FIFA, corruption and Western political terrorism

When is an election not an election? When is a free and fair election not valid? Why, when the winner is the person who is not supported by the USA and its sickening collection of Poodles in Europe. Welcome to the new wave of Western political terrorism - heads I win, tails you lose, the corporations rule the roost and Devil take the hindmost.

An election takes place, the rules are respected, the winner is chosen, the vanquished loser graciously shakes her/his hand and falls back in line, contributing to the good functioning of the organization until the next election takes place. Not any more, that was back in the 1950s.

Today the corporations eye up the contestants and often place them at the foot of the pedestal which one will occupy. Often the corporations only close ranks around the winner because there isn't much difference between them anyway, other times they have one clear candidate. And in the recent FIFA election, the candidate they chose was not Joseph Sepp Blatter, but rather Prince Ali bin Hussein of Jordan.

So there is one multi-national organism which Washington does not control. Guess which one. The International Monetary Fund? Try again. OK the World Bank? Nope! The United Nations Organization? Er...where does it have its Headquarters? New York! So the answer to the question is an organization which has more power than the UNO, and that organization is Fédération Internationale de Football Association. FIFA.

With half the world speaking about soccer, or football outside the United States, and more people knowing who Cristiano Ronaldo is than David Cameron, more people being able to name the front three playing for Barcelona than their own Member of Parliament/House of Representatives/Congressman/woman, we see the magnitude of the question.

The economy is on the brink of collapse, the Prime Minister has been caught in bed with the postman, the United States of America has invaded another country and has precision-bombed a kindergarten, Israel has strafed a pre-school tea party with white phosphorous...boooooring!! Who cares? The Reds are playing next week and that new Brazilian forward Pitt Bull is back after suspension and if he scores another goal he will equal the all-time record. Stop wasting our time with your "news" stories!

Fast Forward back to FIFA. And elections. So just like the European Union learned to do with its wonderfully democratic referendums (in 2001 the Irish rejected the Treaty of Nice, so they repeated the referendum until it was accepted; in 2008 the Irish rejected the Treaty of they repeated the referendum until it was accepted), the result of the FIFA election is meaningless. Blatter was elected. Four days later he resigned and now the defeated contender is allegedly trying to become interim President of the organism he was not elected to.

And why has Blatter resigned? Is he the victim of blackmail? How many politicians or political parties involved in his demise in the United States of America and in their sickening Poodles in Europe are immune from corruption, misappropriation or misuse of funds? We shall be performing our own investigations and let those who cast the first stones now watch their backs. Takes two to Tango!

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey