The hypocrisy of American democracy

First, let us establish, dear reader, the fact that the United States of America was never meant nor created as a Democracy. The word, as a matter of fact, never appears in any of the original documents of the Founding Fathers of America. Nor in their writings, which if anything, take democracy in a very poor light. So to see that America is now a democracy is to show that as a nation it's government is a hypocrisy and out right lie, an illegality that is no longer based on a constitution but on the whim of a small and all powerful elite.

But even as a democracy, America is a perverse one, more akin to a Marxist creation, not quite Stalinist Soviet and not quite Trotskyte Nazi, but something of a hybrid of both. It is a democracy where the rights of the minority, such as the homosexuals and Muslims, routinely trumps the rights of the Christian majority, who are viewed by the elites as a vast unwashed, ignorant economic unit to be taxed as needed, bled for the right causes (and there are tons of these right causes) in foreign wars and socially experimented on, at the elites' whim.

It is a democracy where children are forced to accept homosexuality as a "normal" lifestyle and are even taught the details of homosexual sex and encouraged to experiment and parents who protest to loudly can be arrested (state dependent but the number of states where this is true is quickly growing). It is also one where the Islamic faith is taught in not mistake what I am saying with historical knowledge of the Muslim world, but actual tenants of Islam and why they should be followed by the very children who are being brainwashed. It is a democracy where illegal Hispanic aliens have greater rights in 3 of the biggest US cities (Los Angeles, Houston and San Fransisco) than the actual native and legal residents. Where laws like drinking and driving and seat belts, etc do not apply to them.

Of course the most interesting thing about this, is the passivity of the 95% of that vast serfdom. After all, it is the slave who thinks himself a free man who makes the best slave.

But what about the media and the elections? The elections are done in a style very reminisent of the old soviet system. Each of the two main parties (and everything in the system and media and big business is set up to support these two "parties", really more branches of one party) selects a candidate through a convoluted system of caucuses, where mass corruption is the name of the game. If the wrong candidate looks winnable, such as Dr. Ron Paul, the system is often rigged to exclude his supporters or to change the voting rules. Even if law suits win against these arbitrary changes, by the unelected local leadership, it's a Pyhrric victory at best, as by that point the ballets are already cast and the party candidates are "chosen". Of course this is set at the outset by party leadership and in truth there is precious little difference between the hard left Democrats and the not quite as hard left Republicans.

Actual conservatives and nationalists are deemed fringe candidates. Again, with the example of Dr. Ron Paul, who was branded a radical fringer . What was so radical about his views? He demanded the government follow the very Constitution it professes to use as its basis and whose example it used to beat nations all over the world on the head with. In truth, the government of America is an illegal entity whose basis is only a shadow of its own Constitution and who in truth has little right to do the things it does, such as regulate schools, medical care, pensions, etc. Even issues such as drinking ages, clearly the ownership of states, are regulated by the central government, through bribes of Federal (read tax payer) monies.

These very issues caused the American Civil War, one won not so much by the Federal North but by the clique of communists (German refuges of the failed 1848 socialist Europe wide revolution) who surrounded Abraham Lincoln and helped found the Republican party. Many of these men were on first name basis and pen pals of Karl Marx and were rewarded by Lincoln with 8 generalships , 10 colonelships in the Union Army and several Secretarial (Minister) level posts. Since than, to greater and greater extent, the Reds have held power in Washington and NYC and have used that influence to shape the form of the world: be it funding the over throw and murder of the Holy Tsar or the creation of the socialist United Nations and its predecessor the League of Nations or the equally socialist World Trade Organization and it's Marxist plank of Free Trade.

Of course, none of this could be possible without the full support of the Fourth Estate, the so called free press. In truth, America has Freedom of the Press but do not mistake this with a Free Press. The main press outlets are owned by the very interests who control the government and thus do little actual questioning and only pandering to the presidents in power. Glaring issues, such as McCaine temper or his pandering to Albanian Islamics or Obama's crooked cronies and political associates from Chicago, his former Islamic life (and why if he actually renounced Islam, he is not targeted for death as all Islamic apostates are) or for that matter, his extreme Marxist views, are never questioned. Nor is it questioned what price the public will pay for the amnesties that both candidates promise for the 20 million or more illegals. Thus any issue that directly impacts the public negatively and will be pushed down the throat of the serfs, is at best sugar coated or at worst ignored.

When rivals like Dr. Ron Paul rise up and dare to actually win or come in second (Dr. Paul came in second in 4 states) during primaries, they are constantly ridiculed by the main line press or ignored. In truth, ignoring all that is important is the way of the American Fourth Estate. The Public is constantly fed celebrity gossip and staged or exaggerated people stories, like the boy who falls down the well. That the war may be taking a bad turn or the economy may be collapsing is all but ignored but a who killed whom or some other such is constantly talked about, constantly beamed into the heads of the dumbed down serfs. The Romans had a name for this: bread and circuses, except in America, the profit margin is taken one step further with only circuses on TV and no bread.

Thus, for those who do not understand what they envy and emulate, a warning: unless you are one of the elites who wishes to own serfs and rule in a Orwellian new reality, be careful for what you ask for.

Stanislav Mishin

The article reprinted with the kind permission from Stanislav Mishin and can be found on his personal blog Mat Rodina

Photo: The Associated Press

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov