Don't Blame Jews for the Evil of Zionism

Don't Blame Jews for the Evil of Zionism Why "Real" Jews Reject Zionism; Whereas "Jezebel" Jews Embrace It

Why do Jews, such as Rabbi Dovid Weiss, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, Dr. Norman Finklestein, Miko Peled, Sir Gerald Kaufman, and thousands more, reject Zionism? 

Why are there organizations of Jews that are devoted to eliminating the evil of Zionism in the world; such as the American Council for Judaism and Neturel Karta, an international organization of Orthodox Jews against Zionism?

Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism

It's because Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism; in fact, it is the antithesis of it. 

In short, Judaism is the worship of God and His love for all people, whereas Zionism is the worship of the desert sand of Israel and the quest to create a Kingdom of Zionism, also called the Rothschild's New World Order, on earth.  

Moses brought to all people the Ten Commandments from God.  The Ten Commandments are simple to understand and yet, most men, and some women too, find them impossible to follow.  For example, Zionists continue to kill the Palestinians and steal their land.  How can these sins be consistent with people who love God and want to please Him by loving others in His name?  Obviously, the sins of murder of the Palestinians and the thief of their land is incompatible with Judaism, but consistent with  Zionism.   

Moses warned the Jews (a warning which extends to all of God's creation) not to worship the"Golden Calf" of greed, political, military or economic power and self-aggrandizement.  However, for many people, Jews and non-Jews alike, the temptation to worship the idol of their own self-worth, (through the acquisition of money and expensive "things" and the power to rule over other people on earth), consumes their daily lives.  Like Narcissist gazing into the watery reflection of his mortal image, Zionists reject God and worship themselves in a daily fight for more riches and political and military power with which to support their delusions of grandeur; consequently, they are guilty of worshiping the "Golden Calf." Because Zionists worship the "Golden Calf", which is a false god, I call them, "Jezebel Jews."    

Why should Zionists be called, "Jezebel Jews?"  The story of Jezebel is recounted in 1 Kings and 2 Kings, where she is described as a worshiper of the god Ba'al and the goddess Asherah, as well as, an enemy of God's prophets.  Jezebel was a Phoenician princess who married Northern Israel's King Ahab.  Jezebel convinced King Ahab to build an altar to her god Ba'al in Samaria.  Jezebel, through her husband King Ahab, then mandated that her religion become the national religion of Israel.  As a result, Jezebel is described in the Bible as an enemy of God because she refused to love Him and follow His Ten Commandments; instead, she worshiped false Gods, like the Jews who worshiped the "Golden Calf" idol of greed, power and self-adoration.  Jezebel rejected the essence of God, which is love and compassion for all people.  In other words, Jezebel's beliefs and behavior are consistent with what is called Zionism today.  

Like oil and water

Today, Zionists mix with the real Jews like oil mixes with water; and that means that they are as different as night is to day.  Zionists ignore the Ten Commandments of God so that they can kill the Palestinians and steal their land; consequently, they are Jews in name only.  Whereas real Jews, such as Rabbi Dovid Weiss, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, Dr. Norman Finkelstein (who wrote, Farewell to Israel,"), Miko Peled (who wrote, "The General's Son"), Rabbi Michael Lerner, and Sir Gerald Kaufman, for example, worship God and voice their outrage at the murder of Palestinian in the name of Judaism, are not permitted to speak on American Zionist-owned television, nor are their views published in any American Zionist-owned newspaper or magazine.     

Zionists don't want the public to hear the feelings and thoughts of real Jews, such as Sir Gerald Kaufman, for example, a British Member of Parliament who was raised an Orthodox Jew, and who bitterly complained after visiting Gaza in 2009: "My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazi's came to her home town.  A German soldier shot her dead in her bed.  My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza.  The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt from gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as a justification for their murder of Palestinians."   

Furthermore, in an article criticizing the murder of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers,

Rabbi Michael Lerner, the editor of Tikkun Magazine, wrote, "...according to Judaism, a person without compassion who claims to be Jewish cannot be considered Jewish."  He goes on to say, "...I mourn for the Judaism of love and kindness, peace and generosity, that Israel worshipers dismiss as Utopian fantasy." 

However, the most obvious proof of the of the capacity for love, compassion and forgiveness of the real Jew, is the following example:  Miko Peled's sister's teenage daughter was murdered by two teenage Palestinian suicide bombers when they blew themselves up on a bus in Jerusalem.  Zionists from the government of Israel  immediately rushed to her home and told her to speak out in hatred for the Palestinians and to call for revenge against them, but she refused.  Although her heart was crushed with the death of her daughter, instead of speaking of hate and revenge, she told the Zionists that she did not want anymore mothers to endure the agony that she was suffering.  She said that she felt empathy for the two Palestinian mothers who had lost their sons in the suicide bombing.  Moreover, she blamed the Zionists of Israel for forcing the Palestinians into these desperate acts of retaliation by stealing their land, destroying their homes and killing them since the first day that Israel was created, on Palestinian land, in 1948. 

As a devout Christian, I want to believe that I possess the amazing capacity for love and forgiveness that Miko Peled's sister gave to her daughter's killers; but I'm afraid to say that I don't think I could forgive someone who killed my child.  Instead, I fear that my heart and soul, too, would be contaminated with hate and the desire for revenge.  

However, it is not only Jews who have the purity of the soul to forgive and love in an alliance with God.  One of my best friends in the US, is a Muslim who immigrated from Palestine many years ago.  He grew up in a city called Nabulus in the West Bank.  I asked him what it was like to grow up in a land occupied by the Israeli army.  He told me how he and his friends would throw rocks at the Israeli bulldozers as they destroyed one Palestinian home after another.  He also described to me how he felt when he saw several of his teenage friends shot to death by Israeli soldiers and how he was beaten on several occasions by the Israeli soldiers after he was arrested for throwing rocks.   As he spoke of these memories, I never heard any hint of hate or anger in his voice, nor did I see it reflected in his facial expression. 

I said to him, "Anwar, I've never heard you to speak ill of anyone.  Do you hate the Jews?"   He replied, "Of course not.  The Jews didn't kill my friends or beat me.  And they didn't bulldoze down our houses.  The Jews are innocent of these sins against my people."  Confused by his statements, I said, "I don't understand.  The Israeli's are Jews."  That is the moment when I learned the difference between Jews and Zionists.  Anwar showed me a web-page on his computer which had a photograph of 7 Rabbis, laughing and walking with  Yasser Arafat, the late chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization.  I was shocked and asked him, "Who are those people walking with Arafat?"  He said, "That's what I'm trying to teach you; those are real Jews who want to live in peace with my people, as we did before Palestine was invaded and conquered by Zionists from Europe in 1947."  He continued on to say, "Don't ever blame the Jews for the evil deeds of the Zionists; they are not the same people.  The Jews walk with God and the Zionists walk with the Devil."         

My Muslim friend, Anwar, taught me that real Jews show their love, kindness, generosity and forgiveness to others because they know that such actions build the path for their souls to go to God after this physical life is over and their bodies turn to dust.  Conversely, Zionists are Jews in name only; they are people who see themselves as superior to others.  That is why "Jezebel Jews" are creating their "kingdom" of greed and power on the land of the Palestinians that will exist only for their superior race.  Their superior race is white and from Europe.  That is why the Zionists of Israel reject black Jews from African countries, such as Ethiopia, and have even sterilized many of those women with mandatory "vaccines" to keep them from reproducing more black Jews.  It appears that the white European Zionists, want to create a state for themselves where only white "Jezebel Jews" can be citizens.  How is that different from Adolf's Hitler's quest to create a superior white race that would rule over all other "inferior" races of the world?    

People around the world must recognize the difference between real Jews and  Zionist "Jezebel Jews" and not misplace their anger on real Jews who are innocent of the war crimes committed by the Zionists of Israel and the US in the name of Judaism.  It is therefore righteous to criticize the Zionists for their hate, abuse and murder of the Palestinians and not be "anti-Semitic" in doing so. 

However, Americans are so terrified of being called "anti-Semitic" by Zionists loyal to Israel that they refuse to criticize Israel for any anti-American act; even acts of treason.  For example, Israel has tried to manipulate the US government, through lies and deception, into attacking peaceful countries in the Middle East for decades.  In the infamous Lavon Affair in 1954, for instance, Israel tried to trick the US into believing that it had been attacked by Egypt so that the US would go to war against Egypt.  And in 1967, the Israeli Air Force and Navy attacked the USS Liberty, an intelligence gathering ship sailing in international waters, for over two hours with fighter jets and speed boats painted to look like they belonged to the Egyptian military.  That attack killed 34 US sailors and wounded 171, but President Lyndon B. Johnson cowered and basically said to Israel, "Don't worry about killing our sailors, just don't call me anti-Semitic." 

And even though the US has faithfully followed the Zionist's "Wolfowitz Doctrine" and gone to war for Israel in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now Syria, and gives Israel over $3 billion in economic and military aid per year, Israel still betrays America.  Specifically, the Israel government was caught selling top secret military blueprints for the latest US jet fighter, to Communist China (as reported in Newsweek magazine, May 2014).  The article states, "Israel has been caught carrying out aggressive espionage operations against American targets for decades."

However, those acts betrayal to a government that has paid Israel over 3 billion US dollars per year for decades, pale when compared to the 9-11 attacks on the US by so-called Christian and Jewish Zionists.  The scientific proof that the Twin Towers and Building 7 were brought down by thermite charges placed in the buildings by agents of the CIA and Mossad is well documented, but ignored by the Zionist-controlled media of the US.  Moreover, no US Congress man or women, nor will any Senator, call for a real investigation of the attacks because they know that they would be labeled anti-Semitic and then their political careers would be ruined.  It is interesting to note that the official National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) report on why the Twin Towers fell so quickly, defied the laws of physics.  Moreover, the official NIST report failed to mention why Building 7 fell down, in 6.6 seconds, when no plane struck it; in fact, the report ignored the collapse completely.      

A prime example of the Christian-Zionist's idol worship of the "Golden Calf" is when George Bush, Jr. and Vice-President Dick Cheney colluded with Jewish-Zionists to allow agents of the CIA and Mossad to organize and orchestrate the attacks of 9-11.  Many scientific groups, such as Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth and Pilots for 911 Truth,  have proven that the official story of the US government is impossible because it  negates the laws of physics. 

However, I want to bring your attention to an overlooked sign of the conspiracy; specifically, what then President George Bush, Jr. did to General Ralph E. Eberhart, who was the Commander-in-Chief of the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) on 9-11; he was the man in charge of the most advanced and sophisticated air force in the world.  After General Eberhart failed to order US jets to intercept and shoot down the four hijacked airliners on 9-11, which was his responsibility, President Bush, Jr. did not court-marital him for dereliction of duty, nor did he force him to retire, nor did he castigate him in any way.  Instead, President George Bush, Jr. gave General Ralph E. Eberhart a promotion and later called him a "9-11 hero."   

I question if any other leader of any other country in the world would have taken such action if he or she were in a similar situation.  For example, if the general responsible for the protection of Moscow allowed four hijacked airliners to be flown into buildings in that city, I wonder how President Putin would react to such a colossal dereliction of duty.  Maybe President Putin would have had the general tried by a court-marital, imprisoned, or even shot for treason;  but I don't think that he would promote him and call him a national hero, as did President Bush, Jr.  Was President George Bush, Jr's. promotion of General Eberhart's incompetency on 9-11 a "payoff" for the general's cooperation in the attacks?  Yes, I believe so.  Which proves that he was complicit in the treasonous acts of 911 perpetrated against the US by the Zionists in Israel and the US. 

For money and political power, President George Bush, Jr. and Vice-President Dick Cheney proved their loyalty to The New World Order by colluding with Zionists in the US and Israel by assisting in the greatest act of treason in human history.  So-called "Christian Zionists" like President George Bush, Jr. and Vice President, Dick Cheney, President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, for example, all call themselves Christians, but their support for the evil acts of Zionism contradicts their Christian faith and everything that Jesus Christ taught and died for.  The aforementioned US political pawns of Israel have sold their souls to the "Golden Calf  of Zionism" in return for a few years of immense power and wealth on earth.  Tragically for them, they don't understand that what people do in this life, echos an eternity in the next.   

Unlike President George Bush, Jr., Vice-President Dick Cheney, and other "Christian Zionists," President Putin refuses to reject God, the Orthodox Christian Church and betray the people of Mother Russia by graveling to International Zionism and the Rothschild's International Banking Cabal, which is the New World Order, even though he risks his life and political power in doing so.  

However, if President Putin fails to protect Mother Russia and the world from the New World Order, then the Zionists, following the Paul Wolfowitz's Doctrine of war, will conquer Syria and Iran, using the US military, and then they will gain control of all countries in the Middle East.   And what the Israeli Zionists have done to the Palestinians since 1947 is a prelude to the murder, torment and destruction they will inflict upon any people who oppose them in the Middle East; and they will use American military soldiers, equipment and tax payer dollars to do it. 

You may ask, "How can the same people who suffered under the evil of Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime, turn around and repeat that evil on the Palestinians?"  The answer is simple; "They are not the same people!"  The Jews were tortured and murdered by the Nazi's, but the people who are murdering the Palestinians and stealing their land are Zionists or "Jezebel Jews."  In other words, please don't blame the Jews of Judaism for what the "Jezebel Jews of Zionism" are doing to the Palestinians for the Rothschild's New World Order.

Being a "Jezebel Jew," it is obvious that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hates the Palestinians as much as Adolf Hitler hated the Jews.  In fact, Netanyahu wants all the Palestinians to be driven off their land and exterminated.  Netanyahu believes what Arnon Soffer, the adviser to the Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon in 2004, said of the "Palestinian problem""We will have to kill and kill and kill.  All day, every day."  And remember what former US Secretary of State, Zionist Madeline Albright, said when asked if the 500,000 Muslim children killed in the Iraq war was acceptable; she answered that it was "worth it" because Iraq was forced to follow the dictates of the US government; which is actually controlled by Zionists.  However, I wonder if she would have accepted the deaths of 500,000 children in that war if the dead kids were Jewish.  If all that Zionist hate for, and murder of, the Palestinians sounds familiar, it's because that is exactly what Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich said about, and did to, the Jews during World War II. 

Zionists only worship the"Gold Calf of Israel"; consequently, they will use any country to make Israel the most powerful country in the Middle East; and then ultimately, in the world.  The only country that stands in the way of their goal of a Zionist Rothschild's New World Order is Russia; and that's because President Vladimir Putin is her leader.  Should President Putin be removed from power, what the Zionists have done to the US and the Middle East, they will then do to Mother Russia because the real Jews and Christians of Russia will not have the power to stop them. 

Author: Dr. Thomas M. Lister


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