Refugees in Europe: Brown Battalions

During the 1920s and 1930s, the streets of German cities reverberated to the sound of marching stormtroopers. "Clear the streets for the brown battalions," they chanted, brown referring to the color of their SA uniforms. These stormtroopers ruthlessly beat up anyone who dared disagree with their simplified opinions, that had been translated into handy slogans. Their victims were average German citizens, communists, socialists, liberals, Jews, homosexuals and anyone else whom they despised, on average two out of three Germans. Eventually the brownshirts paved the way for the advent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party. After Hitler had come to power, one of the first things he did was to rid himself of the SA, that had become an organization with some 2 million fanatical members, many of them merciless toughs. Hitler felt he would not be able keep these men in check. On fabricated evidence, he proceeded to indict the SA leadership and ordered it liquidated in the "night of the long knives".

European leaders and socialist elites have apparently studied Hitler's techniques and created their own battalions of stormtroopers. Sometime during the 197os they realized it would be difficult to hold on to power if they did not make preparations. Their enemy was the European middle class, to which even many of the elite seemed to want to belong. Middle class culture was on the whole relatively open and tolerant, and respected and appreciated the opponents' arguments in debates as long as these were calmly and eloquently presented. The postwar period in European history, until the Fall of the Berlin Wall, may have been the most civilized and beneficial ever. The middle classes are traditionally well educated and well-informed about politics and often critical. The European political elite must have been unhappy with this situation. The OPEC oil embargo of 1973 was the trigger for a profound change in policy. In 1975 the representatives of what was then still the European Community (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Britain, Ireland and Denmark) meeting with the representatives of Arab countries, published the Strasbourg Resolution, designed to promote the mass immigration of Muslim Arabs to Europe.

Since that date, many Muslims have come to Europe (EU), now numbering some 20 million. While the vast majority of these are law abiding citizens, many are notorious for consistently bad behavior. Their actions (rape, petty theft, beating up of homosexuals and anyone whose appearance they dislike, random assaults on passers by, intimidation of anyone daring to criticize them), if reported to the police, generally go unpunished. Even when prosecuted, sentences tend to be quite light, if the defendants are not acquitted. Foremost among them are young male Moroccans and Algerians living in all-Muslim neighborhoods of the big cities of France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In Germany, it is often young male Turks from comparable backgrounds, in Britain it is Pakistanis. In Sweden, Somalians and Eritreans. Often school dropouts, unemployed or partially employed, these immigrants have turned many sectors of major cities into no go areas, where even the police, let alone civil servants, have no authority. Recently, Tania Kambouri, a very courageous German policewoman, has published a detailed account of what it is like to have to face groups of hostile Muslims and how desperate and helpless the authorities are in such a case.

As a matter of fact, Western European police forces take their orders from mostly socialist politicians and officials, who over the past decades have been rigidly enforcing their vision of an ideal society that has no basis whatsoever in reality. Political correctness is their sole guideline and this makes them ignore the rampant religious bigotry among lower class Muslims. These tend to compensate their often subordinate socioeconomic status with a feeling of religious superiority that they will use to justify all sorts of criminal behavior. It is O.K. for a Muslim to lie, steal and rape as long as the victims are kafirs, non-believers. Most fail to realize their religion (and literal adherence to its prescriptions) is a prison from which their fellow-Muslims make it impossible to escape.

Supported by a faithful press, TV and radio, the authorities in Europe will immediately qualify any form of criticism on either the Islam or the everyday terrorism of criminal immigrants as racism and prejudice. Freedom of expression has long been dead in Europe, as with the aid of "hate speech" laws any critical voice can quickly be silenced.

The question then is: why would governments on the one hand tolerate (perhaps even foment) petty crime by immigrant gangs, while on the other hand silencing criticism especially among the "autochtonous" population? The answer would be: because there is no better and more effective way to create division. Divide and rule is still a golden rule and for any ruler a useful tool to maintain his position. Hence the inevitable conclusion that the various gangs of criminal immigrants are best compared to the German stormtroopers of the past century. They intimidate the majority of the citizens while thus creating maneuvering room for the political elite. The only difference with the Nazis being that the Nazis were trying to come to power while the European elites are already in power.

Apparently, things were not moving fast enough, or perhaps her hold on power was becoming a bit tenuous, which is why I believe German Chancellor Angela Merkel, duly supported by her European colleagues from Western Europe, earlier this year extended her welcome to the "poor and huddled masses" from across the Muslim world. They were sorely needed at a time when public discontent with oppressive government policies was mounting. The political class urgently wanted a deus ex machina of their own creation.

And thus they came, the "brown battalions" of young military age Muslim males from the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa. They came by the hundreds of thousands. Hardly refugees, they are coming for handouts (there are few jobs anyway, certainly for those who do not speak the language) and seem to specialize in demanding. They demand this and they demand that. They want it all and they want it now. Far from being a passive crowd, they become restive and aggressive at the slightest notice and have to be guarded by armed police and army units. Surely, true refugees running away from the ravages of war would behave differently. Nor does it seem logical for devout and well-intentioned Muslims to seek refuge among Christians or at least in nations with a fundamentally Christian culture. Why not find safety among fellow Muslims in Saudi Arabia? Seven times the size of Germany, largely uninhabited. It is extremely rich and has the added advantage of being Arab-speaking.

These new brown battalions will swell the ranks of the existing ones and cause major social unrest all over Western Europe. They are doing so already-with the full support of the governments of Western Europe, because that is what the latter want: widespread chaos and social unrest. The political elites are afraid of losing their privileged positions and are therefore bringing in stormtroopers to help them hold on to power. From the point of view of the political elites (well entrenched in their villas, luxury apartments and gated communities behind heavy security) it is an added advantage that the "refugees" often carry dangerous contagious diseases. It all adds to the fear and hostility among the native Europeans. Expect the state of siege (martial law) to be soon declared in cities and towns all across Western Europe.

However, since the new stormtroopers have not the faintest notion of European history and culture, they have no clue as to what's ahead of them. They can see no further than the day after tomorrow, and are utterly naive as to their ultimate fate at the hands of the political elites that are letting them in today. Like the SA in 1934, they will be sacrificed upon the altar of political ambition and no one will help them then in the hour of their need.

There is only one way out: solidarity with the European underclass in an attempt to bring about a better and more just, truly democratic society in Europe, where there is no place for special and entrenched interests.

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Author`s name Hans Vogel