Russia must revive Soviet Union to beat the West

What is the main problem of the Russian authorities? How should Russia resist to the ongoing pressure from the West? What future can Russia expect? Pravda.Ru editor-in-chief Inna Novikova asked these and other questions to deputy of the State Duma, coordinator of the National Liberation Movement, Yevgeny Fyodorov.

"Our country was betrayed in 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when many people succeeded in their career growth even if they did no live in the Russian Federation. Look at Maria Gaidar - she is not even a citizen of Ukraine, but she was offered the post of deputy mayor of Odessa. Could the Ukrainian authorities do that without the approval from the United States? Look at Mikhail Saakashvili: he is working where the Americans want him to.

"The US Secretary of Defense said a couple of weeks ago that the sanctions against Russia would not be lifted until the Russian administration changed and the Russian Federation was liquidated."

"They can say anything they want."

"Of course, they can, but the question is to which extent they are progressing in implementing their plans. Undoubtedly, the sanctions have made the lives of many Russians worse. Russia has done nothing to resist the "long-playing" American plan. Instead, the Russian authorities cut jobs, salaries and pensions. The enemy is near, but Russian officials do not see it. I believe that Russia must negotiate everything with the Americans, but we should do it from the position of force and independence.

"Twenty-five years ago, Russia accounted for 22 percent of global income. Today, we account for only two percent. Naturally, the country has fewer opportunities in solving its problems. In terms of defense, Russia announces new defense projects and passes new arms into service. But 25 years ago, we also had new and modern weapons. Today, we are talking about rail-based missile systems, but such systems existed during the times of the Soviet Union! Is it the time to take a sober look at reality and do something to change our state-run policy?"

"Recent events in Mukachevo have rocked Ukraine. Do you think that the Ukrainians will make their conclusions from what happened, or will they believe Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko, who say that the progressive Right Sector movement is fighting for honor and order?"

"In Mukachevo, they greeted the Nazi army with flowers in 1941. In 1944, there was a very strong guerrilla movement there, and local citizens were killing fascists, whom they had previously welcomed. The Americans do not show any interest in solving Ukraine's problems. The US has virtually seized Ukraine and put its puppets in the government there. When the Ukrainians see that their living standard has declined considerably, they will rebel against their pro-American leaders. The Americans should read textbooks on history, but they are too much preoccupied with saving their empire from decline. The people have forgotten a US official showing a test tube with some powder in it at a meeting in the United Nations Organization. Because of that test tube, a million of Iraqis had been killed. A million people!

"The Russian administration officially said that the USA would continue putting pressure on Russia for 10-15 years. Is it time for the Russian leaders to acknowledge that the West is attacking Russia? Isn't it time to become strong and independent? When Russia starts talking with the United States on equal terms, the problem of sanctions will disappear by itself!"

"The story of the international tribunal for the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine - is it also a part of the US pressure on Russia?"

"Do you think it is not? The people who started this do not even try to conceal that Russia should be tried for that disaster. If we change our policy and become independent, there will be no tribunal, but it will take place, if Russia remains the way it is now.

"We are changing, and one can see that already in Russia's stance on Ukraine. However, the West continues its offensive. The Americans also consider an opportunity to build an army base in Odessa. I believe that the borders of the Soviet Union will be restored - this is our historical reflex to external intrusion.

"Take China's example, for instance. China has never recognized Hong Kong a British territory, and Hong Kong returned to China. Why do you think it happened? Because China can wait, and it was waiting for 100 years. Our grandfathers would never even think about changing Russia's boundaries - this is why Russia is so large. Why did we change this policy? Why did we give away Ukraine, Kiev and other cities, where our forefathers were dying defending that land? Shall we give some more territories away now? It'd be easier to liquidate the Russian Federation as a state at once.

"All of the talk about the threat of a nuclear war is a bluff that has only one purpose: the West wants to remove Putin's nationally-oriented forces from power. They would have wiped Russia off the face of Earth a long time ago, if they had had such an opportunity. They are unable to do it, so one may simply pay no attention to what they say. Western officials are aware of that, and they will retreat, if Russia announces restoration of sovereignty and denounces the act of surrender from 1991. Russia can get rid of the unlawful acts that it was forced to sign - this is what Bismarck used to say. What does Japan want from Russia? They want four islands in return for a piece of paper. They will succeed, if Russia does not step on the path of truth."

Interview conducted by Inna Novikova

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov