.

-      British soldier Lee Rigby is butchered near his barracks in London by a "fanatical muslim" in 2013. (22 May). Staged event.

-      Crash of flight MH17 over the Eastern Ukraine by a Ukrainian missile. Staged by the US so as to bring about an armed conflict with Russia.

None of these events has been predicted or prevented by the double crossing spies who claim to protect us. None, except the 2006 Transatlantic Airline Plot. This hoaxed, trumped up pseudo-event was "discovered" by normal British police.

The louder public and government officials lament an event, the more frequently they appear on tv as a result of it, the more time tv channels devote to such events, the surer you can be these are staged or managed events. Pure hoaxes, though with real victims, these ought actually to be considered a modern version of ancient Roman gladiator games. These are thrilling events and the public gets all excited. 

Quite significantly, each of the events cited above is almost immediately followed by an official narrative of how and why it happened, often with details about the perpetrators. This narrative may subsequently be amended and refined, without being altered fundamentally. Nevertheless, it will be ever more inconsistent and eventually untenable, because of mounting evidence supporting entirely contrary narratives. Invariably, the official narratives are official conspiracy theories that serve to silence any critics with the argument that they would be "conspiracy theorists." 

Invariably, events like those mentioned above are used as pretexts to push through special rules, regulations and legislation prepared long in advance, but always limiting civil liberties.

A Big Bad Wolf may be on the loose, but meanwhile, the true Bad Wolves are to be found in US, NATO and Israeli intelligence services, in cabinet rooms, government ministries in Washington DC, Brussels, Paris, London, the various other NATO capitals as well as Jerusalem. The real Bad Wolves have familiar names: Obomba, Juncker, Barroso, Bush, Blair, Hollande, Merkel, Netanyahu, well you can complete the list....

Hans Vogel

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov