What Putin and Erdogan agree upon during phone talk

What Putin and Erdogan agree upon during phone talk

The Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Turkish President Recep Erdogan held a phone talk, during which they agreed to work out a possibility of personal meeting in the nearest future.

The Russian President expressed his deepest condolences upon terror acts in the Istanbul airport, where a lot of people were killed, expressed sympathy for families of those dead and wished the injured speedy recovery.

Both parties pointed out that it's necessary to activate international cooperation in fight against common terror threat. Vladimir Putin noted that the message he had received from the Turkish president triggered turning over the crisis page in bilateral relations and started process of revival of joint work on international and regional problems, as well as development of the whole range of Russia-Turkey relations.

In this context he hopes that opened trial against a Turkish citizen who is accused of Russian pilot murder, will be unbiased.

Foreign ministers of two countries are to meet in Sochi on 1 July during Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation summit, where they will discuss the situation both in the region with the focus on Syrian settlement and urgent issues of further development of Russia-Turkey relations.