USA harbors plans to decapitate Russia within minutes

The West has declared a cold war on Russia. The ultimate goal of the United States of America is to destroy Russia. The Americans already consider plans about the neutralization of the nuclear potential of Russia. Plan A is to strike a blow that would behead Russia. Plan B is to destroy the launcher. President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Konstantin Sivkov, shared his views about the developing standoff between Russia and the West in an interview with Pravda.Ru. 

"American politicians have committed a variety of crimes. Will anyone be held accountable for those crimes? What about the international law, the UN and other organizations? Are they doing anything?"

"Indeed, one can enumerate their crimes for long. In Iraq, about 1 million 200 thousand people have been killed. The American elite will answer for all that when Nuremberg-2 trial takes place. Hitler's elite answered for all atrocities and crimes only after Hitler's war machine was destroyed and the Nuremberg trial was held.

"The American elite will not be held accountable for anything until their military machine is destroyed. Needless to say that external forces can not contribute to the defeat of the American elite. Ferguson showed only a little bit of tension. In fact, the American society is very conflicted from the inside. There are extensive layers of conflict. Layers of conflict are very extensive. There are ethnic, cultural, property, territorial differences and even ideological signs. In the United States, there are many internal contradictions.

"Today, these contradictions get lost in overconsumption, but the time of overconsumption comes to an end. There are already people in America, who line up and fight for free food coupons. The American society will decay some day, and that will be the day, when the question of responsibility of the American elite is going to arise."

"In addition to carrots of consumption, they use sticks in America at a much greater extent. The penal system in the United States is very strong."

"This is true. Hitler's state machine was the same. Nevertheless, there were people in Nazi Germany, who were fighting against all that. They try to give an acceptable level to the majority of population. Yet, they do not have enough brains to ensure decent maintenance to veterans of their own armed forces. In the United States of America, scandals related to retired military men, who do not receive social benefits, are frequent.

American society will decay some day

"Suffice it to recall the recent scandal about the soldier, who, allegedly shot Osama Bin Laden. Well, that's not even the point. Pay attention to the last speech from the Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Gerasimov. His speech was nothing but a de facto recognition of the fact that the West had declared cold war on Russia. I want to remind you that in 1949, it was not the USSR, but the West that started the cold war. It was not the Soviet Union, but the West that was building the Iron Curtain. The United States created NATO in 1949, and the Warsaw Pact saw the light only in 1955, six years later. We had to take some measures in response. Today, the story is the same."

"There are many reports saying that the United States has been seriously preparing for war against Russia, that they plan to use thousands of cruise missiles."

"This is an absolutely realizable thing. Against Yugoslavia and Iraq, the United States used more than a thousand missiles. Yet, one has to deploy all these missiles somewhere first. It is impossible to launch them all at once - such an attack will have to be conducted for quite a long time. Therefore, if they launch a missile at Russia, Russia will respond with a retaliatory nuclear strike. Therefore, thousands of missiles can be good only if they succeed in neutralizing Russia's nuclear potential.

"It can be possible to neutralize Russia's nuclear potential in two ways. The first one is an attack that would behead Russia. The idea is to destroy command centers, from which orders are made. The second way is to destroy the launcher that launches missiles. They can use both ways too. Note that during the recent years, the Americans have been criticizing Russia for its alleged violations of the treaty on medium-range missiles. By signing this treaty, we, in fact, made all of Europe unreachable for our medium-range missiles. Now, Russia can strike nuclear blows on Europe only with the help of air forces. Yet, there are powerful air defense systems in Europe that are difficult to overcome.

"We went for it, because the Americans developed Pershing-II missiles. A distinctive feature of this missile is a flat trajectory of flight and a very high precision contact - about five-ten meters. Such a ballistic missile overcomes the distance of 2.5-3 thousand kilometers within 5-8 minutes. Thus, the Americans created conditions for a beheading strike. They obtained an opportunity to strike Moscow and other Russian cities from the territory of Turkey and many other places.

Americans take efforts to destroy Russia in mere minutes

"In order to protect our country from this decapitating strike, we took up the treaty on intermediate-range missiles. Today, the Americans scream and shout that we allegedly violate the treaty. All this, of course, is being done to find a reason to pull out from the treaty and launch the deployment of such missiles. In addition, the Americans have the so-called breakout potential. After the START-1 Treaty that Gorbachev concluded, nuclear weapons were cut from about ten to nearly four thousand warheads for each side. Russia destroyed 6,000 warheads. Moreover, the weapons-grade uranium and plutonium obtained from the disassembly of those warheads was handed over to the United States for a symbolic amount."

"You mean it was sold for a penny?"

"Sold for a penny, yes. Today, the Americans use it for their nuclear power plants. They also supply it to Ukraine. The Americans have not dismantled their 6,000 nuclear warheads - they still store them there in America. Those warheads, at any time, can be mounted on the second stages of Minutemen missiles that have not been dismantled either. The Americans dismantled only the third stage of those missiles. With its second stage, a Minuteman can fly for about 5,000 kilometers. They can deplay such missiles in Europe. So today, Russia has found itself in a very difficult situation.

"The Soviet Union had a clear ideology when it entered the Cold War. The Soviet ideology was recognized globally. The USSR also had the consolidated classless society. The USSR was led by unconditional patriots, who won the war. The Soviet Union had the economy the potential of which was equal to 30-50 percent of the US economy. The USSR had a well-developed industry that did not depend on the West. The Soviet industry could develop independently.

"In the USSR, there were full-fledged scientific schools that were as advanced as American scientific schools. Most importantly, the USSR had a great strategic backyard in the form of socialist countries, where Soviet troops were stationed. That was how the Soviet Union entered the Cold War. Today's situation, if compared to the beginning of the previous Cold War, is like heaven and earth.

"Today, we are in a situation, when, unfortunately, theory begins to turn into practice. Today's Russia does not have anything of that. The economic potential of today's Russia makes only ten percent of the American economic potential. To crown it all, we are tied to the West thanks to the destruction of our fundamental and applied science."

"Do you think that the situation is that catastrophic?"

"We are entering the war being in a catastrophic situation. Extraordinary measures should be taken. If these measures are not taken, our country will be defeated very quickly. The only thing that holds back the West today is our nuclear capability. Nevertheless, this nuclear potential can be neutralized. A modern war against Russia will be carried out the way it had been done in Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq ..." 

Interviewed by Inna Novikova


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov