Western experts: Russia wants to destroy our empire of goodness

Bloomberg publication has recently published several geopolitical forecasts for the near future. The forecasts include unfavorable scenarios for the United States. In some of them, Russia takes the leading geopolitical position in the world and resolves the crises in the EU and in the Middle East.  

In one of the forecasts, Putin winds Obama around his finger. The international coalition wins complete victory over the Islamic State. The current wave of migrants to Europe comes to naught. Europe lifts sanctions against Russia, and Putin becomes No. 1 peacemaker on the planet. Angela Merkel restores her authority as the leader of both Germany and the European Union.

A directly opposite scenario is seen unfavorable for the United States. When flows of refugees never stop and the coalition plunges deeper into the war again these Lenox State in the Middle East, when the followers of the French National Front and euroskeptics win in France, and the European Union collapses as a geopolitical alliance - all this is beneficial for the United States. 

There are two aspects that are important for Russia here. The first one is the fear of American political and media elites in front of Putin and Putin's Russia. It's not even about the Russian army and the Russian political power - it's about the effect of suddenness. Until recently, many people in the West believed that Russia was a weak country with a weak economy and corrupt political system that may collapse as a result of even a small crisis. The maximum that Russia can hope for is to play the role of a gas station or a regional leader at least.

For many years, Western people believed that Russia can not make any progress in foreign policy, nor can it express its own sovereignty and defend its positions. Every time it happens, leading Western publications are so shocked that they put Russian President Putin on top of their rankings of international policy-makers.  

However, Putin works as any statesman should work on an international level. On the basis of international law Russia defends its sovereignty and national interests. However, our American partners are so used to their own exceptionalism that they cannot even accept the idea that someone else can use their own rhetoric or show political resistance to them.

All these issues reflect the modern political structure of the world. As for the above-mentioned forecasts for the development of political situation in Europe and the Middle East, it appears that American experts recognize the helplessness of the US foreign politics. It was NATO military operations in the Middle East that triggered the current refugee crisis in Europe. If nothing changes in the near future, the United States will lose the fight. Even if it does change, the White House will not have anything to celebrate.  

These are the results of the policy of the US State Department for the recent years. Sooner or later, America was supposed to come across an obstacle that it would not be able to overcome,  and now it seems that the moment has come. Interestingly, Russia either remains on its current positions or strengthens them in both scenarios. 

If you read what Western media write about Russia, one may see that Western experts have a game approach to Russia and Russian politics. In their eyes, Russia is putting enormous pressure on the West as if it is a goal for Russian President Putin to topple the West. Most Western experts see Russia as the country that  attacks their "empire of goodness." 

As a matter fact, Russia's current confrontation with United States is one of the measures that the country was forced to take. Russia does not want to end America's domination in the world. Russia only wants to ensure its own security, stability and economic profits. We do not want to start confrontation with the United States for the purpose of confrontation.

Russia's recent achievements in foreign policy come as a shock for American elites. The Americans approach Russia's successes absolutely differently. This is a good thing because the less the Americans understand what we do, the more chances we have to achieve our global objectives. 

American experts need to think more about the failure of the "flawless" political system of the United States. If they find the reason, they may do something to fix it. Yet, this is not going to happen.

Alexander Chausov.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov