Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russia must not fall for Turkey's provocations

Russia must not fall for Turkey's provocations

The Russian plane, Su-24 bomber, that crashed in Syria near the border with Turkey has become the inevitable price that Russia had to pay for its political goals by taking part in the operations against armed terrorists in Syria. What has happened today is absolutely natural and there is nothing frightening about it. War is a continuation of politics. The hysterical reaction that Turkey has been showing now is very indicative. Russia's recent diplomatic successes that, unfortunately, have been achieved against the backdrop of terrible terrorist attacks in France, in Egypt, in Beirut inevitably lead to counteraction. This is also a natural process. Turkey has already started negotiations with NATO about the incident. The Turks claim that the Russian bomber plane violated Turkish airspace. Russian officials deny this saying that it was flying above Syria. However, it is the political background that matters here. War is a continuation of politics indeed.

It is important to understand the political processes behind the crisis in Syria and in the Middle East.

The United States has recently moved several F-15 interceptor aircraft to Turkey. These are the modifications of the interceptor aircraft, but not of the bomber aircraft. This is a very strange fact. The Islamic States does not have any aviation, so it is not clear what is the point of deploying F-15 planes in Turkey. Now that the world is discussing the news about the crash of the Russian aircraft in Syria, we can only hope that it was just a coincidence.

A terrorist is a person, who refuses to take part in elections and takes weapons in his hands to fight for power. it has been agreed that it will be up for the people of Syria to decide their future. In other words, the one who wins democratic elections, takes power in their hands. It is obvious that Bashar Assad will win in the first round of elections. He has no rival who could compete with him. The Syrian opposition has never nominated a candidate. Under these conditions, the Turks are trying to impose their will on the international community and play an important role in the regulation of the Syrian conflict, to protect those whom they call opposition. In fact, this opposition consists of militants and terrorists, who shoot and kill people. Therefore, the downing of the Russian warplane is a political move, rather than a military one. I very much doubt about the fact that Turkey is ready to confront Russia. There are a lot of things that make Russia and Turkey close to each other, including in economic terms. This hysterical move that Turkey has made reflects contradictions in the Turkish administration, a part of which is ready to give up on the economic cooperation with Russia to ensure its own interests.

Any war leads to losses. We can only hope that our pilots will be rescued. The aircraft is only of material value. In this situation, one should not swallow the bait. A plane has crashed, but this is a war, and Russia should continue following its nobel goals of eradicating terrorism and pseudo-Islam. Russia should not fall for provocations, and the Russian administration understands this very well.

Said Gafurov