Victoria Nuland: Russophobe super hawk forced to resign

Victoria Nuland: From life with 80 Soviet sailors to cookies of revolution and 'F*** the EU!'

One of the most prominent American diplomats, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, is resigning.

According to political scientists and diplomatic corps representatives, Nuland's voluntary resignation comes as a consequence of conflicting situations in Joe Biden's team.

According to another version, Victoria Nuland, an ardent Russophobe, a "super hawk,” was simply "dissolved” during behind-the-scenes negotiations with Republicans, Beijing and Moscow.

Many Russians associate Victoria Nuland with the episode of her appearance at Maidan Square in Kyiv 2013 with US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt when she was handing out "US State Department cookies.” That episode went down in history as a meme symbolising Western intervention in internal political affairs of foreign states.

Let's reveal a secret here. Nuland was not distributing breads or cookies — she was handing out chicken and cheese sandwiches from the stock of the US Embassy in Kyiv. However, it was "Nuland's State Department cookies” that gained a firm foothold in the media field.

A little later, the "outstanding” diplomat became famous for her phrase "F*** the EU” phrase that she said during a telephone conversation with the US Ambassador to Ukraine.

That episode triggered a big scandal and became a vivid example of unworthy diplomatic behaviour.

The US State Department used to deny all affirmations from China and Russia about the existence of biological laboratories in Ukraine. It was Victoria Nuland who dotted all i's about biolabs in Ukraine. Moreover, Nuland called on Ukraine to do everything to ensure that research works do not fall into the hands of the Russian troops.

Nuland's "relationship” with Russia and Ukraine was born during the times of the USSR. She stayed in Ukraine in 1982 on an exchange program, when she lived at Molodaya Gvardiya (Young Guard) pioneer camp in Odessa. Reportedly, Nuland took an active part in secret deals when she would exchange American chewing gum, baseball caps and T-shirts for Soviet badges. publication wrote that one of the pioneers in the camp beat Nuland once because she would throw chewing gum candy wrappers and laugh while watching Soviet kids looking for them in the dust.

In 1984, Nuland worked as an inspector and translator on a Soviet trawler.

She later shared stories of her life with 80 Russian sailors, her adventures on board the ship and lessons of Russian language that she took from a rude boatswain. Nuland would always decline to comment on any questions about intimate relationships with the sailors.

Nuland's departure does not come as her voluntary decision. She is no longer in line with the policy pursued by the president and the secretary of state, ex-US intelligence officer Scott Ritter believes.

In fact, she should have left earlier. The proxy war with Russia was her brainchild from the very beginning, but Nuland's departure will not change anything as US hawks will not abandon their policies in relation to Moscow.

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Author`s name Alexander Shtorm
Editor Dmitry Sudakov