Can another world war be avoided?


By Hans Vogel 

Is there anything ordinary civilians can do to avoid war? What power or influence does the average citizen of a modern "Western democracy" really have?

At a time when US President Obama, (you know, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize), is doing everything he can to bring about a war with Russia, can he still be stopped? Is there any chance of bringing the Obama regime to reason? Would Obama listen? Would the other intellectually challenged members of his entourage, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, John Kerry, the bosses of the espionage services and the Pentagon, would they listen? Is there any way such people can be reached by ordinary citizens? What about the US client states in Europe that so far have been meekly following the bosses in Washington? What about Hollande the midget, Merkel the closet storm trooper, Cameron the poodle, Renzi the parachutist, not to speak of EU "president" Tusk the lackey? (Especially do not trust Poles in high stake international politics, just look at Wojtyla, Brzezinski and their illustrious forebears such as Colonel Beck and Marshal Smygly Rydz.)

The Obama regime wants war with Russia and has embarked on a course of provocation and intimidation. So far, it is only thanks to the wisdom and restraint of President Putin that there is still peace. Peace everywhere in Europe save for the Ukraine. It is amazing that Russia has allowed the US to install a puppet regime in Kiev. It is amazing that Russia has been able to defuse the US/NATO attempt start a war over the shooting down of MH17 by the Ukrainians themselves. But now that US and NATO mercenaries are fighting rebels in Eastern Ukraine, things are beginning to look differently. Nevertheless, the Russian government is showing impressive restraint. Just recently news got out that the Obama regime is contemplating arming its Ukrainian vassals. If that happens, will the Russian government still remain idle?

Isn't it strange how all of us are just standing there as a group of reckless US criminals, already war criminals to a man as things stand, are driving us all headlong into a new war? Indeed, what can ordinary citizens do? Wait for the next elections to vote for a new government? Write to their MP's and ask them to intervene? Unfortunately today, there is probably not a single MP anywhere who still listens to his constituents. Moreover, we are living in an age where real decisions are not made in parliament, let alone in its corridors and certainly not in cabinet rooms.

Many people in Europe take to the streets

That is why these days in Europe so many people take to the streets. In Greece (since 2008), Spain, Portugal, Italy and elsewhere. Demonstrations have been massive, intense and sometimes violent, but absolutely ineffective. They have as often as not been broken up by brutal police interventions. In many towns all over Germany since last year there have bean regular demonstrations on Mondays. You have PEGIDA protest the pampering of hostile Muslim immigrants, and PEGADA that tries to resist the "Americanization" of Europe. In France angry farmers have been attacking government and tax offices for months now. On the whole, however, demonstrations are futile. The only demonstrations allowed to take place unobstructed (and widely reported in the government-controlled MSM) are those that the government itself tacitly or openly sponsors, such as the "Je suis Charlie" demos in France.

Obviously, governments all over Europe have long been preparing for outbreaks of public discontent, for demonstrations and for what these might lead to: rebellion and revolution. That is why the police have been retrained, militarized and equipped with a range of sophisticated crowd control tools and lethal weapons. That is why the public space is being studded with CCTV cameras. That is why citizens are being subjected to ever stricter controls, that is why they are forced to carry ID cards, just as during the days of the German occupation of World War II. Every citizen is now a suspected enemy of the state.

When neither voting nor demonstrating makes a difference, is there anything you can do to to stop a war? I am afraid there is very little that can be done. Citizens were not able to prevent the US and NATO from killing thousands of civilians in Yugoslavia in the 1990s. They were unable to prevent the US conquest and colonization of Iraq and Afghanistan. They weren't able to prevent the US and NATO from killing 60,000 Libyan civilians in 2011. They weren't able to prevent the installation of a fascist puppet regime in Kiev and the mass killing of civilians in Eastern Ukraine.

Ordinary Europeans can make a difference

However, ordinary European civilians may yet make a difference, by legally and peacefully sabotaging the workings of the plundering machine that is the state and by unnerving the US.

First of all, forget about taking to the streets, since the government has been preparing for it and has concentrated its resources (paid for by you, dear citizen) precisely to deal with such an event. Just stay home, and when you drive your car, PLEASE observe the speed limit. The government has placed speed cameras everywhere, hoping you will drive too fast in order to make you pay extra taxes in the form of speeding tickets. European governments would miss billions of euros in income just if everyone would drive a bit more slowly! (By the way, is it not weird that by obeying the law you can actually hurt your government?)

Second, pay cash wherever and whenever you can, even substantial amounts. Avoid using your bank card, do not use credit cards. The government and the banksters would like to abolish cash. Please, don't cooperate with them.

Third, ditch your newspaper and any magazines you might be subscribed to: they are full of lies anyway. In case you need paper for lining your bird cage or to wrap garbage in, use paper towels instead.

US people are easily offended and lightly hurt. If Europeans begin to treat them differently, they might get the message and who knows, eventually it might deter them, however briefly. Moreover:  who really needs their shoddy goods, ill-fitting clothes and lousy coffee? Therefore, boycott US products and services: no McDonald's, Starbucks, Burger King, KFC, Subway, Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, no Mars bars, no Kraft foods, no ESSO, no Texaco. No Apple, no Ipad, no Iphone. Do not use US-owned internet providers, do not book a flight with airlines that operate Boeing or Douglas aircraft, otherwise make sure you are not flying in one. Avoid US fashion brands such as Nike, GAP, Esprit, Calvin Klein, Abercrombie&Fitch, DKNY, Levi Strauss; do not wear baseball caps, do not use US beauty products, do not watch US films when you have to pay to see them. 

Of course, these are all minor things, but if enough people in Europe would follow this advice, I am sure it would make a difference. If it doesn't, you could still feel you have tried. At least, it would be better for your own conscience.

Hans Vogel 

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov