Donald Trump, Ku Klux Klan, pedophilia and all, all, all

What battles are erupting during the current presidential race in the United States? What incriminating evidence do Donald Trump's rivals collect against him? How can the stock market affect the results of the presidential election in 2016? Pravda.Ru tried to find answers to these questions in an interview with economist, historian and writer Vadim Karpov.

"At the dawn of the American democracy, George Washington limited one presidential term in the United States to eight years. During the Great Depression, capitalism and ideas of free trade suffered the damage that can hardly be described in words. Countless banks were closing, production was declining, people would be evicted from their homes, etc. In short, people had nothing to eat and nowhere to live."

"How did the USA manage to overcome the crisis of the Great Depression?"  

"Former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke knows the inside out of that. In 1932, when US President Franklin D. Roosevelt became president, he ordered to confiscate gold from the population. All were ordered to bring their gold at $20 an ounce. Sunday was the deadline. On Monday, the official price for gold was set on $30 per ounce. 

"From 1933 to 1936 years, a huge number of bills were passed to restrict stock exchange speculations, and the banking activities were completely separated from investment activities."

"It must have been the collapse of the American dream and a shock for the whole world." 

"During the 1930s, the Soviet Union experienced its probably most prominent stage of economic development, when new factories, roads, bridges and whole cities were appearing on the map of the country rapidly. 

"By 1935, Germany had overcome the crisis of the Great Depression, but in the United States, the crisis occurred again in 1937. Adolf Hitler was even giving Roosevelt pieces of advice of how to overcome unemployment in his correspondence with the US president. 

Republicans team up with Democrats to crush Trump

"Nowadays, Donald Trump is like a wind of change. He is known worldwide for his  business qualities. It is difficult to negotiate with him, but it is encouraging that Trump stands for business, not for war. He is intolerant of terrorism and is ready to cooperate with Russia, if this cooperation helps regulate problems in the Middle East. He has a hard-nosed practical approach to things. If he can do business with Assad, he will do it.  

"However, the Republicans have literally teamed up with Democrats to beat Trump. He is an independent candidate and this is dangerous. Just go to the CNN website to see who the US ruling forces are betting for today. Their choice is Hillary Clinton. Clinton says that America is still great, whereas Trump wants to make America great again. This is the difference between them.  

"Hillary Clinton's another rival, Bernie Sanders, is portrayed as a demented man, a depressive socialist who dreams of Danish socialism, free education and affordable medicine. Interestingly, on most pictures that CNN posts, Sanders looks like a detached and weary man rather than a strong political figure. Nevertheless, he has the support of students, punks, the unemployed and illegal migrants. This contingent is the future of the USA. 

Trump is the biggest surprise of the US presidential race

"The next president of the United States of America (after 4 years or 8 years) will clearly be a far left socialist with Karl Marx's books and possibly posters of Martin Luther King in his office."

"Why does Trump get so much criticism?" 

"Trump is the biggest surprise of the presidential race in the US. He has defeated main candidates from the Republican Party good and proper. It's clear to all that no lobbyists can buy Trump, and this makes this policy-maker even more unpredictable and dangerous.

"Trump is now accused of being friendly towards Vladimir Putin. Others say that Trump does not have an economic plan for America. Many accuse him of the bankruptcy of about 20 of his companies. I think that soon he may well be accused of pedophilia as he is known as the founder and the owner of Miss Universe beauty pageant. We can already hear some claiming that Trump shares the views of Ku Klux Klan - you ain't seen nothing yet. The American people are fed up with the talking head Barack Obama and completely dysfunctional Congress, and this wave of people's discontent is taking Donald Trump to victory. 

"What can stop him on the way to this victory?" 

"The only thing that can stop Trump is Wall Street. The high profitability of the US stock market in 2016 will calm the middle class of the United States down and temporarily create the ceiling for the growth of unemployment. If stock indices show negative numbers close to the time of elections, Trump will have victory in his pocket. If the Dow Jones finishes the year at 15-18 percent - Trump will suffer a defeat. The middle classes will not vote for Trump in this case, as everyone will receive nice statements from their pension funds. People will forget about Trump's wishes to change something in the United States. The most likely scenario for 2016 is 15 percent of S&P and the victory of Hillary Clinton, with S&P500 growing to 2300 by November 2016.

Interviewed by Angela Yakubovskaya


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov