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To those who insist on seeing the Trump administration as an absolute evil, we must first remember that the recent decision to move the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv (the outpost city of the capital-nihilistic orgy of the decadent West in the Levant) to Jerusalem (the holy city par excellence of the three main monotheistic religions) is the product of a decision taken under the Clinton administration and re-launched by the Obama.

By Daniele Perra

The choice is in perfect line with the North American policy of the last seventy years and not surprising at all if we consider that the AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee), with few exceptions, has determined the fortunes and miseries of the US administrations following time frame. The Trump administration, in the person of the rampant son-in-law and adviser to President Jared Kushner, is simply the expression of the most extremist wing of this Zionist lobby and in some respects an instrument of it.

We must not forget the fact that Trump himself has come to power by riding the wave of the Alt-Right movement and its Breitbart ideological information platform. That of the Alternative Right is a fairly complex phenomenon that, although marked by open support for Zionism, does not fail to include within it even fringes of a certain boorish anti-Semitism flavored in that purely North American style that completely vulgarizes and reduces to tragicomic farce everything. The same "pseudo-intellectual" Steve Bannon, former chief strategist of the White House for a rather limited period and also former executive director of Breitbart, has often filled the mouth of the false myth of the Judeo-Christian roots of the West and has never raised any doubt about his position with regard to Israel and the Palestinian question.

The timing and the speed with which this decision was made enforceable is not surprisingly. In serious difficulty on the internal level, Trump has simply tried to strengthen his position by giving satisfaction to those groups of power that allowed his election regardless of the populist legends of those who thought that a multimillionaire could be an anti-system president. Without considering the help provided to the friend Netanyahu; also in difficulty on the internal and external level because of the scandals on corruption and the unexpected outcome of the conflict in Syria. Secondly, we need to remind to those who were wondering about the reason for a choice potentially pregnant of new conflicts that the United States, like Israel, is not interested in peace in the Middle East at all. This is demonstrated by their illegal presence in Syria and their open support, present and passed, to terrorist groups of a Jihadist matrix and not.

Israel, for its part, can not but rejoice for a acknowledgment that it was waiting from the 1967 war and which provides further impetus and fuel for its oppressive and expansive policy towards the Palestinian population. The Zionist entity seems to enjoy a special status that allows it to carry out any act of terror, intimidation and war against neighboring countries in complete impunity and in the substantial disregard of the international community. One can not forget that 75% of the victims of its last ethnic cleansing, masquerading as a military operation in Gaza in 2014, were civilians.

The Arab and Islamic world, largely washed down by the Wahhabi petrodollars, with rare exceptions, could not avoid flaunting a hypocritical indignation that would quickly slip into the complete acquiescence and new submission to the will of the North American protector. In all this, the only true sacrificial victim is once again the Palestinian people forced to an eternal state of captivity imposed both by the occupier and by its own helpless and complicit National Authority.


Original article by Daniela Perrra:

Translation by Costantino Ceoldo - Pravda freelance


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