The farce of Nadia Savchenko

European Parliament member Petras Austrevicius said that he would seek the initiation of "Savchenko list" - a document similar to "Magnitsky List". According to him, he will address supreme representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini for assistance in the endeavor.  

Nadezhda Savchenko is accused of involvement in an attack in June 2014 that killed two Russian state TV journalists, Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin. Savchenko was also accused of handing the location of the journalists to Ukrainian troops that led to their killing. Savchenko denies the charges and claims her innocence. From the very start, the trial of the Ukrainian gunner was politicized and turned, in fact, in yet another lever of pressure from the EU and Ukraine on Russia.

During the time of her arrest in Russia, Savchenko has been on several hunger strikes, although her appearance proves the opposite. This is not really important. The most important aspect of the story is the fact that the international community in the face of a number of European and American politicians is convinced that Savchenko is tortured in Russia, while living on the brink of death. 

Member of the European Parliament Petras Austrevicius, who initiates a new sanctions list, said that Savchenko was subject to torture in prison.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian gunner has never complained of torture. US Secretary of State John Kerry delivered a public speech, in which he said that Savchenko was kept in custody in violation to the Minsk Accord. Kerry did not specify any violations, though. 

Britain's Minister for Europe David Lidington appealed to the Russian authorities saying that he was extremely concerned about reports saying that Ukrainian citizen Nadia (Nadezhda) Savchenko refused from taking food and water protesting against her illegal detention in Russia. It remains unclear why Savchenko's detention in Russia is unlawful.

Against such a background, many Russian bloggers joke that if a prisoner of Guantanamo goes on a hunger strike, Obama, will instantly pardon them. 

In general, we are witnessing yet another political circus and crocodile tears for the "poor woman, who was caught in the brutal bone-breaking mill of the Russian system."

Firstly, Savchenko is suspected of the murder of Russian citizens. Moreover, she stated that she had killed Russians before, although "without malice."

Savchenko and secret CIA prisons

Secondly, given the politicized degree of the trial, it develops in full conformity with the rules of the Russian law. As for health insinuations, it is up to Savchenko to decide to eat or not to eat. The people, whom she killed, do not have any choice at all. 

As for the requirements to release the "political prisoner," may we wonder about the lives of many citizens of Ukraine, who were thrown in jail because they were "agents of the Russian Federal Security Bureau?" In Ukraine, thousands of people fall victims of political persecution. Most of them are abused and tortured. What about them? There is nothing about them, because this is a form of the Ukrainian democracy. Uncle Sam allows Ukraine to torture its citizens "a little." 

In the United States, there is the notorious Guantanamo prison (as well as a number of secret prisons outside the US), where people have been tortured for decades. This is OK too, because they torture "enemies of democracy" there. This will be another reason to expand old and impose new sanctions on Russia. 

Noteworthy, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova gave a few reasons suggesting that John Kerry did not write his own speech about the need for Savchenko's release. 

First, Kerry is very well aware of the fact that there is not even a word about Savchenko in the Minsk Accord. Her case does not fall under any paragraph of the agreement. According to Zakharova, Kerry, as the head of the US State Department, understands that the publication of a call for the release of a defendant the day before trial is an act of direct pressure on the court to show influence on the verdict. In addition, Kerry "should keep in mind the Russian victims of American "injustice" whom Washington is in no hurry to release." To crown it all, such "requirements" sound especially ridiculous against the background of reports about secret CIA prisons that appear every month. 

According to Zakharova, the US State Department showed no interest in investigating the killing of two Russian journalists, in which Savchenko was allegedly involved. Finally, the Russian official concluded, the USA is too far ahead of many countries of the world in terms of kidnappings of foreign citizens.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov