Confused gods, suicide bombers and heaven, or democracy tutorials for dummies

The decent Americans expect the President, as the Chief Commander, not to duck for cover but to be brave and receive each and every fallen soldier's coffin personally with full honour

George Bush has enviable workplace arrangements. He claims he gets his orders from the God. This means he serves an invisible and faceless boss. There will be many who wish their bosses were invisible – “faceless” so to speak. Imagine, if the God was your boss, he would be contactable 24/7 whenever and wherever you want. No more making appointments to see him and waiting until he gets off the phone to talk to him. Most of all you do not have to put up with the “sympathetic” gestures from your colleagues every time you get called to see him. I mean if the God is the one that you report to then you can see him without any body knowing about it. How cool!US symbols

The only minor hitch is that no matter how good your performance has been, you will never get promoted to his position, as he is the God, you have no chance of becoming one. After all who wants to be a God when all you get is devotees like George Bush?

This explains why Bush has not been worrying about what the earthlings would think of his God blessed actions. He is the 'authorised agent' of the God. He does not have to listen to the voice of the American tax payers, as it was not them but his God, who picked him among 290 million Americans to put in the White House to save the world from terrorism. If it was not for his God's divine intervention in the Presidential Elections Bush wouldn't have got in to the White House, for the second term. Surely, only a divine intervention could defy all earthly logic to make a President out from George Bush. Under normal “earthly” circumstances this could not have happened, but in the God blessed land of America anything is possible. Bush with his divine actions has proved himself to be a “hell of a son of a God,” that the world has never seen before.

George Bush did not waste time to get on with the “God endorsed assignment” of delivering Democracy, and Liberty to the sinners in the Middle East. Those who do not agree with the God approved actions of this President can go to hell. Starting with an early holy warning at the very early beginning of the ongoing “crusade” the President said “either you are with us or with the terrorists” – can God's message be any simpler and clear-cut than this?

But hang on! If we are to believe what Bush and the other leaders of the Coalition of the willing are telling us, the terrorists who carry out suicide missions, do so in the name of their own ”God.” Unlike Bush's God, this God seems to hate the West. So according to the divine global vision of the President this is an era of war to defeat those who hate Western values. It is the war between George Bush's Pro-West (PW) God and the Anti-West (AW) God of the terrorists, mainly Muslim terrorists. He is the God's authorised agent and he knows the problems and also the answers.

According to the US intelligence, the alleged perpetrators of 9/11, carefully planned and implemented the wish of their God, while living and enjoying their lives in the jurisdictions of Bush's God. They staged an attack within, using America's own planes and resources to attack innocent Americans, non Americans and believers of many other Gods.

Bush's own God failed to prevent the attack or at least provide some kind of premonition for Bush. Perhaps the two Gods were confused themselves. There were reasons for this Holy Confusion, as until recent times the “authorised agents” of the two Gods, have been the best of friends, holding hands and “scratching each others back,” playing games of “mentor and protйgй.”

They once fought “the common enemies together.” The rich mentor helped the poor protйgй with money, combat training, arms and even bunker buster proof shelters (later turned out to be very useful). Thus, behind the God's back and at the expense of the unassuming American taxpayers, the secluded Muslim fundamentalism was getting strong. Yes, we are talking here about what took place in Afghanistan, between the Mentor – CIA and initially Mujahadeen that later turned into Afghanistan's ruling power Taliban. This all took place under the watchful and nurturing eye and the lavish means flown in from USA direct to training camps or through Pakistan. The America's God's agent's agent - the CIA - was there on the ground for their partners in arms helping them in their war against the common enemy – the communists forces from the former Soviet Union. It was a successful war for the Mentor and the Protйgй, the Communist invaders were finally defeated. Both Gods were happy about the remarkable success of this "mentor protйgйe game.”

The collaboration between the Mentor and the protйgй was so good that in mid 2001, just few months before 9/11 tragedy, a team of officers of the Taliban visited Washington tonegotiateagas pipe line project.

The mentor-protйgйe play did not stop there. The venue of the theatre was shifted. The mentor found a new “partner in arms” in Iraq. There are surely no boundaries for God approved US missions in any part of the world. The skilled and crafty mentor started to nurture and teach the new protйgй all the tricks of the trade. The tutorials of thisgame, included art of precision targeting, chemical and biological warfare. As if the history was getting repeated the mentor and protйgй were again fighting a common enemy. The protйgй put the newly acquired skills to practice by carrying out bombing of enemy targets with pin point accuracy. Testing of the new chemical gasses was carried out on protйgй's people, with remarkable success. The mentor did not loose any sleep over the “collateral damage,” just turned a blind eye and a deaf ear, because protйgй was a useful partner, rich with God sent wealth – the oil and the gas test results could be handy. Everything was going smoothly, there was “good understanding” between the mentor and the protйgй and also between the respective Gods. There was no any talk about “West hating” business” then, it was straight forward “West pleasing” business. So the Gods had nothing to worry about. The Gods must have thought, while the mentor and the protйgйs were getting on so well together, it was time they (the Gods) had some rest.

Holy Sugar! They were wrong, as the things between the mentor and the protйgй started to turn sour. A fierce war broke loose in Iraq when the Mentor decided to make a “Cake Walk” to Baghdad. Since then the Holy Mission for Democracy has been speaking the language of “Shock and Awe” Precision Bombs, Suicide Bombs, IDDs, Cluster Bombs, Depleted Uranium Bombs, devastation, deaths in thousands, injured in hundreds of thousands, blood bath and misery in bucket loads – virtually a living hell has been created for the ordinary Iraqis, who were already half-dead after a decade of sanctions prior to the start of the ongoing war. But in a heavily guarded and barricaded area in this part of the world, which was once the cradle of human civilisation, the US has created a little piece of Heaven, with KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Air-Conditioned accommodation, Showers, baths, saunas Gyms, Swimming Pools etc – a US Military Camp called Anaconda. These are not for the democratised Iraqis who are struggling to find basic needs like water, sanitation and food but for the young American soldiers, who were put to risk their lives by Rumsfeld's Cake Walk promise. The people who make good fortune by running such facilities, will be “devastated” if they had to leave this “gold mine”, but the justification for spending American tax payer money comes in the form of “looking after our Armed Forces.” In reality for the young US soldiers, this is the only consolation in between facing the death, every day, every hour. If they returned home dead, even their flag clad coffins are not allowed to be shown in the media. If they are lucky to return home live, the Bush, Rumsfeld and others do not want to media to miss out on a photo opportunity. A dead soldier's body bag in a flag clad coffin seems to serve no purpose for the White House. The decent Americans expect the President, as the Chief Commander, not to duck for cover but to be brave and receive each and every fallen soldier's coffin personally with full honour. The American people want their leaders to “think” what is really the meaning of all this sacrifice. The problem is the White House seems to have nobody who can “think.”

After all this, how can anybody blame the Gods for being confused? They must be still trying to make sense out of all this mess.

People tend to compare the Vietnam War with the ongoing war in Iraq. What they forget is that Vietnam has always been a Buddhist country and there is no place for God in Buddhism. They Believe in Bodhisattva - a reincarnating supreme teacher-philosopher, who is not considered a God. Therefore the American “Holy Mission“ in Vietnam did not confuse any God.

A Buddhist monk named 'Kwan Duk' committed suicide setting himself a blaze in public in protest against the American war in Vietnam, but the monk was not an American and his act did not kill or injure any American soldiers either. He was not a suicide bomber. Therefore, although news worthy, it did not shake the American bastions of democracy and the American Tax Payer. Among other various news, reports, there were also these images of naked children running for cover with burns and their skin peeled off and hanging, caused by American Napalm bombs. But the children were not American and their parents were the “enemies,” of the American Holy Mission, it was not worth worrying much about this either. The holy logic was that USA had the God given right to “protect American Interest" any time, anywhere in the world, unchallenged uninterrupted. If there were victimsin the process so be it and just call them “collateral damage.”

When the Americans invaded South Vietnam they did not except the battles to be long. Even with the military aid that Vietnam received from former Soviet Union, the Americans had supremacy in the warfare. But the Vietnamese resistance on the ground was fierce and the initially expected smart and quick invasion was gradually turning into a war of attrition with increasing casualties for Americans. To teach the resisting South Vietnamese a good lesson the American forces sprayed 95 million litres of Agent Orange. The American “divine mission” then, was to eliminate the “communist weeds and pests” from the face of South Vietnam. The justification of this war was the America's God reckoned “holy” mission to save the world from the “evils of communism."

This divine mission killed 58,029 and wounded another 153,303 Americans with life long disabilities. Using the “God given” right, the White House used Agent Orange, a purposely produced Chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction to “safeguard Western democratic Values” from the growing threat of “barbaric Communism.” But the PW God gave up on America. The Godless communists prevailed. It was the God sent American Administrations, who gave the world the very first “lessons” in WMDs, through their holy missions in Vietnam, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The holy lessons of Democracy are presently continuing in Afghanistan and Iraq and likely to spread to Iran and Syria. Yet the Gods always seem to take it easy.

When the Americans left Vietnam in defeat, they left behind not only the “lethal residuals” of Agent Orange, devastation and misery for many thousands of innocent children, women and men, they also left behind many Vietnamese who as their "comrades in arms" helped US in the invasion against Vietnam. Among all the victims of this “God blessed” but inhuman war, are the surviving combatants of the CIA, the Hmongs, who continue to hide in the forested mountains of northern Laos. Hmongs were the CIA's former secret tribal army. They were recruited and trained by the CIA to help Americans in their invasion against Vietnam. Abandoned and betrayed by their American Mentors, these Hmong protйgй – fugitives, still continue with their commitment to battle against communism, as they were once trained and taught. Time to time some of the exhausted sick and old Hmong fugitives will emerge from the jungles to surrender at the Wat Tham Karbook refugee camp, hoping that they will one day join the fortunate 300,000 Hmongs who had been deported to California since 1975. The lonely fight that the Hmongs have been waging against the Laos communist government for the past 50 years, gradually coming to an end with the surviving CIA trained combatants getting old and running out of puff. The surviving Hmongs hope that their former masters may help them with some “pay back” for their sacrifices and contribution. After half a century the human sufferings inflicted by the American Holy Mission in South East Asia still continue, in already mentioned Vietnam, Laos and also yet to mention Japan. Yet, it is politically incorrect and “Anti-American” to call these as crimes against humanity. The Holy Logic of the White House is that those who oppose America's Holy Missions are America's enemies and there cannot be a question of “crime against humanity” as all what America was doing is taking “pre-emptive actions against their enemies.” As Rumsfeld said if ‘we know, we don't know” – then whatever they (the US) did unknowingly cannot be a crime. Pretty logical!

As for the “deaths, suffering and pain,” its all collateral damage and hence not worth even mentioning let alone counting. After the defeat in Vietnam War, the main architects of this war Robert McNamara in a televised interview, shed tears, admitting the Vietnam War was a “Big Mistake.” By the time he woke up to shed tears he shed tears many people had already paid dead and still keep on paying a heavy price for the Holy mistakes of the US administrations of the past and present. Since his interview Robert McNamara became a “persona non grata” of the “Church of global democracy“ - the White House. As for the Americans who died in this war – a prayer or two a “posthumous patriotic badge of honour” and some insurance pittance paid to the families of the dead, proved to be more than enough. As for the dead on the South Vietnamese side, it does not worth mentioning as being Godless communist enemies as they were, they don't deserve the grace of God. They cannot go to heaven by fighting against the God blessed American policies and thus destined to go to hell. Only the God sent Americans have the Holy right for self defence, others only have to follow the holy orders and the world will be safe, democratic with opulence of Western Values. Pretty logical and simple – no confusion there!

AgentOrange, by theway,isthe Americancode name for an herbicide specially developed for the US military. The name “orange” was used to identify this herbicide as usually the drums that carried this poison had an orange band painted on them. This product was used to destroy foliage, crops, shrubs and trees, specially the trees having broad leaves, and thick jungles where enemy could hide.

Testing of this poisonous product was carried out in Vietnam in 1960 and was widely used until 1968, discontinued in 1971, mainly owing to long term health problems of the American Armed forces believed to have had minor exposures to this product. The effect of Agent Orange on many thousands of Vietnamese men, women and children, has been the subject of many research and investigative articles by international experts. Talking about these matters is now considered “dangerous” “Anti-American” and “politically incorrect,” equivalent to being on the side of the “terrorists.”

Agent Orange is a 50/50 mixture of harmful two chemicals known as 2,4,D and 2,4,5,T to make a “cocktail” with kerosene or diesel fuel. Agent Orange contained Dioxin or TCDD as a byproduct which caused wide variety of long lasting diseases, mostly proved to be fatal. Thousands of descendants from the “Agent Orange affected generation” of the South Vietnam still continue to pay their “dues” to God of America, in silence.

But in American Holy language they are nothing more than “collateral damage.” It will be Anti-American, Anti-Western even “Al-Quidian,” “Bin Ladinian,” or “Jihadist” to call the American Chemical Warfare in Vietnam as State Sponsored Terrorism, although in anybody's language this is precisely what it had really been. Not only in Vietnam, but in Afghanistan, Iraq and Chile, the American Military Operations have been exactly this - acts of State Sponsored Terrorism. Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the worst of all the US state sponsored crimes.

While the confused Gods taking it easy, their agents continue the bloodshed, deceit, hatred, blatant emasculation and raping of the human rights at much greater space, not known to civilised world, ever before.

George Bush, took the world to the war in Iraq based on a pack of blatant lies, further trumpeted by Blair and Howard. They collectively lie to “invent” some connection between 9/11 and Iraq and reject the obvious connection between the failure of Rumsfeld's “Cake Walk” in Iraq and the heightened terrorist's threats in the world. Their Gods, let alone their conscientious do not seem to care much about telling “White Lies” (or more precisely White House Lies). Their collective actions against the wish of their own churches and the superior pontiff the Pope do not seem to matter much to their God(s).

In their mission in Afghanistan or Iraq the White House did not need the “Holy Water” of Agent Orange. This, as Bush said, was a war to “smoke the enemy out from their caves” in Afghanistan, and to find the “smoking gun,” the WMDs, mobile chemical weapon factories in Iraq. Smoking of course they did and hauled some “enemy Combatants” in the process, some of them turned out to be from the Western World. But no WMDs were ever found in Iraq. After many thousands of Bunker busters and carpet bombings the evil master minds” seem to be still at large. In their Holy Mission of freeing the Iraqis from their brutal dictator, they brought “pet dogs” and staged “democratic fancy dress parades and strip tease” shows in Abu Ghraib prison. This was all part of the holy mission for “winning the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi people.“

According to the holy George Bush and his Cake Walk man, except for some “bad blood” in the holy army and insignificant collateral damage, the progress of democracy in Iraq is enormous. Except for some minor Anti-American actions organised by “foreign terrorists of Al Zarkawi” the Iraqis are mostly in rhapsody with the newfound democracy. So no problems there, but Bush's Cake Walk man answering a question as to why the promised cake walk has taken so long said “we now know, we don't know.” Good rhyming verse for a rap song, the journalist who asked the question might have thought. There were no further questions.

But the truth is, Bush's God abandoned him without creating even an iota of the promised WMDs in the desserts of Iraq. One would wonder isn't this something a God could do easily? Did Bush upset his God by asking too many favours? We know that God's expertise has always been in creating bread, water, wine and fish, but not WMDs, but does Bush know this? Hasn't he read the Holy Scriptures? We know that he can talk but does he know how to read?

Saddam's God too seems to have abandoned him long back. His God failed to protect him from capture and his own two sons from death. By failing to blow up himself, Saddam has missed the “short cut” to Heaven and the exclusive privilege reserved forthe suicide bombers,the seven beautiful virgins in heaven.

In this confusion, the Gods seem to have been further shocked by the cost of Rumsfeld's “Cake Walk.” The invasion of Iraq, the “Cake Walk” has so far cost over 2000 American lives and the American taxpayer about $2022 million dollars (2.022 billion). This amount of money could provide basic immunisation for all the children of the world for 67 years or fund the world campaign against hunger for full 8 years, but none of this would help the White House to enforce their “Holy Right” to the world's second largest oil reserves, and the world dominance coming with it.

Unfortunately, Rumsfeld's Cake Walk has turned into an exhausting and costly Run for Survival, but it is too early for White House to give up. The deception of the WMDs in Iraq has started to unravel at the very high level in the form of the latest Scooter Libby's indictment by the Grand Jury of the Special prosecutor Fitzgerald. Scooter Libby was the Vice President's Chief of Staff. He was involved directly in public disclosure of Valerie Palme's identity as a CIA agent. This is a "high grade” example of Bush's “punitive action” against the critics of his short sighted policies. Valerie Palme's husband, retired diplomat Joseph Wilson, was the one that Bush relied on to provide the proof of Bush’s fabricated claim of Saddam's alleged purchase of Nuclear material. Having returned from Africa, Joseph Wilson not only could provide any proof but also opposed going to war against Iraq on unsubstantiated “proof.” Joseph Wilson knew very well what he was talking about as he has the expertise and experience having worked for the CIA's Weapons Intelligence, Non-Proliferation, and Arms Control (WINPAC) unit. But Bush and Cheney did not want to take this lightly. It is obvious that Libby had the "nodding” from his bosses to take a “punitive action” against Wilson, which materialised in the form of public disclosure of her identity as an agent. This time it seems the “punitive action “has gone too far. Bush's own Chief of Staff, Rove is also now under investigation in relation to the same matter.

This time around Bush's God seems to keep the distance from him. He will not succeed in diverting the public attention by announcing another suicide bomb attack or a security warning. His mate Howard just used this option in Australia to divert attention from the anti social IR legislation that Howard is trying to rush through parliament. In spite of spending over 50 million Australian dollars on a TV advertisement campaign the Howard government has failed to muster broad support even within his own party. But these tricks of “strategically announced” security warnings are gradually passing their use by date. People cannot be “fooled" all the time.

In the meantime Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and other religious suicide bombers continue their close relationship with their God. In reality there is more to it than mere religious fanaticism. Not all the suicide bombers are religious, specially the ones who believe in a certain political doctrine. There are suicide bombers such as the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka who have been fighting decade's long bloody war for a separate Tamil State, an “Ealam.” They are not driven by religious belief, but ethnic agenda to establish a separate Tamil Homeland in North of the small Island. The Tamil tigers are famous for wearing around their necks a lethal Cyanide pill, to be swallowed in case of arrest by enemy forces. The ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka has cost so far more than 65,000 lives. Tamil Tigers are considered as one of the most “successful suicide” bombers in the world.

The Suicide Bombing mentality has puzzled many military and security experts. The perpetrators, the masterminds of the heinous crime against the innocent American civilians on September 11, seem to be still at large perhaps they must have done many good karmas in their previous birth. Even the Gods seem to be on their side.

George W. Bush is surrounded by a team of “war profiteering pandits,” for whom the truth may seem “politically incorrect.” But for the sake of global security and real solution for the Terrorism, the Bush administration and George W. Bush in the first place should start from the very first “tutorial in Democracy for Dummies.”

George W. Bush should learn the following easy lesson written by America's own professor Noam Chomsky:

"There is one simple way for the United States to decrease very significantly the amount of terror in the world, and that is to just stop supporting and participating in it."

Can somebody please hang these words in the Oval Room.?

Dr.Gamini Mithra

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Author`s name Olga Savka