International Classified: Wanted: World Leader

The stack of C.V.'s was thick. Candidates applied from every corner of the globe. Hopefuls came from all walks of life. Many though were rejected through the vetting process; despite their high pedigree qualifications and illustrious experience the broader group failed in one key, critical area: they lacked common sense. More telling was their deficiency in reading comprehension. The classified ad was specific: World Leader. That meant that the right candidate would get along, or at least understand our complex multi-polar world with its many competing ideologies.

Only four contenders

After the first cut, which was extensive, the manager delved deeper. He 'short listed' only four contenders. That small number surprised him. One thought was troubling him: With all the problems facing the modern age, including the existential threat of Islamist Terrorism, he could only identify four persons who were even remotely qualified to deal with such a calamitous state of world affairs. Nonetheless he was tasked with finding an honest candidate.

Applicant 'A' identified himself as 'half' African American; did not state or clarify the other part. For past work experience, he listed 'community organizer'. His present employer would not comment other than to say this man busied himself with golf hiatuses; did this each weekend for the past seven and one half years. The rest of the time, he vacationed with his family; they all enjoyed themselves at the taxpayers' expense. Having wasted millions of dollars, he has nothing to show for. Moreover, citizens are worse off; they are deep in debt. A background check revealed that he could not defend the veracity of his attending Columbia University. His academic transcripts are sealed; none of the graduates remember him; neither did his professors.

Female Applicant B: The future is in the dock?

Female applicant 'B' is an enigma. She listed decades of public service; for four years she was a member of the U.S. Cabinet. When it came to career accomplishments she could not list a single positive outcome; not unless one would consider instigating foreign wars through sovereign regime change as worthy and notable. She thought so. She went further. Starting a conflagration with a major nuclear power was not outside the realm of possibilities in her 'handling' of an international situation. When asked, past employers and 'references' warned: she was prone to lie. To her, telling a lie is the same as the truth; just a different version of it. Some colleagues went as far as to call her a congenital liar. She also comes with much baggage; her past 'mistakes' may lead to a future indictment States side; some see her in the ICC dock at The Hague.

Applicant 'C' is also an American. Unlike the other two, he has solid credentials. He succeeded in business as a real property magnate. In addition, he hosted the hit TV show, 'The Apprentice'; aired for seven years. A newcomer to politiks, this man surprised his critics. In one year, he catapulted to the top of his class as the Republican candidate; along the way he defeated 17 establishment challengers. He is not an ordinary, bought-and-paid for politician. No sir. He entered the race as the voice of the people, or 'silent majority'. Deeply patriotic, he loves his country; but not to the extent of being hegemonic. More important, as a businessman he understands the needs of ordinary working people. His companies have created thousands of jobs not just in the U.S., but around the world.

Applicant 'D' is a current office holder. He is the President of the Russian Federation. From humble beginnings he worked hard to climb the ladder. After having served with distinction in the intelligence community, he entered politiks. Fluent in German the man understands the inner workings of the European continent; he knows too well the Deutsch Bank's prominent role in setting monetary as well as economic policy for the EU. That is why he is miffed as to why member states would yet follow America's corrupt and illegal sanction punishment against Russia even at their own hurt. Deeply devoted to his country this man speaks truth; like a rock he fills the breach against all foreign aggressors. Especially troubling to him is NATO's continuing military expansion on Russia's borders. Too bad the West misinterprets restraint as weakness; his patience has limits.

Time for world peace is winding down. Global citizens yearn for a leader who will stand up against tyranny. After a short walk, the manager entered the Boardroom. The Chairman rose. He asked. "Have you made a decision? Did you find a capable leader?"

Without hesitation, the manager spoke. "Yes. I recommend not one, but two. Both are principled men; they lead by example; not from behind. Russia's President Vladimir Putin and soon to be American President Donald Trump are best suited to resolve their country's differences; they would partner-up in a joint effort to eradicate global Islamist terrorists. I have no doubts. All people can count on it!"


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey