Morgan Freeman's diarrhea of the mouth: US actor calls to start war with Russia

In the United States, a new non-partisan and non-profit organisation appeared - the Committee to Investigate Russia (CIR). The goal of the organisation is to help the Americans understand the danger of Russia's ongoing attacks on democracy. The first promo clip of the committee stars Morgan Freeman, a famous American actor and Oscar winner. Morgan Freeman accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of conducting covert cyber warfare and urged US President Donald Trump to recognise Russia's intervention in the US election. The actor also called upon the American citizens to continue fighting for US democracy.

The caption to the video posted on the Twitter account of the organisation reads: "For generations, ppl have fought to protect democracy. Now it's our turn. Watch Morgan Freeman explain Russia's plot to undermine the U.S."

Morgan Freeman loses his marbles

"We have been attacked. We are at war," Freeman says in the beginning of his speech.

The actor briefly describes Putin's biography and accuses him of attempts to undermine democracies around the world, including in the United States.

"A former KGB spy, angry at the collapse of his motherland,  of course for revenge taking advantage of the chaos, works his way up through the ranks of the post-Soviet Russia and becomes president. He establishes an authoritarian regime, he sets his sights on his sworn enemy, the United States. And like the true KGB spy he is, he secretly uses cyber warfare to attack democracies around the world. Using social media to spread propaganda and false information, he convinces people in democratic societies to distrust their media, their political processes even their neighbours and he wins. Vladimir Putin is that spy, and this is no movie script."

Afterwards, Freeman calls on his president to publicly acknowledge the fact of Russia's interference in the US presidential election.

"We need our president to speak directly to us and tell us the truth. We need him to sit behind the desk in the Oval Office and say: "My fellow Americans, during this past election, we came under attack by the Russian government. I've called on Congress and our intelligence community to use every resource available to conduct a thorough investigation to determine exactly how this happened," the actor says.

In conclusion, Morgan Freeman praises US democracy and urges the Americans to continue fighting for it.

"The free world is counting on us for leadership. For 241 years our democracy has been a shining example to the world of what we can all aspire to. And we owe it to the brave people who have fought and died to protect this great nation and save democracy. And we owe it to our future generations to continue the fight," the actor concludes.

The website of the Committee to Investigate Russia has a section listing the persons who, as the website says, can be potentially implicated in interference in democratic processes in the United States. The list includes Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov, Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, former head of the presidential administration of Russia Sergey Ivanov, former Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak, Vnesheconombank chief Sergey Gorkov, press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov, entrepreneur Araz Agalarov and his son Emin Agalarov, lawyer Natalya Veselnitskaya, ex-employee of the USSR's Central Intelligence Directorate Rinat Akhmetshin, entrepreneur Oleg Deripaska, Rosneft CEO Igor Sechin, Sberbank chief German Gref, entrepreneur Dmitry Rybolovlev and others.

The list continues with US citizens, including US President Donald Trump, his son-in-law Jared Kushner and son Donald Trump Jr., the head of the State Department Rex Tillerson, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as several other former and current members of the American president's team.

US shining democracy at its finest in Hiroshima and Nagasaki

As we can see from the monologue, Mr. Freeman actively agitates to "go at war" with Russia. He talks about the need for the American people to fight for democracy against Russia. In fact, Morgan freeman's monologue comes as an act of barefaced military propaganda in finest traditions of Hitler's Germany: "We were attacked, we need to defend ourselves and everyone must join the fight to move forward to destroy that particular country."

In his speech, Morgan Freeman does not urge anyone to protect the borders of the USA. Instead, he talks about the need to destroy an aggressor, the aggression of which is clearly manifested, but we do not understand how.

In the bizarre speech, Mr. Freeman says that the US democracy has been a shining example of what the whole world can aspire to. He obviously said that the United States of America is a torch that everyone else needs to follow, and it is the holy right of the United States to teach the rest of the world how to live. Well then, what else can one expect from a 241-year-old culture? Village chapels in Russia are older than all of US democracy.

The words about the brave people who died for values of democracy deserve special attention. The "shining democracy" of the United States has distinguished itself by slavery and then by racial segregation that the Congress and the White House initiated on a legislative level. The "shining democracy of the United States of America recognised civil rights of native Indians only in 1924, created concentration camps for Americans of Japanese origin simply because they were Japanese and conducted acts of genocide of civilians in the Philippines.

Earlier, the "shining democracy" devoured a half of the territory of Mexico and had a tremendous time exterminating the Mexicans. South America perfectly remembers "Banana republics", in which  American businessmen would orchestrate coups as they could not divide spheres of influence in "external territories."

What else can we mention to make the US democracy shine even brighter? What about the cooperation on eugenic issues with the Third Reich? The nuclear bombing of peaceful Japanese cities? Military invasions in a variety of countries of the world with the inevitable destruction of civilians? The US has been there and done that and still conducts invasions every couple of years.

Mr. Freeman, who probably has his eyes blurred with the light of the shining US democracy, should  perhaps recollect the fact that the brightest angel in Christian mysticism is Lucifer. The light of US democracy scorched many countries and exterminated hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people around the world. Suffice it to recall the effect that the shining democracy produced in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Does this light need to take more lives?

It goes about the things that are much more serious than a speech from an honorary Hollywood pensioner. There are media outlets in the West that believe that excessive demonisation of Russia is dangerous. This opinion, in particular, was expressed in 2016 by Consortiumnews, The Guardian, The American Conservative and others.

The official political course of the United States and the rest of the "progressive West" is no longer amenable to common sense. This is very, very sad.

It is worthy of note that the Kremlin does not take Mr. Freeman's speech seriously. Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the US actor has fallen a "victim to emotional stress." Freeman, Peskov said, does not have any information about the real state of affairs.

"They are victims of emotional exaltation, this is a continuation of McCarthyism, I would say. This will pass over time," he added.

Putin's spokesman also said that "one can hardly take Morgan Freeman's speech seriously," since it is emotional and not based on "real information."

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov