Italian TV alleges US Forces used chemical weapons in Fallujah

According to witnesses, USA used white phosphorous – the substance, which melts human flesh

FallujahThe Italian TV station RAI News 24 is to broadcast tonight, 8th November, the piece Fallujah: The Concealed massacre, on RAI-3. In this documentary, it is claimed that footage will be shown of eye-witness accounts of the deployment of chemical weapons by the US Armed Forces, which amounts to a war crime.

The programme Fallujah: La strage nascosta, will claim, producing evidence, that the illegal substance MK77, a new form of napalm was deployed – an incendiary substance. Eye witness accounts are produced of people being burnt alive as they slept, including innocent women and children.

The programme will also produce witnesses, including US military personnel, who claim that white phosphorous was deployed in Fallujah, this being a substance that makes the human flesh melt.

FallujahCuriously, according to the programme, the Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, who was kidnapped, was trying to break the story before her kidnapping but was unable to, because her kidnappers did not want the story to break. One wonders by whom she was kidnapped and whether the stories that invading forces disguise their members as “insurgents”  and commit acts of terrorism, are true after all.

After the lies, after the forgery, after the torture, after the wanton slaughter of thousands of innocent people, now this. How much longer is the war criminal Bush going to be allowed to murder people and go unpunished?

RAI-3 (via HOT BIRDTM satellite) and SKY Channel 506 broadcast this piece today and repeat it over the following two days at 07.35 and 17.00

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Author`s name Olga Savka