Last Will and Testament of Ho Chi Minh

In the year that marks the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Vietnamese people, let us read the last will and testament of Ho Chi Minh. The great revolutionary leader died before victory was fully achieved. But history confirmed his unwavering confidence that it would come. Today, when the imperialist offensive advances in all continents, he heroic lesson of the Vietnamese people is more topical than ever. Even a small country joined and endowed with a firm revolutionary leadership, can not only face the greatest imperialist power but can also defeat it.

May 10, 1969 Democratic Republic of Vietnam

Independence - Freedom - Happiness. Although the struggle of our people against US aggression for national salvation must go through more hardships and sacrifices, we are determined to achieve total victory. That's right.

I intend to, as soon as this is settled, travel as far north as south to congratulate our heroic peasants, military cadres and fighters, as well as visit the elders and our beloved children and young people. On behalf of our people, the will of the fraternal countries of the socialist camp and the friendly countries around the world to thank your heartfelt support and the help they gave the patriotic struggle of our people against US aggression.

Tu Fu, the famous poet of the Tang period in China wrote:

"In every age, there are few that reach seventy years of age".

This year, taking into account that I am seventy-nine, I can consider myself among those "few". Still, I retain a perfectly lucid mind, though my health has been weakened somewhat compared to recent years. When someone experiences more than seventy Springs, health deteriorates with age. That can be considered wonderful.

But who can say how much longer I will be able to serve the revolution, the country and the people?

Anticipating his death

So let these lines anticipate the day when I will meet with Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin and other revolutionary leaders. Thus, our people throughout the country, our comrades in the Party and our friends in the world will not be taken by surprise.

First, I will talk about the party: thanks to its close unity and total dedication to the working class, the people and the country, our Party has been able, since its founding, to unite, organize and lead our people from success to success , a firm struggle.

Unity is an extremely precious tradition of our Party and the people. All comrades, from the Central Committee to the cells, must preserve the unity and the unity of thought in the Party as the apple of his eye.

Inside the party, establish a broad democracy and practise self-criticism regularly and seriously, this is the best way to consolidate and develop solidarity and unity. Affection and camaraderie shall prevail.

Rules for Party members

Our party is a party in power. Each Party member, each member of staff must be deeply inspired by the revolutionary morale and demonstrate commitment, thrift, integrity, uprightness, total dedication to the public interest and complete selflessness. Our Party should preserve absolute purity and prove itself worthy of its driver role as legal servant of the people.

Members of the Young Workers' Union and our youth in general are good, they are always prepared to offer without fearing the difficulties, eager for progress. Our Party must foster their revolutionary virtues and prepare them to be our successors, both "red" and "experienced" in building socialism.

The preparation and education of future generations of revolutionaries are of great importance and need.

Our workers in the plains and in the mountains, endured for generations hardship, oppression and feudal and colonial exploitation. In addition, they experienced many years of war. But our people also showed great heroism, valor, enthusiasm and work. They always followed the party with unconditional loyalty since it came to light.

The Party must carry out effective plans for economic and cultural development to constantly improve the lives of our people.

Determination and resolve

The war of resistance against US aggression can last. Our people can face new human and material sacrifices. No matter what passes, we must maintain our resolve to fight the Yankee attackers until we achieve total victory.

Our mountains will always be, our rivers will always exist, our people will always exist. With the defeat of the American invaders we rebuild our land to make it ten times more beautiful.


Regardless of the difficulties and setbacks that appear, our people are confident that  we will get the overall victory. The imperialist US will certainly have to give up. Our homeland will surely be unified. Our compatriots in the South and North will certainly be brought together under the same sky. We who are a small nation, we obtain the most honorable medal for having defeated through a heroic struggle, two big imperialisms: the French and the US, as well as to have made a valuable contribution to the world national liberation movement.

About the world communist movement, the fact that it was a man who dedicated his whole life to the revolution still makes me feel more proud of the growth of international communism and labor movements, and it even gives me the sense of divergence that exists today between the brother Parties.

I hope our party makes every effort to contribute to the restoration of unity among brother Parties that are based on Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism reasoning and feeling.

I trust fully that the brother Parties and countries will unite again.

With regard to personal affairs, for all my life I have been serving my country, the revolution and the people with all my strength and all my heart. Now I leave this world, I have nothing to regret, except that I was not able to serve more and better.

When you have gone, not to waste time and money of the people, you should avoid a costly funeral.

Finally, to all the people, the whole Party, the entire army, to my nephews and nieces, young people and children I leave my boundless love.

Also I convey my cordial greetings to our comrades and friends, youth and children around the world.

My greatest desire is that our Party and our people, closely joining their efforts to build a peaceful Vietnam, reunified, independent, democratic, prosperous and which gives a valuable contribution to the world revolution.

Hanoi, May 10, 1969.

Ho Chi Minh City.


Translated from the Portuguese version

By Ekaterina Santos





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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey